Mail Day #10 | Brooches, Socks and Bohemian Vibes

Mail Day #10 Brooches Wednesday Addams Zombie Grease Happy Socks
Long time no see. With uni, studying and procrastinating I don’t find the time or motivation to blog. I would love to and it feels good to type something out again – I also have a couple of things left I still want to write about. Among them beautiful pictures from Florence in early autumn. Anyway this time I would like to share a couple of things that I ordered, mainly from etsy. This is not really a Mail Day though, but more of a Mail Halfyear or so. There are some beautiful pieces and great etsy stores connected to it, so maybe you’ll find something new as well.

Sappho's Club Violet
Sappho’s Club – Violet Pin
As a member of the bi/pansexual girl club with a preference for girls I just wanted a Violet, also I love Sappho’s poetry, so I am very happy about this piece.

Bride of Frankenstein Pin Brooch kate gabrielle
kategabrielle – Bride Pin
This one is actually a regular pin, but I turned it into a brooch. The Bride of Frankenstein is aesthetically spoken on of my favourite movie characters. She is beautiful and the pin glows in the dark.

Wednesday Sticker SleepyKoi
SleepyKoi – Wednesday Sticker
When I saw the Wednesday Sticker, I fell in love with SleepyKoi Designs, so I ordered – but the package arrived empty. However, Renae was so sorry and she sent me not only the Wednesday Sticker, but also a package of small versions of some of her other stickers and they are adorable.

Edwardian Bunny Irregular Choice Scott McClintock Vintage 80s Witch Woodland Zombie erstwilder beret
GypsyGothVintage – 80s Scott McClintock Edwardian inspired Dress
Before I got this dress I had been eyeing it for quite some time and Kinsey is such a kind person, too. However since then I developed an obsession with Scott McClintock dresses, though this one is especially beautiful, you see more of it here. The details on the lace are incredible and the cut is a dream.

baccurelli Wednesday Brooch
19 Black – baccurelli – Wednesday
As you maybe saw above or in old posts you know that I love Wednesday Addams and this brooch captures her so perfectly, so I was hunting it down. It is a rather old baccurelli design and I felt so lucky to find probably one of the last ones.

Happy Socks
Happy Socks
I also got a wonderful package from happy socks, they asked me to pick out a few things and I chose these beauties. The socks are super soft and I really like how the panties are cut. This is the striped pair of socks and these are the heart panties.

Frenchie Grease erstwilder brooch
erstwilder – Frenchie Brooch
Frenchie is my favourite Grease character, so I got up really early to order her on the release day and erstwilder packed a beautiful package and to be honest erstwilder is kind of becoming my favourite brooch company.

Bride of Frankenstein Patch Jenni's Prints
jenni’s prints – Bride Patch
Yes, it is another Bride of Frankenstein piece, I am still considering where to put it – if on my denim jacket or my backpack. Tough decision.

80s does 50s egyptian skirt midcentury novelty print
Advantage in Vintage – 80s does 50s Egyptian Skirt
While I am developing a love for the 80s, I still very much appreciate a well done 80s does 50s – and this one does it so so well. This is a great novelty print and I am already so excited to wear it to a exhibtion about pharaos or Egyptian art.

Moth Display Hyles Euphorbiae Real Hyles Dahlii Female
Butterfly Palace – Moth
Even though it said Real Hyles Dahlii Female, I actually think it’s a Hyles Euphorbiae(spurge hawk-moth), like the one I have tattooed on me. It is a beautiful piece and arrived save and sound.

Zombie Brooch Halloween erstwilder
erstwilder – Zombie Brooch
This is the second brooch from erstwilder I ordered online, and again they included gifts and just decorated it so adorably. The brooch itself is so wonderfully crafted and it has the same colour as the circles on my chestpiece. Which probably concludes that I am in fact a zombie.

Mele Pele Backpack 50s Vintage Kid
melepele – 50s kids backpack
For university I wanted a backpack, but a second hand since I am trying to buy mainly handmade and used pieces. Also a 50s backpack – how cute is that? It is in fact a bit small, but everything fits inside(it’s for kindergarden kids, so that might explain it).

