Handmade Update June 2017

This month was me catching up on all the sewing I missed over the last two months. So, there was some time when I created a lot of stuff out of fabric I got at my grandparents, so here we go.

Wednesday Watercolour Painting
Wednesday Postcard
5th of June
Well, first I decided to paint Wednesday of watercolours and to be honest I really like the red background – that idea worked out well.

Star Wars Skirt
etsy Star Wars Skirt
9th, 10th of June
For my etsy store I made a Star Wars Skirt and there is still some fabric left, so you might want to head over there.

Lace Border Dress
Dress with Lace Border
10th of June
This project is based on a ModCloth dress, I adored for quite some time. It’s actually apricot, but I wanted something a bit witchy and that dark lavender tone is more than perfect. Also I love the lace details and I think it matches the tone very well. It’s pretty long compared to my 50s style wardrobe, so I am pretty excited to wear it for the first time.

Bat Sleeve Dress
Bat Wing 60s Dress
11th of June
Inspired my among other things this I wanted a bat wing dress – I wanted something sixties, somwthing that would actually require a beehive and Twiggy Makeup. There is a little issue with the lining showing on the right side, but I will figure this out.

Carot Crop Top
Carot Crop/Bra Top
11th of June
You know I got a couple of fabrics in Augsburg and now I decided to make some crop tops. This fabric is so adorable and I saw this pattern online, so I created my own based on the photograph on the front.

Governess Dress
Chiffon Edwardian/Victorian inspired Dress
12th of June
Recently I fell in love with Edwardian and Victorian dresses and really like those gothic vibes (gothic as in 19th century horror stories and the aesthetic, not pop culture goth). I think it looks a bit like somthing a governess would wear. It is inspired by this, however longer and without the collar (because I did not enjoy the way the collar looked and think this looks a bit older that way).

Wine Two Piece
Wine Red Two Piece (Cape/Skirt)
13th of June
Another one inspired by etsy is this two pice – I immediately fell in love with the idea of wearing a skirt as a cape when it gets colder. As with the first dress I wanted something darker, so I went for the wine tone. (Also it makes me feel a bit like Jayne Mansfield.)

Kitsch Kitten Crop Top
Kitty Kitsch Crop Top
14th of June
This is probably my favourite crop top I made this month – the print is so kitchy and I think the sweetheart neckline is perfect for the print. It’s also great because I don’t have to wear a bra with it.

Sheep Crop Top
Sheep Crop/Bra Top
14th of June
I’m so glad I decided to made tops now, because with not really shopping for clothing anymore and also not having too many tops this is an easy way to stock my closet. I definitively have to work on my blouse making, so that is another project for the rest of 2017.

20s Day Dress Slip Dress
20s Slip Dress
15th of June
With my current love for the 19th century to the 20s also made me create this dress (it’s based on a white slip dress I saw browsing on etsy, but I lost the link) – I wanted a soft, light (in weight and colour) cotton and this one has the perfect feel to it and I just love a beautiful insect print. I think it’s perfect for a 20s day dress

Sailor Skirt Red Mum
Mum’s Red Sailor Skirt
28th, 29th of June
My mum recently bought fabric for table runners, pillows and placemats and since she really liked it she asked me for a riviera style skirt which could be tied, so I made one. I really like the style and consider making more skirts with ribbons to tie.

Thyra Dresses
I also gave to of my old dresses to my friend Thyra and she looks adorable in them.

So this is what I made this month. What have you made this week?

Handmade Update May 2017

This month I wasn’t very strong on sewing – I fixed a lot of stuff, but I only managed to make one dress – I really hope next month will be better. However, I started embroidery (since I do not have enough grandma hobbies yet) and painted a bit. (Also, the new blogbanner etc.)

Bumblebee Embroidery
Bumblebee Embroidery
13th of May
So this was my first piece of embroidery – it’s a bumblebee. It’s far from perfect, but I hope to create a few pieces in the future.

BB-8 Postcard
BB-8 Postcard
17th of May
I also decided to paint little BB-8 to get back into watercolours and I really enjoy picking up the colours every once in a while.

BB-8 Embroidery
BB-8 Embroidery
17th to 20th of May
So, then I chose to embroider BB-8, which was an interesting learning experience. Opening stiches again and redoing things.

Landscape Postcard
Landscape Postcard
21st of May
This was another learning thing – I never drew/painted a landscape, so I looked at some of Rottmann’s work – and I think the mountains are quite nice. Nevertheless I realise they should have shadows in the water.

