Mary Poppins Returns

In general, I am very open about remakes or reviving franchises. I do not mind one bit, because if it’s good if just adds another piece and if it isn’t I can just not watch/read/etc it again. End of story. However, I am always worried I will get stung and dislike the new part. With Mary Poppins this was not the case.

It was a sequel done absolutely right, because it did the original justice while still being its own thing. Right from the beginning I was in awe an overture? How lovely! Overtures are certainly one of my favourite things in movies and since the songs had themes of the old songs it was very nostalgic as well.
Of course, I grew up watching and reading Mary Poppins. My mum was (and is!) a big fan and I keep that book of hers. She liked the movie as well, by the way.
True to its roots the movie – while having an overlying theme – had all these little story-episodes woven in very neatly. Especially the one in the bowl was a favourite of mine because the animation was very 50s-esque and the clothing blended in so adorably.
Speaking of clothing, oh dear, did I love it. Such beautiful creations, I do so hope it will be rewarded at the Oscars. Mary’s hats alone are so becoming – I would wear them all. But then, adding to that the dresses of hers and Jane’s outfits with the pants made me swoon. (I mean Jane did in general, but that has other reasons. One being, that she was a wonderfully created character.)
Well, I totally thought Jane was a lesbian with a thing for Mary, but oh well. Nevertheless I loved her character and all the others as well. The actors portrayed their roles brilliantly and unlike with the Mary Shelley movie it magically drew one in.
Emily Blunt did the role justice in the most terrific way, the little quirks that make Mary Poppins Mary Poppins were all there. The kids besides being adorably dresses also were really sweet and likeable (and I often dislike kids in movies!)
The main story was maybe a bit “easy”, but it still had all those little details and Dick Van Dyke, so I have nothing to complain about. It made me very happy and emotional and that is what I want from a movie like that.
Since I saw it in German however, I cannot really say anything about the singing, but with this cast I am sure it was amazing.
Also, did I mention Jane?


Mary Shelley

I’m surprised this is what makes me feel like writing again. But apparently I have a lot of feelings and thoughts. Mary Shelley is one of my favourite writers and people in general. This movie was not, it has not been good.

I want to start with the good. The actors – Elle Fanning? Great, amazing even! Douglas Booth – fitting for the role, yet I think he was written in a weird way. Everyone else too, was more or less good. Considering the actors are actually quite good, it sometimes feels like they just got their lines minutes before and only shot scenes once. Maisie Williams, for example, felt so stiff and uncomfortable.
The dialogue in my opinion was a disaster, some of it was so awkward and surreal. At times it felt like they wanted the movie to be quotable and like olden times, but did not succeed.

A lot of the plot revolves around romance between Percy and Mary, and the subplot with Claire – are they having an affair/aren’t they? – was quite present and that would have all been fine, if it had been less episodic and unfocused by bringing in thousand of aspects (Hoggs?).

The filming and especially the lightning was beautiful, but the way it was edited and cut felt just so clumsy and awkward. It made me feel uncomfortable at times, because it was so weird. It did not tie together well. They tried showing a lot, but all of it a bit half-assed. I fail to understand why the evil stepmother trope had to come in.
The nature shots – beautiful, but they did not work at all. They seemed like unneccessary time spent. And I get it, a big part of Mary’s work are the beautiful nature descriptions, but in the movie it seemed completely out of place. Unlike for example nature shots in Jane Austen movies where they also convey emotion through it, this felt like wanting to show of these super neat nature shorts.

Probably the best thing was the portrayal of Byron – he was unlikeable and eccentric, which I appreciated. The costume, casting and makeup was at it’s peak here! The last scene he has with Mary – he just looked like that famous portrait (also, I do love eyeliner and eccentric clothing on men). Percy however was written so poorly – the flirting with Mary and them getting aquainted was fine, but after that he is just a completely unlikeable person with no redeemable traits which makes the ending kind of hard to understand. And while I am sure he had his flaws, from what I gathered he was idealistic and deeply broken inside and not just a drunk jerk. At one point I was rooting for Polidori (tragically beautiful portrayed by Ben Hardy!) to woo Mary.
From about the time in Geneva it was fine, but up until that point this movie was just bad. It’ felt messy, lazyly edited and lengthy.