Gypsy Scarf Rose MenagicalVintage
Menagical Vintage – Gypsy Scarf
I was also on the lookout for a cute scarf like this, but actually looking for something specific in Vintage and Second Hand stores where I live basically never leads to anything, because they are small and do not have a lot of things. So after not finding one I got this beauty from the UK.

Sayonara Baby Dinosaur Jurassic Park Rosemary's Baby Witch Feminist
sayonara baby – Rosemary’s Baby Couldron and feminist dino brooch
While I was on the lookout for witch-y brooches, I found the cute couldron based on Rosemary’s Baby (really have to watch it again and read it!) and the Jurassic Park Brooch – they are smaller than I expected, but so adorable and the clours are really crisp!

baccurelli Star Wars Brooch C-3PO Leia Organa Skywalker Solo
baccurelli – C-3PO Brooch, Leia Brooch
I waited a long loooong time for this. I knew I would have to, but it took even longer, also because I was afraid it would arrive while I was on holiday, go to customs and be send back, and then the transfer from the US to Germany and then in Germany took forever. However now they are here and how beautiful are they?

Happy Socks Panties
Happy Socks
I also got another surprise package from happy socks with more panties and they are so cute! So obsessed with the pink panties. Here are the pink ones, the colourful ones and the socks.

That is it for now, let’s see when I get around to blogging again…. As I said I have a couple of things left to show you and I want a couple of new outfit shots, write a few toughts down, but this was the easiest for now. :)


she may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts | Millennium Falcon Tattoo

Millennium Falcon Tattoo
In the beginning of July I got my third tattoo, the first one you can actually see most of the time, because it’s on my lower arm. A beautiful place for that matter, in my opinion. As with most of my ideas, I’ve planned that for months/years in a word document. Okay, I’m surprised I still don’t have an appointment for the Alice one, but then again I’m young. Anyway. This one is quite obviously for Star Wars, because I just love this franchise and especially the importance (and beauty) of this ship. I wanted TIE fighters and flowers around the ship and once again Ella did a wonderful, detailed job.

Tattoo Healing

At parts this one was surprisingly hurtful about where the violets are and my arm was slightly cramped the nest two days (might have been due to my slepping position though). Well, that cramp faded and it healed quite well, some parts took longer than the rest and now it looks really cute. Especially the yellow and red really pop from the grey ship. Well, I’m just happy with it, it’s exactly the way I wanted it and also, so many people told me how much they liked it. I think it will also blend in quite well with everything that’ll come due to the flowers (I’m pretty sure there will almost always be nature involved in my pieces in one way or another).

Midcentury Fifties 50s Outfit Handmade Star Wars Millennium Falcon Irregular Choice Leia Tattoo

Another thing that was a bit weird was my arm hair growing back. I’m mean, it’s obivous that when you shave your hair (well, Ella did at the studio) that it’ll grow back, but I haven’t done that in years and having itchy stubble on a tattoo was not the most comfortable feeling. That of course is a petty problem, but I had to mention it. It took somewhere between two and three hours with some short pauses to move my hand.

Midcentury Fifties 50s Outfit Handmade Star Wars Millennium Falcon Irregular Choice Leia Tattoo

With this I also got a tragus piercing, something I wanted for a rather long time as well and it’s healing well. Also, how beautiful is that stone? I was a bit afraid of being pierced with a needle since it has been a few years since my helix and that was done with a gun (I know how bad that is, but back in the day I did not and luckily I never had any issue at all). However it barely hurt and so far everything is well.

Tragus Piercing opal

the ship that made the kessel run in less than 12 parsecs

Midcentury Fifties 50s Outfit Handmade Star Wars Millennium Falcon Irregular Choice Leia

Midcentury Fifties 50s Outfit Handmade Star Wars Millennium Falcon Irregular Choice Leia

Midcentury Fifties 50s Outfit Handmade Star Wars Millennium Falcon Irregular Choice Leia

Finally, finally! I managed to shoot this outfit and post the photos. I planned this for the last few months, but wanted to wait for my Falcon tattoo. But the day has come and yesterday my friend Thyra and I went to take a couple of photos. This summer is very lovely so far – some days are a bit to hot/humid for my taste, but in general it’s a feeling of comfortable warmth. I can still rock my saddle shoes and petticoat, but a 60s babydoll is fine as well, so I’m quite happy.

