Handmade Update December 2017

While being quite stressful, December was surprisingly successful sewing-wise. You know I am shifting a bit stylewise, so I also got rid of a couple of things via etsy and Instagram. However most stuff I made was upcycling things I already owned and I’m quite happy with the way they turned out.

Pink Birdie Skirt (changed the size for etsy) and Yellow Polka Dot Skirt (changed the size for etsy)
16th of December
For a buyer on etsy I changed the size of two skirts, and I am glad they went to a new, good home! I sold a couple more dresses and skirts, but I did not have to change anything on them.

midcentury vintage inspired handmade 50s 60s red velvet
Red Velvet Skirt
16th/17th of December
A girl on Instagram often wear a red velvet skirt and I was adoring that, so I made one for me. This velvet was also on sale and it’s so versatile! Of course, dark red is also one of the most beautiful colours to wear.

Archaeological Shirt/Blouse (fixed)
17th of December
Unfortunately a few of the seams did not take well to the old Italian washing machine, so I had to fix that. I put it of for quite a while, but I finally did it and now I can wear it again!

babydoll stars glitter handmade 60s midcentury
Stars Babydoll
24th of December
I made this dress some months ago, but I never really liked the fit. But since I loved the fabric and still wanted to wear it, I turned it into a babydoll (afterwards I shortened it a bit, too).

60s space cadet two piece handmade midcentury planets
60s Space Cadet Two Piece
29th/30th of December
This is another case of liked the fabric, but not really happy with what it was, here is the skirt it was, but I felt really uncomfortable in this. I did not think this cut was matching the fabric, so I turned it into a 60s Two Piece. I mean that was the Space Era, so it’s pretty appropriate.

What did you craft recently? WEhat are your sewing plans for the next year?


Handmade Update | October & November 2017

So, finally another update on handmade things. It isn’t much due to uni (how annoying is reading that already?), but I have a few projects planned that are easily made – though I still need the fabric! Also in case you are interested: I put up a few things on my etsy that I don’t feeel like wearing anymore. Aaaanyway, here we go.

Autumn Dress
7th of October
I found the fabric while I was in Lucca and I fell in love. Border prints are rather rare where I live and finding this beautiful one in Lucca was a dream. I turned it into a Dirndl-ish dress and I quite like the way it turned out and the way the print shows. Especially these little ducks and squirrels are so wonderful.

Pumpkin Dress Orange 50s handmade midcentury
Pumpkin Dress
6th, 7th of October
This was another project for a very autumnal dress. The dark orange tone is wonderful and I do like the way it turned out. I changed things during the process of making it and that was quite interesting, too. I am no 100% content, but I don’t know what it is. I think it’s the confusion that comes with a style shift. Here is the dress in an outfitpost.

Skirts for Aida
20th of November
Along with sorting out stuff for etsy, I also asked a friend if she wanted some of them. She did and so I changed the sizes. Unfortunatley, Idid not take pictures, but it was one simple grey skirt and one with hot air balloons.

dino Dinosaur Dress Handmade 80s 50s
Dino Dress
22nd, 23rd of November
Now this fabric is a dream! I ordered it online, because dinosaur fabrics are usually targeted at kids, so i was incredibly happy about finding this. The dress cut is inspired by The Other Sparrow, because they do kind cut dresses the way I really like it at the moment. Since I don’t really feel like knee-lenght anymore (most of the time). And I think that does a good job for the print as well. The zipper is my first real hidden zipper and I do quite like that as well, mainly because that way it’s not a zipper on the side and the backside is still cute.

So, this was my update for the last two months and I hope December will be filled with a few more sewing projects. What are and were you up to in the last months?

Handmade Update September 2017

This month it took me a while to get back into sewing, however I at least planned everything for the upcoming weeks and sewing projects (also I really have to work on my Halloween stuff!). Anyway, this is what I made

Red Skirt Handmade Upcycled Redone Fifties Midcentury
Changing up a Red Skirt
21st of September
This was one of the first skirts I ever made, for Halloween 2014 (this means I have been into a pinup-ish style for over three years). Anyway, in this time I sure learnt a lot and this skirt had to be redone around the waist. Now I am very happy with it.

Handmade Green Flanel Skirt Fifties Midcentury
Green Flanel Skirt
22nd of September
For my Pinocchio outfit (the orginal Pinocchio, not the Disney one) I needed a dark green skirt, also I thought a skirt like that would be great for the colour and style I really enjoy at the moment.

Insect Skirt Mum Midcentury Handmade Novelty Print
Changing up mom’s insect dress into a skirt
21st, 22nd of September
You know every once in a while I make something for my mum, and one was this dress, however it was a bit of a mess around the shoulders, which was due to the construction of the pattern and what I added. Anyway I turned it into a skirt, and my mum is a lot happier.