It was not a horrible movie, but it was not a good one by any means.
If it had been stripped of the Mary Shelley aspect and just been turned into a dramatic romance, I would have been fine. But doing her so dirty, by basically reducing her to being little other than in love with Percy, feels agrivating.

What I took away from it is, that I really want to read Polidori’s The Vampyre now.

Call Me By Your Name

Last Friday I went to see CMBYM and I am still thinking about this movie a lot. I just wrote this few words and I am getting emotional again, fighting back tears. This movie is one of the best I have seen in years, maybe ever. It is powerful, heavy, but in a lazy way (not lazyly made, note that), like a summer breeze in a way.

Let’s start with the negative, maybe, and that is not really a negative, I guess. I did not like Oliver personally, I think he was well portrayed and his character worked well in the movie, but I just did not like him. This did not have any influence oon how I perceived the story, however, so this is more of an observation.
Elio on the other hand I truly loved from very early on, I think he is such a wonderful, soft and intelligent character. This really feels like his movie, it is sad and tragic yet beautiful. The setting of course was perfect, summery Italy in the 80s had me in a melancholic mood from the beginning on. The way it is shot, too, has a vintage feel, but not forced in any way. It has very warm tones and slow camera motion which I always like. This shows of the wonderful set design and costumes lovely – the women’s outfits were all so flowy and soft, I wanted them all. There is a love of nature, old houses and bike rides and those are all things I love. It is difficult for me to put into words how much I loved this movie, it touched me on another level and I had to take a couple of minutes after the movie just calming down. There was a lot of crying involved for me and in the movie too – the emotionality this put me through was very intense, but I feel like watching it again soon.
One of my favourite things about this was the way looks, emotions, expressions – the acting in general – were used to convey to the story. There is very little dialogue, which I appreciate – the amazing acting works out perfectly, you truly do not need the spoken word. And since I prefer a good acting over dialogue, this was beautifu. Thimothée Chalamet especially did a superb job of conveying Elio’s internal thoughts just through his expression and movement. This would also have worked as a silent movie, because the music choosen was mainly piano (and without a singer). The story is simple, but the way it is exectued is just so worth watching.
Another great thing were the parents. The mother is a very loving, easy-going, understanding person, someone I aspire to be (also incredibly beautiful) and the father is so important and the little monologue he had towards the ending had me in tears (also through his character we get some archaeology which I always appreciate). I wish all parents were this understanding and kind.

The entire movie was very emotional for, very beautifully made and a pleasure to watch, so I hope everyone has the possibility to watch it.

a few things I loved in 2017 ♥

2017 favourites fashion photography beret travelling wanderlust vintage
I feel like in 2017 – especially towards the last few months – my “main” interests kind of condensed, which I like, because that means I don’t have to invest time in a million things, but just ten thousand. However, I feel like a lot of the things I started admiring this year, will stay with me for a very long time.

frankenstein 2017 favourites mary shelley bride
I already showed you my book favourites, but I have to mention Frankenstein again. Life-Changing is not the right word, because this book did not really change my life, but for one it sparked a love for 19th century (in which I was already interested, but this intensified it a lot). Also, I felt such an emotional connection to the story and especially Victor Frankenstein, the writing, this book, I cannot put in words what this meant to me, I can just say that it is maybe the most beautiful and tragic story ever. While I haven’t yet found a movie that I like in it’s entirety, I admittedly like the imagery of the Bride of Frankenstein – the white strand in my hair is not without reason.