Midcentury Fifties 50s Outfit Handmade Star Wars Millennium Falcon Irregular Choice Leia

Midcentury Fifties 50s Outfit Handmade Star Wars Millennium Falcon Irregular Choice Leia

Midcentury Fifties 50s Outfit Handmade Star Wars Millennium Falcon Irregular Choice Leia

Midcentury Fifties 50s Outfit Handmade Star Wars Millennium Falcon Irregular Choice Leia

To be honest I’m also quite happy with this Millennium Falcon dream outfit. After all everything ties together in a neat Star Wars theme – the shoes were a gift from my mum and I love them to pieces. It was the first time wearing them and the rub my feet a bit on the sides, but I think a pair of socks might help. I mean, what’s cuter than R2D2 heels? I get so many comments from people in real life telling me they really like them, and of course the shoes themselves are too beautiful. I feel like I should really wear all my fancy IC heels more often, because they fill me with joy.

Midcentury Fifties 50s Outfit Handmade Star Wars Millennium Falcon Irregular Choice Leia

Midcentury Fifties 50s Outfit Handmade Star Wars Millennium Falcon Irregular Choice Leia

Midcentury Fifties 50s Outfit Handmade Star Wars Millennium Falcon Irregular Choice Leia

Midcentury Fifties 50s Outfit Handmade Star Wars Millennium Falcon Irregular Choice Leia

The Millennium Falcon is one of my favourite space ships, I just love the flat design (I know it’s inspired by the one in the Valerian comics, but oh well). So of course this print is one of my favourites, I think it’s adorable especially with the black background, so I was beyond happy to find the matching earrings and of course my little tattoo addition makes me very happy too (even though it’s obviously still healing). My Leia brooch is another favourite not only becausse of the unique design, but also because there is a little quote on the backside.

Midcentury Fifties 50s Outfit Handmade Star Wars Millennium Falcon Irregular Choice Leia

Midcentury Fifties 50s Outfit Handmade Star Wars Millennium Falcon Irregular Choice Leia

Midcentury Fifties 50s Outfit Handmade Star Wars Millennium Falcon Irregular Choice Leia

Then again, Star Wars always makes me happy, because it has this easy going, fun vibe and the music alone gives me this warm fuzzy feeling. Thinking of – I still have to listen to the You Must Remember This Podcast about Star Wars (though it’s more of a play on words and about Old Hollywood) and I have to continue Ian Doescher’s Shakespeare’s Star Wars plays, because they are fantastic. The good – and bad thing (because ther is just so much) – about big fandoms like Star Wars is that is so much creativity and stuff surrounding it – from official/licensed merchandise to craziy creative from independent artists (like the brooch). Though it is always inspiring to see all the creative minds taking their spin on this big universe. There is also more than one inspiring woman – not only onscreen, but also people like Ashley Eckstein from Her Universe. So with this outfit I felt quite happy and inspired and I hope you get some of that though the screen.

Midcentury Fifties 50s Outfit Handmade Star Wars Millennium Falcon Irregular Choice Leia

Midcentury Fifties 50s Outfit Handmade Star Wars Millennium Falcon Irregular Choice Leia

Dress – handmade | Brooch – Sabrina Elahi | Earrings – NoxAurum (Comic Con Dortmund) | Glitzy Artoo Heel – Irregular Choice (I talk about them here) | Lipstick – Kiko Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick in 111

Handmade Update June 2017

This month was me catching up on all the sewing I missed over the last two months. So, there was some time when I created a lot of stuff out of fabric I got at my grandparents, so here we go.

Wednesday Watercolour Painting
Wednesday Postcard
5th of June
Well, first I decided to paint Wednesday of watercolours and to be honest I really like the red background – that idea worked out well.

Star Wars Skirt
etsy Star Wars Skirt
9th, 10th of June
For my etsy store I made a Star Wars Skirt and there is still some fabric left, so you might want to head over there.

Lace Border Dress
Dress with Lace Border
10th of June
This project is based on a ModCloth dress, I adored for quite some time. It’s actually apricot, but I wanted something a bit witchy and that dark lavender tone is more than perfect. Also I love the lace details and I think it matches the tone very well. It’s pretty long compared to my 50s style wardrobe, so I am pretty excited to wear it for the first time.