Handmade Fifties Midcentury Red Blouse Peasant Hungarian
Red Blouse
24th of September
For Pinocchio as well, I needed a red blouse. This is basically cut like a Hungarian Peasant Blouse, and I think about writing about how to make it, because it’s great for beginners and when you do not want to waste fabric.

What are your Halloween plans? Is everything done yet or are you behind like me?

living more ethical: a journey

, About two weeks ago I decided to start completely staying off Fast Fashion. I’ve been avoiding H&M, Zara and Co for the last couple of years and only own very little from these shops and what I own, I regularly wear. However I feel like even those few pieces are too much and now I want to stop buying there all together.

Just a few days ago I found a pair of trousers that was exactly what I was looking for at the Second Hand Shop, by chance! And for less than 5€. It’s an H&M piece, but I do not mind, it has been worn before and now I will wear it. Sure, I’d prefer a high quality vintage piece, but I can live with that. It feels like giving it a new home and putting at least a little stop to all this waste.

fifties vintage 50s cupcake prom dress pink girl tattoo

You know, that I love sewing and most of my wardrobe is already handmade and I have a few vintage pieces. But from now on I want to stop giving money to brands that pay their workers basically nothing, have low working conditions at dangerous work places and sometimes even exploit kids. Most pieces from those fast fashion companies are also really low quality – cheap materials, loose seams and they often (not always!) do not last a long time.

However, with the Star Wars shirt from H&M I was taking a first step, I got it in December and it was one of the last new shirts I bought recently. And I thought a lot about it, from first seeing it on someone on Instagram, to actually finding it in store and considering buying it. Eventually, of course, I did get it, and I don’t want to do that anymore. For once, I want to avoid high street, which is easy, but I also have to avoid most online shops, I guess. To be honest, I’m not yet sure where I can still shop, because I’m pretty sure most pinup/alternative shops produce their stuff pretty cheap as well. Additonally they waste so much water producing fashion that’s in for a season (well, I don’t really follow trends that way anyway, but you know).

When I do not wear something anymore, I usually give my clothes (of course in a good condition & cleaned) to charity or sometimes even sell them. So, I don’T want to change anything regarding how I deal with my old pieces.

dream in blue outfit 50s frankenstein favourite things midcentury handmade

So far, when it comes to shirts, trousers etc I think it’s very easy to find them second hand, be it from friends, online or in stores and of course make them myself. But I’m a bit concerned when it comes to cute bags and shoes, because while I’m sure I can say no to a shirt, it’s more difficult with bags. I will do my research however and then see where I can shop and slowly move from fast fashion produced things to fair fashion and second hand. In case you can recommend shops (especially for lingerie), please go ahead and tell me.

Personally I draw quite some inspiration from Annika Victoria, https://nephtyis.com and Marzia and hope to one day completly move to second hand and eco- and human-friendly brands.

diy – Bronze Dino Jar

Raptor Dinosaur on a Mason Jar
This might be a little bit of a generic do it yourself, but I have been planning to do this for quite some time: a dinosaur on a mason jar. You know with my love for Jurassic Park and everything related this was a must. I want to list a few ideas down below as well, so maybe you can draw some more inspiration.

Raptor Dinosaur on a Mason Jar

It’s fairly easy, but here is how I went:
I covered both the raptor and the lid in bronze spray paint until you could not see the former colour anymore and let it dry. Then I used superglue to attach my dino to the lid, let that dry and gave the construct another layer of bronze paint. That’s it, basically.

Raptor Dinosaur on a Mason Jar
Raptor Dinosaur on a Mason Jar

I am also thinking about using light pink to do a bunny on a mason jar and Donald Duck would look fantastic in bronze as well. Also, the minature funkos could make for an amazing jar topper as would Halloween (or since it is closer Easter) decor. All the kitchy things you find, especially with pastell spray paint you can give your decor an amazing theme. But in general it’s a great upcycle, because you probably have all the things at home already and spray painting a boring old piece of decor makes it a thousand times cuter.

Raptor Dinosaur on a Mason Jar

Did you ever make a mason jar topper and if so, what did you use?

Upcycling Gloves

Upcycling Gloves
I wanted fingerless white driver’s gloves of faux leather for about two years, but I never found any. So when I saw a pair of gloves with fingers, I decided to upcyle them – I also need them for a cosplay, so that’s a true win.