2017 favourites backpack 50s vintage travelling wanderlust teylers photography camera nacklace
Some years ago an aunt of mine gave me a necklace with a big stone on the pendant and back then while finding it lovely I had no idea how to wear it. This year, however, this truly was a staple piece for me, it’s has this magical feeling to it and I adore it. Most of the things I loved last year were either Vintage/Second-Hand or gifts, because I try to be more eco-conscious. And one thing I found in Salzburg was this lovely old camera – and it actually still works! It is both an adorable accessoire and a very exciting tool to get work on. On etsy I found this adorable kids backpack from the 50s, since I got it I carry it around almost every day. Everything fits inside and it is also just very cute – just like a statement piece for a super adorable wanderer.
With the wandering theme, of course I have to mention all my travels, I will talk about all of them in my revision of 2017, but I especially want to mention being able to spend about a month in Scandinavia which was a dream come true, Krakow which had all the culture and amazing food, the temples in Paestum and having a last sunny journey to Florence before university (even though of course my uni courses are actually another favourite because it feels just right!).

2017 favourites vintage beret the other sparrows irregular choice bunny
As for fashion, my sense of style changed a bit, but there are some particular things, I do really want to mention. I truly love the Irregular Choice Bunny Shoes. They are surprisingly wearable in daily life even though of course only on sunny days and not in the mud, but the shoes themselves are just too lovely to be true. While I have often been told, I’d look good in hats, I never appreciated them myself that much – that is before 2017, now I often wear hats and especially berets – a wild collection of gifts, vintage and lovely designers, though I especially love the white one and the embroidered on by The Other Sparrows. Also whenever I wear them people tell me I look French – I don’t know if it’s the beret cliché or if my face looks French with a beret (?), but I take it as a compliment. Also it is great for covering roots, dirty hair or hair that is still in curls and drying.

2017 favourites 50s 80s edwardian scott mcclintock lace
Since this seams to be something I mention in practically every post, I do it here as well, I want to write about my newfound fashion identity soon … somewhere in the future … hopefully before February. Though, one thing I have to mention here already is that I started a collection of what I assume to be Scott McClintock Edwardian inspired Wedding Dresses, I do own two of them now, one I found online and the other one in Florence. The details in lace, the low waist and the entire concept of these dresses are dreamy – I hope I will stumble across more of these and wear them a lot, too, even though it’s always a bit weird wandering through the city in what is essentially an Edwardian wedding gown (made in the 80s). I wore one of them here and I think it is a lovely outfit. Besides that I really enjoyed wearing the light pink kitten crop top which is super kitschy, but I got to wear it a lot. And, then the light pink 50s ball gown I found in Stockholm – that was just a bargain and a dream dress at the same time.

2017 favourites movies hidden figures a cure for wellness assassin's credd ezio
Besides a love for gothic horror in books I also love aesthetic horror movies and this year I got to see A Cure for Wellness (at all three of the nine movies I saw in theatres were Dane DeHaan ones) and I no this movie provoked mixed feelings, but I adored this movie. It was chilling and beautiful with the scenery and amazing acting. I also saw Kill your Darlings on DVD and this movie is incredible, it’s with Dane DeHaan and Daniel Radcliffe, very emotional and inspiring. Through and through a very good – and underrated – movie. Another great movie was Hidden Figures, which was quite inspiring and very well made from the dressing to the dialogue and pacing.
I also developed a love for Fleetwood Mac and especially Stevie Nicks, the songs make me feel very spiritual and like dancing in the woods. Stevie’s style is also quite inspiring with all the bohemian vibes going on. Another musician I really appreciated this year was Marina & the Diamonds. I mean, I knew her music before, but this year I also listened to the lyrics and just to more songs in general. She is also another really inspiring person when it comes to fashion.
This year I also played quite a bit Playstation, especially the Assassin’s Creed Ezio Collection. I had a lot of fun in the Italian landscapes and just all three games were entirely enjoyable. I am looking forward to more AC games, though I’m somewhat stuck with Syndicate at the moment.