Bat Sleeve Dress
Bat Wing 60s Dress
11th of June
Inspired my among other things this I wanted a bat wing dress – I wanted something sixties, somwthing that would actually require a beehive and Twiggy Makeup. There is a little issue with the lining showing on the right side, but I will figure this out.

Carot Crop Top
Carot Crop/Bra Top
11th of June
You know I got a couple of fabrics in Augsburg and now I decided to make some crop tops. This fabric is so adorable and I saw this pattern online, so I created my own based on the photograph on the front.

Governess Dress
Chiffon Edwardian/Victorian inspired Dress
12th of June
Recently I fell in love with Edwardian and Victorian dresses and really like those gothic vibes (gothic as in 19th century horror stories and the aesthetic, not pop culture goth). I think it looks a bit like somthing a governess would wear. It is inspired by this, however longer and without the collar (because I did not enjoy the way the collar looked and think this looks a bit older that way).

Wine Two Piece
Wine Red Two Piece (Cape/Skirt)
13th of June
Another one inspired by etsy is this two pice – I immediately fell in love with the idea of wearing a skirt as a cape when it gets colder. As with the first dress I wanted something darker, so I went for the wine tone. (Also it makes me feel a bit like Jayne Mansfield.)

Kitsch Kitten Crop Top
Kitty Kitsch Crop Top
14th of June
This is probably my favourite crop top I made this month – the print is so kitchy and I think the sweetheart neckline is perfect for the print. It’s also great because I don’t have to wear a bra with it.

Sheep Crop Top
Sheep Crop/Bra Top
14th of June
I’m so glad I decided to made tops now, because with not really shopping for clothing anymore and also not having too many tops this is an easy way to stock my closet. I definitively have to work on my blouse making, so that is another project for the rest of 2017.

20s Day Dress Slip Dress
20s Slip Dress
15th of June
With my current love for the 19th century to the 20s also made me create this dress (it’s based on a white slip dress I saw browsing on etsy, but I lost the link) – I wanted a soft, light (in weight and colour) cotton and this one has the perfect feel to it and I just love a beautiful insect print. I think it’s perfect for a 20s day dress

Sailor Skirt Red Mum
Mum’s Red Sailor Skirt
28th, 29th of June
My mum recently bought fabric for table runners, pillows and placemats and since she really liked it she asked me for a riviera style skirt which could be tied, so I made one. I really like the style and consider making more skirts with ribbons to tie.

Thyra Dresses
I also gave to of my old dresses to my friend Thyra and she looks adorable in them.

So this is what I made this month. What have you made this week?

Comic Con Munich Memories

Comic Con Munich Memories Doctor Who

Ohh, conventions, one of the most amazing things there is. This one was the first one in Munich, so it was pretty exciting to have one just a couple of minutes from home – it was hot however so even the short time in the metro was horrible. Well, the Convention was not horrible – it was so much fun, people were super nice and the guests were too. The thing was at the same weekend MCM Con in London and Mega Con and I think two more took place and Munich Con was rather small, so the guest were not Hollywood stars, but there were some amazing people from great shows and movies (like Doctor Who). It went for two days only, but that was enough, I think. We had time to enjoy the artwork and merchandise and the panels as well. There were some fantastic cosplayers and I think the hosts were great too – in Dortmund things got awkward sometimes, but the ones in Munich were well informed, charming and put everyone at ease asking interesting questions when the audience did not come up with any.
However the best part was Sylvester McCoy for sure, he was so fun and interacted with the audience – before the con I hadn’t watched any of the old Doctor Who episodes, but immediately afterwards I decided to order the first Volume of his episodes.
I’m so happy this con was a success and am excited for the next one here in Munich.

Comic Con Leia Cosplay Star Wars Munich

Fighting the Empire (Troop Group)

Comic Con Munich

This kid was also fighting the Empire

Comic Con Leia Cosplay Star Wars Munich

Leia Posing

Comic Con Leia Cosplay Star Wars Munich

Meeting my Doppelganger (the only other Leia! and she was promoting something)

Comic Con Leia Cosplay Star Wars Munich

meeting the amazing Cita from Cosplayfactory

Comic Con Leia Cosplay Star Wars Munich

even R2 is with me

Comic Con Munich

Dalek watching the Doctor Who Panel

Comic Con Munich Breakfast

Convention Breakfast

Comic Con Munich Doctor Who

Sylvester McCoy was the best ever

Comic Con Munich Doctor Who

and the guys even made music on the panel

Comic Con Munich Doctor Who Star Wars BB-8 Tardis (also look at my Photoshop Skills))

BB-8 decided to travel space and time

Comic Con Munich BB-8

BB also met Kim Possible

Of course, I could not leave without a few cute pieces, however this time I only went for things from the fantastic people in the artists’ alley.