You need:
Upcycling Gloves
– gloves (Blue Banana send me this pair)
– fabric marker
– fabric scissors
– punch pliers
– maybe needle and thread

Upcycling Gloves
It’s also something you can do very easily. To decide how short you want to go, just put on the gloves and mark where your knuckles are (the ones closer to your hand) and cut the fabric. If it frays you have to hem it by hand with a few blind stiches, but if it’s (faux) leather there is near to no need. The exact length should be slightly below your knuckle so it’s comfortable to move your hands. In case your gloves have a lining and the inside of the (faux) leather is okay on the skin, you can now remove the lining.
Upcycling Gloves
Upcycling Gloves
Then to determine where to put holes get references from pictures from the 20s/30s and have a look at the driver’s gloves. Usually there is a big one on each knuckle or there are small ones where the fingers start, sometimes there are holes on the fingers, it’s completely up to you where you punch them. I had to use scissors to get them out, because my pliers are somewhat weak… They now look like little ghosts.
Upcycling Gloves
However it’s a cute way to create fingerless driver’s gloves or to upcyle gloves with worn down fingers.
Upcycling Gloves

While they send me this pair, I do not receive payment for the post. However the link to the website an Affiliate Link.

Handmade Update – December

This month I prepared some things for etsy and had a bit of a Star Wars obsessive sewing marathon.

Cinema Cats Altering
Altering Cinema Cats
1st, 5th of December
I love love love this fabric and the dress, too, but with the collar it was way too tight – I think that has to do with being slightly claustrophobic in certain situations and so on. So, I removed the collar, made it wider and added a black velvet bow.

Kitchen Aid Cover
Kitchenaid Cover
1st, 6th, 7th of December
For a colleague of my mum I made a cover for the kitchenaid she owns. And I really love the fabric.

BB-8 Dress
BB-8 Dress
8th, 9th of December
After going to comic con I really wanted a BB-8 Cosplay dress, so I made myself one. The applications aren’t perfect, but they are my first ones after all. At first I used the skirt below, but I changed it again to my original plan.

BB-8 Skirt (etsy)
BB-8 Skirt (etsy)
9th of December
So, this skirt will be sold on etsy, I really love the fabrics, it’s low-key BB-8 inspired, but can be worn in spring without a reference as well.

Cherry Skirt (etsy)
Cherry Skirt (etsy)
9th, 10th of December
Since I had some Cherry fabric left, so I made a skirt for etsy.

Black Mini Skirt
Black Mini Skirt
14th of December
When I wanted to wear the Star Wars jumper, I needed a skirt – I wanted a black (or grey) one, but I don’t own one – and I also wanted a short one, I don’t own that either. So I made one, in the morning, right before wearing it.

Black Mini Skirt (etsy)
Black Mini Skirt (etsy)
15th, 16th of December
Then, since I had some fabric left, I made another one for etsy. I really love the fabric and I hope it’ll make someone really happy.

Millenium Falcon Bow Saskia
Millenium Falcon Bow (for Saskia)
26th, 27th of December
When I prepared the Dress for Saskia, I also decided to make a matching bow and so I did, I inserted some sort of fleece, so it is naturally stiff.

Millenium Falcon Dress Saskia
Millenium Falcon Dress (for Saskia)
26th, 27th of December
And that is the dress. I hope it will fit well. It’s a different pattern from the one I made for myself last month, more Lolita and with a cream coloured lining.

What did you make this month? Or this year? And are you selling things on etsy? What would you like to see from me?

Handmade Update – November

This month I worked on my cosplays for Dortmund Comic Con and then I found amazing Star Wars fabric in Neu-Ulm!

Scarf for Mum
4th of November
Last month I made a skirt of this fabric and this one I also made a matching scarf for her to wear with the skirt.

Jurassic Park Tote
Dinosaur Tote
6th, 9th of November
For Comic Con one of my outfits – the one below – is Ellie Sattler, and since I needed a bag for the outfit, I wanted to make a tote saying “dinosaurs eat man, woman inherits the earth” to carry all my important things.

Jurassic Park Outfit
Ellie Shorts
4th of November
Ellie Blouse
5th, 6th, 11th of November
And this is the Ellie outfit, I shortened the pair of trousers and made the blouse. It’s my first real blouse, but I think it’s okay, the sleeves could haven been attached a bit better as well as the collar, but that’s that.

Mia Wallace Outfit
Mia Trousers
20th of November
For Mia Wallace I only needed a pair of trousers, but I did not find one to my liking AND fitting, so I made one and this is the first successful pair of trousers. I already made a pair of short and leggins, but this trousers were unsuccessful. Always. And I’m really happy with this pair, it’s high waisted and the fabric is amazing.

Star Wars Skirt
Star Wars Skirt
20th of November
I was looking for Star Wars fabric for weeks, months even. But the ones I found were always stretchy, I did not take them, but the ones I found with my grandma are amazing. So back home I just had to make the skirt instantly, so I can wear it at Comic Con. But maybe I will just wear it every single day for the rest of my life. Who knows?