Surprisingly enough I did not discover a lot of new TV shows, I rewatched favourites and watched a few meh shows, but what I did trly enjoy was RuPaul’s Drag Race, for which I have been waiting to be available in Germany for quite a while and it is such a good reality/competion show (which is not something I usually gravitate to) with a lot of creative innovation. I haven’t watched every episode becauses it’s kind of difficult here. What I also really enjoyed was American Horror Story, though of course I did not like every season the same. My favourites were definetly Asylum, Hotel and Coven.

2017 favourites moth dress vintage 60s erstwilder beehive
I grew to love erstwilder brooches as well, I have been adoring them from afar, but now I also own a couple of my own – at the moment I do not thing this collection will get much bigger (unless I find the Cera brooch or they create new dinos), but I truly enjoy the designs. Besides a couple of vintage books about archaeology, I also got a wonderful framed moth that reminds me of Animal Crossing in a way. Though, not only do I love moths due to Animal Crossing, but I just adore the beauty, so of course my moth dress was another favourite, because I love the somewhat antique print and get a lot of wear out of it.

There are a just a couple more “things” I do want to mention, one being my adorable hamster Artemis of whom I really have to take more pictures of and write about. Then, of course, the tattoos I got this year, both for their personal meaning and the beautiful designs. And my blogposts in March, April and May, looking back over this year also on my blog I realised I quite enjoyed the designs and ideas I had going on there and I hope to work on that again.
Here are also my three favourite outfits from this year: aventures extraordinaires | temples and icecream in Paestum ♥ | Edwardian Bunny

So, these were my favourite things this year. What did you enjoy in 2017? What treasures did you find and what movies or books touched you?

The Last Jedi | Fangirl Friday

This year I managed to get tickets for the Midnight premiere of the new Star Wars movie. I went with two friends and it was a wonderful experience, even though I wasn’t entirely fond of the movie. I have a hard time putting everything in words, but I will try.

Before I start this, I want to mention, that I consider both The Force Awakens as well as Rogue One incredible movies and great additions to the Star Wars Universe. And it is not that I didn’t like the movie, but I had my issues. As I mentioned it’s hard putting it in words – or structured sentences, so I guess I try bullet points.
The Bad

  • So many storylines. There were a lot of characters and they all were teamed up in very small groups, so you could not really focus on any of it properly. This meant that some of the storylines were great ideas, but poorly executed in my opinion.
  • That also meant that most characters lacked depth. sure, you knew them from Episode VII (or earlies),
    but they often did not get the time to breath and sometomes even were inconsistent. While inconsistency made sense with the people that struggled to find their place, it really did not with others. (The only ones that seemed entirely true to themselves were Leia and Poe – who are also my favourites. Besides the droids, sure.)
  • As was to be expected there are quite a few scenes with Rey/Luke and Rey/Kylo (also why are they sometimes almost forcing the idea of this relationship on us?) and while these do make sense and some ideas were amazingly done, I think overall it was handled were awkward/weird/cringy at times.
  • You feel Disney’s influence. And not in a good way. In the jokes and also in the general feel sometimes which I did not really enjoy. I think – though of course I do not know for sure – J.J. Abrams as a director would have handled that more delicately and not in this Disney-in-your-face-way. (Also the focus might have been a bit more on Finn again, instead of turning him into a side character.)