Comic Con Munich Arisette Illustration

Arisette Illustration – lovely cat lunch pin and Isabelle sticker

Comic Con Munich Dirty Dancing

another Dirty Dancing Edition, because I totally needed that one

Comic Con Munich Yunuyei

Yunuyei – went a bit over board there, but I can’t say no to Dean and Cas (and Hannibal was in a surprise bag – I was hoping for Will Graham, but that one is a cute illustration never the less)

Comic Con Munich Bride of Frankenstein

Bride of Frankenstein Illustration by R. Engel (Engel’s universe)

Comic Con Munich

Sylvester McCoy – a lovely friend from my old school (who I had not really seen in about a year) got me this after I asked her (because I was home and had regrets that I did not get it) and to be honest I will cherish this person forever

Handmade Update May 2017

This month I wasn’t very strong on sewing – I fixed a lot of stuff, but I only managed to make one dress – I really hope next month will be better. However, I started embroidery (since I do not have enough grandma hobbies yet) and painted a bit. (Also, the new blogbanner etc.)

Bumblebee Embroidery
Bumblebee Embroidery
13th of May
So this was my first piece of embroidery – it’s a bumblebee. It’s far from perfect, but I hope to create a few pieces in the future.

BB-8 Postcard
BB-8 Postcard
17th of May
I also decided to paint little BB-8 to get back into watercolours and I really enjoy picking up the colours every once in a while.

BB-8 Embroidery
BB-8 Embroidery
17th to 20th of May
So, then I chose to embroider BB-8, which was an interesting learning experience. Opening stiches again and redoing things.

Landscape Postcard
Landscape Postcard
21st of May
This was another learning thing – I never drew/painted a landscape, so I looked at some of Rottmann’s work – and I think the mountains are quite nice. Nevertheless I realise they should have shadows in the water.

Leia Belt
17th, 18th, 24th of May
For my cosplay I was in need of the belt, so I made it of faux leather, clay and acrylic paint. I know the original is made using metal pieces, but I didn’t have any. So I got creative.

Chuck Charles Charlotte Pushing Daisies Postcard
Chuck Postcard
25th of May
You know Charlotte Charles from Puhing Daisies is one of my all time favourite characters and fashion icons, so I wanteed to paint her for a while and I finally did. It’s not realistic yet, but it’s cute enough.

20s Dress Black Gold Glitter
20s Dress
22nd, 29th, 30th of May
I wanted to make another 20s dress since the first one I made (about a year ago), now I finally did and while I have to fix a few things in the back, I think its quite fancy.

Wat did you make recently? And what are you working on?

BB-8 ♥

BB-8 Star Wars The Force Awakens Cosplay

BB-8 Star Wars The Force Awakens Cosplay

BB-8 Star Wars The Force Awakens Cosplay

It is indeed May the Fourth again.
On of my favourite things about Star Wars are the droids. And how could they not? They are literally non-human companions/best friends. There is not much I’d be more happy about if scientist would develope than droids like in Star Wars. The thing is they have such unique personalities that get along without proper words (unless you consider Beep Boop Beep Boop words). Personally I consider BB-8 too be very cheeky, coy and sarcastic, after all BB and R2 are practically best buddies – well Threepio and Artoo are forever best friends, we all know that, but I still think BB-8 and R2-D2 have a special connection as well.

BB-8 Star Wars The Force Awakens Cosplay

BB-8 Star Wars The Force Awakens Cosplay

BB-8 Star Wars The Force Awakens Cosplay

BB-8 Star Wars The Force Awakens Cosplay

BB-8 Star Wars The Force Awakens Cosplay

The difficult thing for me is posing for a BB-8 cosplay after all I am not a droid, so my posing is a more human – even though I am no stranger to awkward robotic movements, they don’t qualify as droid movements. Also, did you know BB-8 was suposedly a girl in early drafts (as far as you can put a gender on droids)? I kind of think that fits quite well and for me, BB-8 is a she – however I considered Boba Fett to be female as well for quite some time and doesn’t that make sense? Also, there are a lot of amazing fem!Boba Fett Cosplays, so they add to that idea.