Leia Belt
17th, 18th, 24th of May
For my cosplay I was in need of the belt, so I made it of faux leather, clay and acrylic paint. I know the original is made using metal pieces, but I didn’t have any. So I got creative.

Chuck Charles Charlotte Pushing Daisies Postcard
Chuck Postcard
25th of May
You know Charlotte Charles from Puhing Daisies is one of my all time favourite characters and fashion icons, so I wanteed to paint her for a while and I finally did. It’s not realistic yet, but it’s cute enough.

20s Dress Black Gold Glitter
20s Dress
22nd, 29th, 30th of May
I wanted to make another 20s dress since the first one I made (about a year ago), now I finally did and while I have to fix a few things in the back, I think its quite fancy.

Wat did you make recently? And what are you working on?

living more ethical: a journey

, About two weeks ago I decided to start completely staying off Fast Fashion. I’ve been avoiding H&M, Zara and Co for the last couple of years and only own very little from these shops and what I own, I regularly wear. However I feel like even those few pieces are too much and now I want to stop buying there all together.

Just a few days ago I found a pair of trousers that was exactly what I was looking for at the Second Hand Shop, by chance! And for less than 5€. It’s an H&M piece, but I do not mind, it has been worn before and now I will wear it. Sure, I’d prefer a high quality vintage piece, but I can live with that. It feels like giving it a new home and putting at least a little stop to all this waste.

fifties vintage 50s cupcake prom dress pink girl tattoo

You know, that I love sewing and most of my wardrobe is already handmade and I have a few vintage pieces. But from now on I want to stop giving money to brands that pay their workers basically nothing, have low working conditions at dangerous work places and sometimes even exploit kids. Most pieces from those fast fashion companies are also really low quality – cheap materials, loose seams and they often (not always!) do not last a long time.

However, with the Star Wars shirt from H&M I was taking a first step, I got it in December and it was one of the last new shirts I bought recently. And I thought a lot about it, from first seeing it on someone on Instagram, to actually finding it in store and considering buying it. Eventually, of course, I did get it, and I don’t want to do that anymore. For once, I want to avoid high street, which is easy, but I also have to avoid most online shops, I guess. To be honest, I’m not yet sure where I can still shop, because I’m pretty sure most pinup/alternative shops produce their stuff pretty cheap as well. Additonally they waste so much water producing fashion that’s in for a season (well, I don’t really follow trends that way anyway, but you know).

When I do not wear something anymore, I usually give my clothes (of course in a good condition & cleaned) to charity or sometimes even sell them. So, I don’T want to change anything regarding how I deal with my old pieces.

dream in blue outfit 50s frankenstein favourite things midcentury handmade

So far, when it comes to shirts, trousers etc I think it’s very easy to find them second hand, be it from friends, online or in stores and of course make them myself. But I’m a bit concerned when it comes to cute bags and shoes, because while I’m sure I can say no to a shirt, it’s more difficult with bags. I will do my research however and then see where I can shop and slowly move from fast fashion produced things to fair fashion and second hand. In case you can recommend shops (especially for lingerie), please go ahead and tell me.

Personally I draw quite some inspiration from Annika Victoria, https://nephtyis.com and Marzia and hope to one day completly move to second hand and eco- and human-friendly brands.

Handmade Update March 2017

Leia Star Wars Acrylic
Leia Acrylic
22nd of February, 3rd of March
I did show you the wip in February and now it’s done. Though Leia does not really have a nose. Well, I guess, I have to fix that.

Light Green Dress
Light Green Dress
4th of March
That one should have been a dress with dinosaurs on the hem, because it seemed so perfect. I saw this fabric and knew it was great for the dinosaurs. However as I was done with the dress I considered my idea again and left it as it was. And I love this fabric and cut a lot.

Yellow Babydoll
Babydoll yellow
5th, 6th of March
Based on this reference I wanted to use the great flower fabric I found in Augsburg for a babydoll (well, technically two). So after deciding on a cut I went to look for some matching chiffon in pink and yellow (mum’s recommendation) and added that.

Pink Babydoll
Babydoll pink
5th, 6th of March
For the lining I used some leftover fabric from my Leia dress and it’s so soft in the skin. And it looks very cute, I think. But oh with this flower fabric what could go wrong.