The Good

  • From somewhere in the middle/two-thirds on it was an amazing movie, intense, good action scenes and good emotional ones as well.
  • Poe Dameron. I was smitten from the first scenes of TFA, but in this one he finally became my definite favourite of the new trilogy. He is one of the few characters that had a consistent storyline and character in this, and it was so likeable. Which is of course also very much due to Oscar Isaac, though I think he was written so well, too. Also the obvious crush on Finn, made me ship them even more.
  • But also his relationship with Leia. I think this was one of the most elaborate relationships in this movie, they had a couple of scenes together and they were fantastic. I think Carrie and Oscar had a great chemistry, so that transfered well on screen – both the official (Leia as his superior) part and their friendship was so believable.
  • The set design, costumes, picture in general. If there is one thing this movie did maybe even better than Rogue One it’s th entire graphic departement. That was so amazing – there was a lot of intense red, which I love and just in gerneal both the things that were there physically as well as the animation. From the wonderful costume of General Holdo (portrayed by the wonderful Laura Dern), the nod to young Leia of Billie Lourd to the island. It was stunning.

A few rather spoilery things – so skip right ahead if you haven’t seen the movie.

  • The scene were it switches to a fantastic movie is the scene in the red room with Kylo, Rey and Snoke. It was both a damn amazing fighting scene and as I wrote from then on the movie was amazing.
  • The Leia floating scene in my opinion was way over the top. We know the force is even stronger with her than with Luke and Star Wars isn’t realistic in that sense, I think that was way off even Star Wars logic.
  • The way Oscar Isaac played Poe’s crush on Finn was wonderful, however I think the way they force wrote Finn to be straigther than anything in that universe. To be honest in this new triology I think their’s is the only romantic relationship that makes sense/has chemistry, but oh well, of course Disney can’t risk losing the Chinese market over that (I think I once read that J.J. was actually very supportive of the relationship turning canon).

Kingsman – The Golden Circle | Fangirl Friday

Last Sunday my best friend and I went to watch Kingsman, we both love the first movie, so we had to go see it. First of all, I do not think it’s as good as the first, but I still enjoyed it quite a bit.

The movie is extremly over the top, playing with the unrealistic, but very knowingly so. We of course experienced that in the first one, but it got more extreme here. But as it got more serious from time to time, too, to me those things sometimes did not go hand in hand smoothly. Somehow, I had issues accepting the unrealistic, because the serious parts were so intense. Also, of course you expect violence in an action movie, but as my friend pointed out, it was glorified (when the “good guys” used it) – by the choice of music and by not really questioning it – this was Wonder Woman’s strong suit. The movie actively questioned the violent actions from every party involved.
Nevertheless the movie was fun, the dialogue is filled with little gems. And the costume design deserves a special mention, to be honest, how attractive was Taron Egerton in that orange velvet suit jacket?! I mean his boyish charme is adorable anyway, but this jacket is probably my favourite thing about the movie.
The storyline with the drug cartel was well thought out in my opinion and Julianne Moore was fantastic, but of course I also really appreciated the set design (the “temple” surroundings reminded me a lot of Uncharted to be honest) with the mix of South American Holy Places and North American 50s Dream. It had this weirdness of fitting and being highly inappropriate at the same time. Also Poppy had robot dogs, that were basically Evil K-9s, which I liked.
The relationships between the characters and just the individuals were quite interesting and elaborate, a lot of the movie focused on that, but I think I would have enjoyed the movie even more if it had been more character- and less plot-driven. Because from Eggsy, Merlin and Harry to the new American characters there was so much potential, so with a little less action and more time for interpersonal scenes, this might have been perfect.
I think the plot was a bit all over the place sometimes/a lot happened in a rather fast pace, but in general it worked out well and was enjoyable (after all, it’s a action/comic movie) – especially with the references to pop culture and well, culture in general.

Tulip Fever | Fangirl Friday

When Tulip Fever came out, I was in Italy, so when I came back, I looked for a cinema to watch it in OV. On Sunday I finally got to see it and I did actually quite like it.