BB-8 Star Wars The Force Awakens Cosplay

BB-8 Star Wars The Force Awakens Cosplay

BB-8 Star Wars The Force Awakens Cosplay Irregular Choice

BB-8 Star Wars The Force Awakens Cosplay Irregular Choice

Anyway, I could never pick a favourite droid, they all have their qualities and I’d just like having my own companion strolling along beside me. We would be very good at stamping on Darth Vader or returning to Jakku (Why does everyone want to go back to Jakku?! you knowww). Though I really have to say I prefer the stamping on Vader part, because I never was a big fan of Anakin (except the scenes when Anakin is a kid). Sure, he has my sympathies, but then again I like almost every Star Wars character, because all of them are so elaborate and even though it’s a system of good/evil, most are much rather somewhere on a scale of grey.

BB-8 Star Wars The Force Awakens Cosplay

BB-8 Star Wars The Force Awakens Cosplay

BB-8 Star Wars The Force Awakens Cosplay

BB-8 Star Wars The Force Awakens Cosplay

If you care for more Star Wars content, check out this tag to see outfits, thoughts and all that jazz. And now: May the Force be with you.
Also: with the code rebelprincess you get 15 % off at my etsy-shop.

BB-8 Star Wars The Force Awakens Cosplay

BB-8 Star Wars The Force Awakens Cosplay

BB-8 Star Wars The Force Awakens Cosplay

BB-8 Star Wars The Force Awakens Cosplay

Dress – handmade | Tights – calzedonia (I think) | Shoes – Irregular Choice | Chiffon Scarf – Boolavard | Lipstick – hema Moisturising Lipstick in 34 | Wig – (I think it’s a GLW)

my favourite 80s movies | Fangirl Friday

80s movie favourites
I mentioned this a couple of times before that I’m really happy to live in this day and age, howevere if I had to go back in time the 80s seem like a lot of fun to me – and I guess this is mainly due to the fact that I love 80s pop culture. From books and tv shows to movies. Most of my movie favourites are from this era and today I wanted to share them with you in a chronological order. Before I start I want to give a honourable mention to Flashdance and Pretty in Pink, especially Iona.

The Empire Strikes Back How could I not include a Star Wars movie? To be honest, Episode V is my favourite in the installment. It has both Leia/Han moments and is very epic, I get a bit more into detail here (I think).

Shining This was one of the first horror movies I’ve ever seen and I still like it very much, the cinematography and the story. Personally I can’t get into Stephen King’s books, but I really enjoy the movie adaptations. And the shining probably is my favourite, it’s scary and fantastic and it’s one of those horror movies that you can enjoy in the afternoon too, because it doesn’t rely on the “watch your back/behind the couch/darkness scare” thing some movies do. Also, Jack Nicholson is so amazing in this movie. I’m pretty sure this movie (and Silence of the Lambs) sparked my fascination with the genre.

80s movies funko

The Breakfast Club I could mention almost every John Hughes movie here (besides 16 candles – still haven’t watched that one), but could I make this list without the obvious? His movies are always interesting and I think they are pretty realistic for ten movies, sure things are overdone. Well, I talk a bit about John Hughes here, but to get back to this movie. I think it shows how many different people meet or could meet and could become friends if given the chance.

Back to the Future This trilogy is a Christmas tradtion for me, I really enjoy watching it, following adorable Marty travelling through time and after all, time travelling is a fun topic. More opinions on this movie can be found here.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off This might be my all time favourite movie, at least when it comes to teen movies and actually 80s movies. I just think the idea is so amazing – a guy skipping school, but instead of wasting the day he actually does wonderful things, even going to a museum. There are a few quotes here and my opinion on the movie here. Also, I just love the cast, Matthew Broderick is so fun – my favourite scene is the one at the parade. And young Charlie Sheen is pretty handsome, too.