Star Wars Bows
Star Wars Bows
22nd of November
To wear with the skirt and to sell on etsy in January or February, I made some bows of the leftover fabric and I hope to prepare some more things until I’m going to open the shop.

millenium falcon dress
Millenium Falcon Dress
22nd, 24th of November
OF COURSE I had to get this fabric when I saw it. I knew it had to become a dress, but I wasn’t sure about the style, so I made this with a bit of ruffle around the cheast and above the waist. It’s pretty comfy actually. ANd when it came to lining I went for a nice red cotton that I had laying around – it’s cute and I did not find a black or white cotton fabric at ten at night in my room (I do not have good lightning).

What did you make this month? And what Cosplays did you make?

Handmade Update – July/August

Finally another update on my sewing progress. I did not do a lot of sewing in July, but I did sew quite a few things in August, so I decided to sum it up in one post only.

Picture will follow soon!
Red Tulle Skirt
22nd/23rd of July
This was the only thing I made in July and I can’t even wear it, because there’s nothing underneath and it does not look the way I want it yet.

Psychodelic Dress
Psycodelic Dress
6th of August
The fabric is 16th Century Selfie by Tula Pink and I love it. Sewing this dress started my power sewing time of August. I guess, I will have one in September as well, because I have so many fabrics waiting to be made into dresses. I added padding in the top so I can wear it without a bra (and pockets!) and the outfit photos are already taken, so I just have to edit them.

Balloon Skirt
Balloon Skirt
6th of August
This time I used a smaller waistband and I like the outcome, also as you probably know by the type of print, it’s a gütermann fabric. And a very cute on, that is, I think it’s so great for every season and as with the one above the photos are already shot. As I do recently, I added pockets here, too.

Alice Skirt Apron
Alice Dress with Apron
3rd – 7th of August
As you know I work as Alice (yes, I will post about that soon) and I needed a new dress that was a b it fancier. Allso, the old one was a little worn down. So, this is the new one – and I think without the apron it looks a lot like my favourite princess Merida!

New picture will follow soon!
Yellow Dress
9th/10th of August
Here I had a change of plans, actually I wanted something with a little town on the hem, but then I decided I’d prefer it just like this. AND it has pockets! Since yellow is my favourite colour and it works well with my hair now

Town Skirt
9th/10th of August
So, I will make a skirt out of the yellow fabric on which I started to paint a little Italian town on. Pictures will follow as soon as I’m done with it.

Upcycled Jacket
23rd/24th of August
This one is not fo me – it’s way to large anyway, but I really like it. It’s for the one that also plays the Mad Hatter. So, I just added all the details and I think it looks like a mix of a zircus director, Liberace and a fancy king. Of course, I do want a similar one now. I also fixed a few trousers. I had to add some more details to the jacket by the end of the month.

Forest Dress Autumn
Green Autumn Landscape Dress
31st of August
I got this beautiful fabric (birch fabrics acorn trail) at a large fabric store near Ulm and wanted o make a dress out of the fabric before autumnl, because it’s just autumnal! And I really wanted a v-neck again. I did a few stupid things while cutting the fabric, but eventually I could even everything out.

Upcycled Dress for Mum
Upcycled Dress for mum
31st of August
I fixed a dress my mum wasn’t happy with by changing the collar and adding a waistband so it was a little longer. (that’s the before) Actually I also fixed a few dresses for a friend, but those where only easy small changes (making the waist tighter)

Nutcracker Skirt
Nutcracker Skirt
31st of August
Yesterday I went to Karstadt where I get most of my fabric and they already had Christmad themed fabric! And Michael Miller for that! Oh my, I wanted to buy everything, but I “only” got three. So, today I started the Christmas Dressmaking season with aMichael Miller PATT# CX 5953 Nutcracker

That’s it for now. What did you create last month?

diy – Oxfords (Upcycling Shoes)

diy Oxfords
Today I have another diy for you – finally. I mentioned my upcycled shoes here already and now I’m gonna share how I went. It’s really easy! And on other shoes news – I have been featured here on the IC homepage!

diy Oxfords
You need shoes (preferably faux leather), acrylic paint, brushes, satin ribbons, newspaper etc to paint on.

diy Oxfords
diy Oxfords
First you put some newspaper on the ground to keep your carpet from being painted as well. I used shoes that were already “oxford-ish”, so I only had to cover the upper part of the shoes in black paint. But you could of course paint that shape on the shoe without those applications. If you’re aristic you can also paint patterns like flowers or hearts. Let it dry for some time and replace the shoelaces with the satin ribbons. That alone makes shoes appear much cuter and really different!
diy Oxfords

diy Oxfords
From time to time you might have to repaint the shoes, but in general the acrylic paint stays quite well, so be careful not to paint something you don’t intend to.
diy Oxfords
I hope I could inspire you with that little diy and you might want to change up your shoes a little!