50s Kimono Dress Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom Dress
5th, 6th of March
I did use the left-over Leia fabric for the lining here as well. The cherry blossom fabric took my fancy, because I like @nekomatahime‘s aesthetic a lot at the moment and just in general have a bit of an Asian obsession currently. So, I turned it into Fifties/Kimono inspired dress (which actually was a thing) and after applying the piping twice with my sewing machine which ended in a terrible mess I hand-sewed them on and hand-sewing really grows on me, to be honest.

Alice in Wonderland Anne Dress Apron
Alice Dress (Anne)
20th, 25th, 28th of February, 3rd of March
This one was also shared before, last month to be exact, and not it’s finished, another Alie dress and I really hope it fits.
Alice Apron (Anne)
6th, 21st, 23rd of March
I have been working on this whole thing for quite some time and now the resulting pictures are blurry. Great. Also, def. have to iron the straps of the bow.

Currently I’m working on:
Gingham Blouse
4th of March

What are you working on at the momen? And what did you create recently?

Fabrics & Second-Hand | Shopping in Augsburg

Augsburg Shopping Fabrics Thrift Second-Hand
As I mentioned in the post about visiting Augsburg, they have amazing fabric stores and of course I wanted to visit my favourite one. So, that is what I’m showing you today, alongside some more things I found in this lovely town.

Augsburg Shopping Drugstore
Just after arriving I had to go to the drugstore, because I wanted a small deodorant for travelling. However as it turns out, this one is really dry and powdery, literally dust came of my armpit after appling this. The lasher were just because I really wanted to have some falsies again.

Augsburg Shopping Vintage Shirt Blouse
I also went to a thrift/vintage (Vinty’s) store where they sell second-hand stuff for a few euros and some of the profit goes to a good cause. This blouse is vintage, I’d say midcentury, but I’m not quite sure. However it goes very well with my skirts.

Augsburg Shopping Shirt Blouse
I also found this rather new shirt by a London fabricant and since I was looking for cute shirts, I tried it on and got it. It has a very summery feel to it due to the colour.

Augsburg Shopping Bee Pin
I also found this DLV (which I guess is Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverband/German Agricultural Union) Pin and since I love bees, I just had to get it.

Augsburg Shopping Fabric
As mentioned above I wanted to buy some fabrics, I got six different ones, all very beautiful, but I was a little too stinted and so I’m afraid it might be just a bit too little of each one. We will see, I guess there will be some new additions to my wardrobe shown in my handmade update this month. For the mint on with the triangles I had a project in mind the moment I saw it (it is one of my 2017 projects, but I was still looking for the fabric), the other ones just spoke to me and I could not resist.

Augsburg Shopping Fabric

Augsburg Shopping Mary Shelley Frankenstein
Last thing: I went to a few bookstores, but eventually got a Penguin edition of Frankenstein. I never read the book, but I heard good things about it and it’s said to be quite the feminist and scifi steppingstone, so it was on the list anyway. Also, gothic stores are right up my alley.

What do you think abou the fabrics? Where do you get yours?

Handmade Update – February 2017

February is over and I’d say I have been semi-productive, I made two more things of my 2017 sewing plans list. But other than that I did not make a lot of stuff, I have some plans for March, but I think it will be similar, because I have a lot of things to do and prepare for April.

Leia Dress
Leia Dress
15th of February
For Comic Con in Munich this year I want to be Leia Organa and so I needed to make a dress, the cut is pretty easy and you have almost nothing to sew, so that was fun. I knew which fabric was used for the original, however that fabric is not really available anymore so I went for this beautiful soft fabric. It’s slightly shiny, but not in a cheap way. However, you cannot imagine how many references I had for this dress to see where seams were.

Shift Insect Dress Mami
Insects Dress (Mum)
15th, 16th of February
For my mum I made this insect dress that is inspired by 60s shift dresses and I think the print is incredibly pretty.

Alice Theatrical Dress
Alice Theatrical Dress
Alice Theatrical Dress
8-11th, 13th, 14th, 17th, 18th of February
Instead of the Cheshire Cosplay I made another Alice Cosplay, one that is more theatrical. I really like the different fabrics and I think the little heart is a cute detail. I also decided to add a few charms to represent Wonderland.

Red Crop Top
Red Polka Dot Crop Top
22nd of February
That one was just a test, to be honest, it’s based on this tutorial and I am not sure whether or not I will wear it in summer, because I cut to close to the middle on the top side…

Leia Watercolour
Leia Watercolour
22nd of February
I really, really want to get back into drawing and painting so I tried to paint a watercolour postcard of Leia. It’s not like the best I’ve ever done, but I am okay with it, I just do not like the eyes. But I hope to improve again next month.