The main reason for me watching this was the cast. First and foremost of course the lovely Dane DeHaan. I wil watch every movie he stars in in cinema and you cannot stop me. Of course, Christoph Waltz, Alicia Vikander and Dame Judi Dench were even more reason to watch it. And to be honest the casting probably saved this movie in a way. Because the story while being interesting focused mainly on the romance and the romance did not really develope. I totally get, why Sophia and Jan would fall for each other, but I would have loved to have seen this on screen as well. You know, like them talking a bit at first. And we did not get that. When the romance was in full bloom however and the movie followed the story again, it was fantastic. The scenery and costumes added a lot, of course. But it was a nice yet a bit flat film. If you are into historic movies, I bet you will like it. What I have to say however – this movie was almost two hours and not once did I feel bored. This might also have been due to the amazing looks of Dane, but actually some of story elements were quite innovative and captivating. Especially when it came to Maria or the convent, I think the movie was fantastic. I cannot put my finger on what this movie was lacking, though (maybe it really was the romance that put me off).
So for me, while I enjoyed the subplots a lot, I think the main plot could have been improved. I want real chemistry before characters kiss on screen, and that just was not the case. The actors and costumes made up for it a bit, but it did leave a bitter taste. Meanwhile the romance of Maria was very authentic and the entanglement maybe a bit intense, but well rounded. To me, she was also one of the best actors – I mean of course, there are Oscar winning actors in this movie, it is filled with good actors, but she protruded nevertheless.
AS mentioned above this movie is mainly for the looks and actors, not all of the plot is captivating/realistic, but it woudl deserve a lot more recognition than it is getting at the moment.

Valerian | Fangirl Friday

Last Sunday I went to see Valerian with my best friend. I wanted to for a long time, mainly because Dane DeHaan is one of my favourite actors, if not my favourite actor of this generation/age group. He is crazy talented and you know that if you saw Life, A Cure for Wellness or Kill Your Darlings. He is not crazy famous and most people still ask me who is is when I talk about him, but I push his movies on everyone, so…

I knew the general twist of the Valerian stories and their impact on the genre in general before watching the movie, but I did not read the comics so I can’t say if they did their origins justice. However I think it was a really enjoyable SciFi movie – it’s a Luc Besson movie, so I did not expect anything less. Especially in the scenes in the city life it feels a lot like the Fifth Element (which 20th anniversary is right around the corner) and I did appreciate that a lot. In general while the world building takes it’s time, it is worth that because not only does this slow pace make it possible to have a look at all those details and worlds, it also shows all the beautiful creatures. And they are so beautiful, the whole movie is quite aesthetic – to be honest only my favourite alien Tilda Swinton was missing (but then again I would like her to be in every SciFi movie).
The story seems like the typical adventure/superhero story, but it is a lot deeper in my opinion, because it does not just have a good guy/bad guy story line, but actually explores reasons, the bad on all sides and in general to me it seemed very much like questioning the fighting in general. It is much more diplomatic than a lot of the genre and I appreciate that. Of course, there is still fighting and female badassery, so I am okay with that. Due to that the movie is rather long (okay, I was also tired while watching it), but it’s very worth it.
Besides the beautiful colours and image I obviously loved that Dane DeHaan was the main character, I think he had better movies, but then again this movie is much less serious than my faves of his. Cara Delevingne was pretty good as well, especially since her character was pretty cool and she fit the role. I think/hope she’ll grow over time in her upcoming movies. A highlight of course was Rihanna’s cameo/role. Not only did she look stunning, I think she did a fantastic job acting as well. And to be honest, that surprised me a bit, but in a very positive way.
As a whole this was a very enjoyable, chill movie, especially whe it comes to pictures and the harmony with the chosen music.

Now, I am excited for Tulip Fever, because it’s not only with Dane DeHaan, but also with one of my other favourites Christoph Waltz (not to mention Judi Dench and Alicia Vikander).

Wonder Woman | Fangirl Friday

Last night I finally got to see Wonder Woman as it took quite some time to be release in Germany (I have noo idea why). However I made it and I enjoyed it a lot.