80s movies funko

The Secret of My Success Another Michael J. Fox movie, because I just love his comedies and I think this one especially is such a fun movie. The story is actually a bit weird, but it’s so overdone that it is fun again. And I really recommend it for a Sunday afternoon.

Dirty Dancing This might be the movie I have seen most times in my life, I basically know every line and always talk along the first few scenes – writing this, I really have to watch it again. The music, obviously adds a lot to the movie and I listen to the soundtrack a lot, because I think it’s fantastic. What I love about Dirty Dancing is the fact that it is romantic, dramatic and fun all the same and very balanced. It’s fantastic, ok? Also, Baby’s sister wears the best outfit ever when she does practice her dance.

I’m pretty certain I forgot one or two, but oh well… What are your favourite movies from the 80s?

My Funko Pop Collection

Funko Pop Collection
This post has been planned for a few months, but for whatever mysterious reason it took some time. Nevertheless I finally managed to prepare this post for you. I have a moderate of Funko Pop Figurines, I’d say, it’s more than the I like the Darth Vader on so I got it but it’s far from the I get every single Special Edition, their is nothing wrng with either, it’s just the way I collect them. I’ll write a bit about my “story” and so on while presenting them. To guide me through all I want to mention I included a few bullet points from various tags, especially this one.

Funko Pop Queen of Hearts
Alice in Wonderland 179 Queen of Hearts | Alice in Wonderlang Through the Looking Glass 185 Iracebeth (Blue/Gold Version)

Funko Pop Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland 176 Alice | Disney 49 Alice

The First One
I guess the Original Disney Alice, this little cutie was what started the collection, and I think Marty McFly was Number Two, however could have been vice-versa. From than on I do not really know which one came next, I mean, I know some are newer than others, but apart from that it blended together, but I got a lot of them very close to each other, so that might be the reason. I think I came in contact with the figurines 2015 (maybe 2014?) due to … bookstagram/booktube? I have no clue whatsoever, but I know that I liked watching collection videos quite a bit during the time I bought a lot (of course those things influence each other).

Funko Pop Villains
Pocket Pop Tin Set Disney Villains

The Newest One
Leia, I know, I know, she should have been one of my first, but I only got her with a few related things after Carrie Fisher’s passing. She was on the list FOREVER and I think she is just so cute.

Funko Pop Jack Harkness Marty McFly
Doctor Who 297 Jack Harkness | Back to the Future 49 Marty McFly

Funko Pop Mia Wallace Ferris Bueller
Pulp Fiction 63 Mia Wallace | Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 318 Dancing Ferris

The Most Beautiful/Favourite One
Let me start this of with a confession, fasten your seatbelt, collectors, because I don’t keep the boxes. I know cardinal sin in Funko Collecting Circles, but I do not have unlimited space and I really only get them for decoration reasons and of characters I adore, I don’t plan on selling them anytime soon and if I would I don’t mind getting just a few bucks, since I on’t spend that much on them (aside from Poe without the Helmet, he was expensive).
Well, I only get ones I find cute, so I basically love all of them, nevertheless I think my Chrome C-3PO with the red arm is fantastically beautiful. The Queen is pretty as well, however that is mainly the merit of Tim Burton and his team. Both Ferris and Mia Wallace just capture the personalities. Castiel, Crimson Peak’s Edith and the young Cat Woman are really detailed and cute. Clark Griswold who is with the Christmas stuff, so I do not have a picture) is a fantastic funko as well with his little eggnog mug. Both Moriarty’s are fabulous as are Leia and Poe – but you know all those sentimentalities for the characters aside I would say Edith, King Moriarty and C-3PO. Though I can say which one is of the lowest quality – Merida, her hair has two pieces added to the front and it’s so weird (similar with Charlie, why isn’t she matte?).