Those things I’m currently working on:

Leia Acrylic
Leia Acrylic
22nd of February
Then I tried using acrylic paint again – it is basically the same painting like the one above, but I really love acrylics and I had to take a picture of the painting with just the galaxy (without stars though), because I like the slightly raw look a lot.

Alice Dress (Anne)
20th, 25th, 28th of February
For Anne in London I made another Alice dress, this one however heavily inspired by the Disneyland one. Since it isn’t finished yet, I do not have a photo yet.

What did you create this week and do you have any tips on getting back into painting?

2017 Sewing Projects – 4/12

Handmade Update | January 2017

This month was filled with making skirts for other people and etsy, however I also made two things of my 2017 projects. For February I hope to make some Cosplays – some are for working in Wonderland as Alice (and the Cheshire Cat), but actually I also really want to make the Leia Cosplay – but since next month I get tattooed and have an appointment at my hairdresser, I am really not sure about the money for fabric.

Tiger Skirt for Lisa
Tiger Skirt for Lisa
8, 10th of January
Rose Skirt for Lisa
Rose Skirt for Lisa
8, 10th of January
I promised a skirt to a lose firend of mine for some time, but since she does not live nearby it took some time until we finally got to go fabric shopping. So we actually went for two cute fabrics and I’m glad she likes the outcome.

 Moth Babydoll
Moth Babydoll
19th of January
When looking for red velvet, I stumbled across this fabric and as a lover of moths I really needed the fabric. And since I wanted to make a babydoll, I went for it. I also think about getting more of this fabric for etsy.

Red Velvet Dress
Red Velvet Dress
20th of January
I mentioned already that I wanted a red velvet dress and now I finally made one and I really like it – however I have troubles cleaning it – do you have any recommendations for washing strechy velvet?

Here are some etsy skirts I made this month, they are all made from fabrics I had left at home. The Toile and the Millenium Skirt are not entirely finishe yet. I will sell them made to fit on etsy.
Etsy Short Butterfly Skirt
Short Butterfly Skirt
24th of January
Fox Skirt
Fox Skirt
24th of January
Toile Skirt
Toile Skirt
25th of January
Millenium Falcon Skirt
Millenium Falcon Skirt
25th of January

2017 Sewing Projects – 2/12

What did you make this month?

2017 Sewing Projects ♥

I’m not the biggest fan of New Year’s resolutions, I seldomly keep them up as life, uhh, finds a way to put it in Dr. Ian Malcolm’s words. So, besides wanting to start university, opening an etsy shop, travelling and reading about 60 books I have no resolutions and those things are more like pretty solid plans. However, I have a few sewing projects I would like to work on this year.

Most of these projects are bigger than my usual circle skirts. In general I want to step out of my fifties comfort zone and try some more short sixties stuff – I love my three minidresses I made in 2016/15, but I want more diversity. But this includes not only 60s things, but also cute 20s patterns and just altogether some cute new things that are out of my regular sewing routine – which, if I can afford it, might also lead to a Overlocker this year. So i guess whatever I earn with etsy will be put into the fabric and overlocker jar, maybe I’ll do a 40/60 split or something.

Also, I want to go thrift shopping more often and work with the things I find there – I mean, I do not buy that much clothing (usually tights and about every two/three months a shirt), but I want to reduce that further and especially when it comes to stores like H&M. Since my blog is already quite fashion/sewing orianted I might focus on sustainability a bit more on the blog as well. Like Annika Victoria or Eva.


So, finally, let’s the projects. I already finished two of them this week, they will appear in my January sewing wrap up of course.

  • a short red velvet dress with long sleeves
  • So, I wanted a dress like that since I saw Georgia perform Three Little Birds on The Voice UK and it was a picture in my sewing project book pre much from the start. However, I did not make one for two reasons, one, I did not really (want to) look/buy strechy velvet for whatever reason. But when I went fabric shopping I did that with a goal. And that was to find some cute red velvet, so I did find some and already made the dress it’s pretty cute – sexy in a way because it’s really tight and shows of my curves, but not too sexy for my personal taste with the long sleeves and pretty much no cleavage. Because, here is the things, I love a great pencil skirt/tight dress and I think it looks good on my body, yet I do not wear that style often. So 2017 will have a few more pencil skirts.