Here’s the thing, and I think I told you that before – in general I prefer DC, the characters in the comics etc are more interesting and the movies are darker, more serious (well, back in the day they were really goofy and that was fine too). The whole funny thing Marvel has going on is not really my cup of tea. One thing for example, and Wonder Woman showed tht quite well: caring about those left behind, those dying to the hero – they care, meanwhile the Avengers at least destroyed a ton of buildings (+people) without really looking back. Wonder Woman took the time to look at those suffering due to the hero/”good guys” and also questioned the good guy. I think it was very well done with The Chief (a Native American) telling Diana that his people were killed by Steve Trevor’s people – it was only a short moment, but to me that acknowledged a lot.
The casting was amzing in my opinion. Gal Gadot portrayed Diana perfectly, she was both very though, intuitively and considering her actions before as well as after. I think she was a great first female movie superhero. The only thing that really confused me was that: in the movie Ares is the bad guy and the Amazons were created as a last defense against him by Zeus, however in the actual mythology Amazons are daughters of Ares and Harmonia (also in this version he was kind of like Lucifer). Well, I only read a couple of Diana’s stories as comics and I do not really recal how it was handled there, but it surprised me to say the least. Nevertheless I think the Amazon myths was treated perfectly with the wonderful island (that reminded me of the second Sissi movie), the training, the outfits and everything! The women were very diverse and it was really intense to see the realitionships, especially the mother daugther one between Diana and the queen. Besides the Amazons, Diana’s (and Steve’s) crew of misfits was very elaborate and the crafted interesting characters with ease.
I enjoyed the storyline and even the fighting scenes (which is something I don’t really like in most movies) were handled well, especially colourwise. It was funny at times, but it didn’t overdo it and felt really intense for the genre. For a superhero movie it was also surprisingly questioning the good guy/bad guy concept and I think just in general Patty Jenkins did a great job directing. Also, the way the story was introduced was a very nice touch.

Basically I really enjoyed this badass feminist movie and look forward to more of Wonder Woman.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 | Fangirl Friday

You know, I personally prefer DC over Marvel. In general, but I really like Spiderman and I think the first Guardians movie was quite funny. So I wanted to see the second and when a friend asked me whether I wanted to watch it last Friday I said yes. We went Sunday, because it was a bit complicated before, but I realised we saw it before the US release (which never happens, because we have to wait for most movies to be released in Germany).

I guess the main sell-point of this (well, let’s call it a series, because they sure as hel will make quite some follow-ups) series is the fun side. And it really is a lot of fun to watch, the characters work great together. At times it is a bit cheesy and cringy, but in general it’s a fun movie. The story itself does not offer that much, it is well constructed, but the later it gets the more you discover the construction. Personally I think this movie could have been shorter, even though it did not drag, looking back there was a lot of unneccessary stuff going on.
Baby Groot was the cutest thing ever and the intro danceing scene alone was so much adorable-ness, I was already in love. Rocket was fun as well, I really like him and feel for him (emotional instability and withdrawness are the character trait I always fall for). And can we talk about Mantis and how cute she is? From her looks to her personality, such a cutie.
But, what I have to say, besides the characters, music and dialogue this movie does not offer all that much. To be honest, writing this about a day later I do not remember all that much (and since then I only re-watched the BBC miniseries of Pride & Prejudice). The story, meeting dad and what comes with that was basic, I mean, there was drama and side-issues, but it was a very straight forward plot with little to no distractions. I mean, there were great cameos (Sylvester Stallone etc.), but as a whole looking back it’s not a movie that will stick with me, I assume. I had fun, enjoyed the jokes and the soundtrack, but it could not keep up with the fantastic movies I saw in the last months (Hidden Figures and A Cure for Wellness are still crazily present in my mind). I’m really sorry for the crappy review, but this movie is pretty hard to talk about because I dod not feel like there is a lot of substance.
Also, as always, lets admit what I always do: I cried during this movie (pretty near the end, but apparently I do not go to the movie theatre without crying anymore).

Will you watch the movie or what did you think about it?