Funko Pop Selina Catwoman Merida Edith Crimson Peak
Gotham 79 Selina Kyle | Disney 57 Merida | Crimson Peak 216 Edith Cushing

Funko Pop Harley Quinn
Suicide Squad 97 Harley Quinn | Batman Arkham Asylum 54 Harley Quinn

As mentioned above the last one I got was in late December, so even though I want a few Funkos I don’t really want them SOOOO badly that I have to get them asap. Nevertheless I do have some I’ve wanted for more than a year. Irene Adler from Sherlock is one of my favourite characters of the show, so she’s a must, then my favourite Doctor, Eleven, and Han Solo. Of course I also finally need a Cheshire Cat, probably the baby one, equally cute is the Ewok Wicket. From the Disney ones I only want Mulan and Mushu & Cricket, even though I think the Belle ones of the castle inhabitants are beautiful. Also beautiful is Jane from Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, she looks so fierce. And last but not least Ezio from Assassin’s Creed.
I add and remove Mary Poppins from the list all the time, I have no idea why, because I actually really like her. Then, I’m also thinking about the Golden Girls and Clueless. If the Hannibal ones of Will Graham would be more accurate, I’d like those too.

Funko Pop Moriarty
Sherlock 293 Moriarty with Crown | Sherlock 286 Jim Moriarty

Funko Pop Supernatural Castiel Dean Charlie
Supernatural 95 Castiel (Leviathan Version) | Supernatural 94 Dean (Blood Splattered) | Supernatural 176 Charlie

Yet To Be Created
Jurassic Park. No doubt. Pushing Daisies, too, and classic movies like Dirty Dancing. Nygma from Gothan would be pretty cool as would Pretty in Pink’s Iona. Penny Dreadful and Miss Fisher would make for fancy ones, too. But Ellie Sattler and the Pushing Daisies characters are most important (thouggh the latter is soooo unlikely).

Funko Pop Star Wars Stormtrooper Leia
Star Wars 05 Stormtrooper | Star Wars 04 Leia

Best Series
I really love the Star Wars ones, even though they have the bobble head, almost all of them look fantastic and beautifully crafted. There are so many of them and I just all the ideas (also, my dad owns Darth and the Yoda Spirit, I just forgot to take pics). However the Wonderland ones are pretty cute, too.

Funko Pop Droids Star Wars BB8 R2D2 C3PO
Star Wars 61 BB-8 | Star Wars 31 R2-D2 | Star Wars 64 C-3PO (Metallic/Chrome Version)

The Numbers
Unless I’m unable to count: 25 + the 3 little villian ladies.

Funko Pop Star Wars Rey Doe Dameron
Star Wars 72 Poe Dameron (No Helmet Version) | Star Wars 58 Rey

Do you own funkos? What do you think of them and if you plan on getting new ones which ones?

Handmade Update March 2017

Leia Star Wars Acrylic
Leia Acrylic
22nd of February, 3rd of March
I did show you the wip in February and now it’s done. Though Leia does not really have a nose. Well, I guess, I have to fix that.

Light Green Dress
Light Green Dress
4th of March
That one should have been a dress with dinosaurs on the hem, because it seemed so perfect. I saw this fabric and knew it was great for the dinosaurs. However as I was done with the dress I considered my idea again and left it as it was. And I love this fabric and cut a lot.

Yellow Babydoll
Babydoll yellow
5th, 6th of March
Based on this reference I wanted to use the great flower fabric I found in Augsburg for a babydoll (well, technically two). So after deciding on a cut I went to look for some matching chiffon in pink and yellow (mum’s recommendation) and added that.

Pink Babydoll
Babydoll pink
5th, 6th of March
For the lining I used some leftover fabric from my Leia dress and it’s so soft in the skin. And it looks very cute, I think. But oh with this flower fabric what could go wrong.

50s Kimono Dress Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom Dress
5th, 6th of March
I did use the left-over Leia fabric for the lining here as well. The cherry blossom fabric took my fancy, because I like @nekomatahime‘s aesthetic a lot at the moment and just in general have a bit of an Asian obsession currently. So, I turned it into Fifties/Kimono inspired dress (which actually was a thing) and after applying the piping twice with my sewing machine which ended in a terrible mess I hand-sewed them on and hand-sewing really grows on me, to be honest.

Alice in Wonderland Anne Dress Apron
Alice Dress (Anne)
20th, 25th, 28th of February, 3rd of March
This one was also shared before, last month to be exact, and not it’s finished, another Alie dress and I really hope it fits.
Alice Apron (Anne)
6th, 21st, 23rd of March
I have been working on this whole thing for quite some time and now the resulting pictures are blurry. Great. Also, def. have to iron the straps of the bow.

Currently I’m working on:
Gingham Blouse
4th of March

What are you working on at the momen? And what did you create recently?