  • a babydoll
  • Doris Day is still a fashion icon for me even though I am not wearing many sixties housewife outfits at the moment, but I want to change that. So babydoll is mentioned here more than once – in different versions, but still. So, I wanted a regular babydoll made out of a cute cotton-ish fabric, probably a novelty print and when fabric shopping on Wednesday I did find a fabulous moth fabric that is weird and beautiful. The cut is cute and adds something new to my repertoire of patterns. (also I think the fabric would make for some cute etsy skirts)

  • a lace babydoll
  • That is another thing that is/was on the list forever. I want something really cute that is borderline to a nighty. I collected a lot of inspiration over time, but since I was not into sewing by hand until very recently (it’s so relaxing!), I did not dive into that any deeper. Also lace and chiffon is quite expensive if the quality is good. So, I’m still looking forward to make that, maybe in April or May when I can actually wear it outside, too.

  • a Mulan Dress
  • Mulan and Merida are my favourite Disney princesses simply for their amazing personalities and while I have sort of a Merida Dress (I can wear my Alice Dress as a Merida Dress), however I do not own anything Mulan inspired because I only recently realised her awesomeness. So, of course I do need a Mulan Dress, probably the blue one with a little bit of pink and white. I’m not sure if I can pull of a whole cosplay because my features are not very Asian – my eyes are turned upwards ever so slightly, but I could enhance that I guess. However I do not know if that would offend anyone and I really would not want that.

  • a Mulan babydoll
  • As mentioned above I really like Mulan and I think the colours of her blue dress are fantastic and I think they could be turned into a babydoll pretty easily.

  • a flower dress
  • I think I have to more specific, so I included a little reference (Chotronette). That was not the first time I saw something like that, but it’s a pretty good example. It’s avery special way of dress and so cute – whenever I see something like this I want it so much. But I mentioned the issue I have before, good chiffon/lace etc is pricey. And of course I want the silk flowers to look good. I want to go for a cream/peach/light pink/yellow, but who knows what I’ll find.

  • a flapper skirt
  • By now I only own one 20s style dress and tha is rather fancy (and also a light cream) so it’s not perfect for a stroll around town – maybe I will don it in spring with a cute parasol like Miss Fisher. Well, I want a cute flapper skirt in a bright colour never the less – with some cute fringes and just something to dance Charleston to – that wold have been a great resolution actually, finally learing a 20th century dance. Maybe that will come along nevertheless.

  • a Leia inspired 20s flapper dress
  • When I saw this pic, I knew I needed a 20s Leia dress, of course it’s just a white flapper dress and I actually already own a cream 20s dress, but it’s so different. So, yeah, that’s also a new piece to the 20s side of my wardrobe and gets me excited for summer (I love winter, but spring/summer fashion is totally up my alley at the moment). One of the things I realised recently is that my body is really versatile, being rather petite I can hide my curves pretty easily for a sixties or twenties line a.k.a. a stright/curveless silhouette, but I can accentuate them just as well, so I wanna work on these possibilities in 2017.

  • a Leia Cosplay
  • Leia was on my Cosplay list for a long time but after Carrie Fisher’s passing (drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra) I added that to the top of my list. I love Leia and I love white, so why wouldn’t I go for her outfit? That is the only cosplay I really want to make, preferrably for Munich Comic Con in May. And since it’s not that much of a special outfit, I think I can manage that.

  • a dress with dinosaurs at the bottom
  • I’m about 90% sure about what I want to go for in university and that is palaeontology – Ellie Sattler and Jurassic Park is the main inspiration for that to be honest, that’s what got me into it and it opened up a whole new world for me. After cosplaying Ellie and now also owning a cute raptor brooch I also want a cute 50s inspired dress with some dinosaurs at the hem – so basically a hand painted border print would be really nice. Though, I guess, I should train painting dinosaurs.

  • a bralette
  • Being slightly busty I do not wear bralettes very often, I only own one, but the are so cute. So that’s the only reason I need a bralette is the cuteness factor. I do not know what to add here, somehow I don’t have a story like I do for the previous projects.

  • a Cheshire Cat Cosplay
  • Last year I was Alice (in Wonderland) for wonderlondon, but this year I will also be the Cheshire Cat and therefore I will make a cosplay – however I’m still working on sketches, but I want something really edgy and interesting. I think you’ll see in February or March.

Obviously I want to make stuff for etsy, but most of that will be made from fabrics I buy for myself as well. And I really want to focus on the blog more, not only on keeping up with my blog reader, but also on making sewing posts – however I have to work on my lights, because I tend to work with bad (outdoor) light. Anyway, if you want any sort of sewing post – recreation of something I made/someone else made, tips, questions, just go ahead and tell me.

Handmade Update – December

This month I prepared some things for etsy and had a bit of a Star Wars obsessive sewing marathon.

Cinema Cats Altering
Altering Cinema Cats
1st, 5th of December
I love love love this fabric and the dress, too, but with the collar it was way too tight – I think that has to do with being slightly claustrophobic in certain situations and so on. So, I removed the collar, made it wider and added a black velvet bow.

Kitchen Aid Cover
Kitchenaid Cover
1st, 6th, 7th of December
For a colleague of my mum I made a cover for the kitchenaid she owns. And I really love the fabric.

BB-8 Dress
BB-8 Dress
8th, 9th of December
After going to comic con I really wanted a BB-8 Cosplay dress, so I made myself one. The applications aren’t perfect, but they are my first ones after all. At first I used the skirt below, but I changed it again to my original plan.

BB-8 Skirt (etsy)
BB-8 Skirt (etsy)
9th of December
So, this skirt will be sold on etsy, I really love the fabrics, it’s low-key BB-8 inspired, but can be worn in spring without a reference as well.

Cherry Skirt (etsy)
Cherry Skirt (etsy)
9th, 10th of December
Since I had some Cherry fabric left, so I made a skirt for etsy.

Black Mini Skirt
Black Mini Skirt
14th of December
When I wanted to wear the Star Wars jumper, I needed a skirt – I wanted a black (or grey) one, but I don’t own one – and I also wanted a short one, I don’t own that either. So I made one, in the morning, right before wearing it.

Black Mini Skirt (etsy)
Black Mini Skirt (etsy)
15th, 16th of December
Then, since I had some fabric left, I made another one for etsy. I really love the fabric and I hope it’ll make someone really happy.

Millenium Falcon Bow Saskia
Millenium Falcon Bow (for Saskia)
26th, 27th of December
When I prepared the Dress for Saskia, I also decided to make a matching bow and so I did, I inserted some sort of fleece, so it is naturally stiff.

Millenium Falcon Dress Saskia
Millenium Falcon Dress (for Saskia)
26th, 27th of December
And that is the dress. I hope it will fit well. It’s a different pattern from the one I made for myself last month, more Lolita and with a cream coloured lining.

What did you make this month? Or this year? And are you selling things on etsy? What would you like to see from me?

Handmade Update – November

This month I worked on my cosplays for Dortmund Comic Con and then I found amazing Star Wars fabric in Neu-Ulm!

Scarf for Mum
4th of November
Last month I made a skirt of this fabric and this one I also made a matching scarf for her to wear with the skirt.

Jurassic Park Tote
Dinosaur Tote
6th, 9th of November
For Comic Con one of my outfits – the one below – is Ellie Sattler, and since I needed a bag for the outfit, I wanted to make a tote saying “dinosaurs eat man, woman inherits the earth” to carry all my important things.

Jurassic Park Outfit
Ellie Shorts
4th of November
Ellie Blouse
5th, 6th, 11th of November
And this is the Ellie outfit, I shortened the pair of trousers and made the blouse. It’s my first real blouse, but I think it’s okay, the sleeves could haven been attached a bit better as well as the collar, but that’s that.

Mia Wallace Outfit
Mia Trousers
20th of November
For Mia Wallace I only needed a pair of trousers, but I did not find one to my liking AND fitting, so I made one and this is the first successful pair of trousers. I already made a pair of short and leggins, but this trousers were unsuccessful. Always. And I’m really happy with this pair, it’s high waisted and the fabric is amazing.

Star Wars Skirt
Star Wars Skirt
20th of November
I was looking for Star Wars fabric for weeks, months even. But the ones I found were always stretchy, I did not take them, but the ones I found with my grandma are amazing. So back home I just had to make the skirt instantly, so I can wear it at Comic Con. But maybe I will just wear it every single day for the rest of my life. Who knows?

Star Wars Bows
Star Wars Bows
22nd of November
To wear with the skirt and to sell on etsy in January or February, I made some bows of the leftover fabric and I hope to prepare some more things until I’m going to open the shop.

millenium falcon dress
Millenium Falcon Dress
22nd, 24th of November
OF COURSE I had to get this fabric when I saw it. I knew it had to become a dress, but I wasn’t sure about the style, so I made this with a bit of ruffle around the cheast and above the waist. It’s pretty comfy actually. ANd when it came to lining I went for a nice red cotton that I had laying around – it’s cute and I did not find a black or white cotton fabric at ten at night in my room (I do not have good lightning).

What did you make this month? And what Cosplays did you make?