Adèle Blanc-Sec Tattoo

adèle blanc sec dinosaurs tattoo
Getting my (first) thigh tattoo was pretty exciting – I love tattooed legs on women and wanted (want) to have mine tattooed. As you know I have some work on my shins, but now (well, late November actually) I got this addition, by Ella Winchester again (as almost always).

Well, I was told the thigh would hurt and it certainly did at parts. Especially the parts further up and the ferns with all the little leaves. In general I feel like the front of the legs are hurting more than anything else so far.
On the other hand, Adèle healed pretty fast and nicely. She looks just beautiful now.

adèle blanc sec dinosaurs tattoo

adèle blanc sec dinosaurs tattoo

This is my fourth very obvious pop culture relating tattoo, but so far only like two people recognised her. But ok, the placement is not as obvious in winter and the movie not as famous – though very good!
Adèle Blanc-Sec was/is (though fictional) maybe one of my biggest inspirations/motivations to choose this path that makes me so happy – even though at the moment it is a lot of work that has little to do with where I want to go. But she keeps me motivated (I mean, I do truly love my programme, but there are a few obligatory courses I’d like to drop). Also, Louise Bourgoin is so stunning in the movie, I do crush on her.
Anyway, a pterosaur is part of the movie, so he had to be part of this – and I mean, look at his little feet and cheek. He is darling. As is the fantastic archaeopteryx with his (maybe not super accurate, but super cute!) tongue. Flying animals are one of my biggest interest and those two are definitely something I’d like to focus my studies (or work!) on.

The outfits alone give me inspiration for days. And so I am very glad Adèle is wearing this fantastic hat. I love the reduction of colour to pink and black/grey which we agreed on, I think it is perfect. Sure, the newest tattoo always gets a sort of favouritism, but this is just really dear to me.
adèle blanc sec dinosaurs tattoo


Going on a No Buy

One of my plans for 2019 – or actually entire life – is a more conscious way of living. That starts at less social media and goes all the way to a green lifestyle. I do intend to write about more about all of this in the upcoming weeks and months. That will include a lot of topics, so I am still thinking of an overarching title to tie it all together.

This one however is only about shopping or the stopping thereof. So, here is the outline of my no buy.
This is inspired by two things – Hannah Louise Poston and me being just overwhelmed by belongings and wanting to get rid of stuff rather than accumulate it. The discrepancy between what I buy and what I truly love is unpleasant. While makeup or fast fashion clothing are not really something I buy a lot of, I do excuse buying Vintage/Second Hand/Small Buisness by them being the better choice. Small purchases (Etsy endorses that a lot and while I love a lot there were bad buys) are easily getting to me. Yet, when I think about it – experiences, travels and creative work mean a lot more to me than any material good.

February 1st to August 31st. In a perfect world this will continue in a modified way forever. For now, I think seven months are a good place to start at.

It applies to:
– cosmetica*
– fashion – clothing/shoes/jewellery and the likes
– homewares
– books, dvds, video games
– diy materials – fabric, etc.
*excluding replacements. I want to use up things like shower gel and lipsticks. Following that line of behaviour, I want to substitute cosmetica with package-free alternatives or even better alternatives made by me (I have made my makeup remover for years now and I wouldn’t want anything else). So, when something like dry shampoo is used up, I try to find a less wasteful alternative as soon as possible. If I do not find a good handmade alternative – or maybe need a certain coat for our excursions with uni and cannot borrow one – I have to shop either used or ethical and buy the thing unwrapped and local (not online). That also includes things that break – I only have one bathing suit, so even though I doubt something will happen, I can buy a new one should this one be irreparably broken.

It does not apply to:
– food (though I will write a separate post about food shopping) & things for our shared apartment like cleaning supplies (even though I want to try to make some)
– events (going to the theatre, cinema, getting tattooed, hairdresser or any other non-material purchases, even though I still want to look exactly at where my money goes)
– things I need for uni, health or safety
– developing photos from my analogue cameras (which does not happen often anyway)
– plants (as I want to make a habit of buying flowers once or twice a month, and am also looking for more potted plants to decorate my room)
– gifts (I will also accept gifts, though ask for things on the list below – though since I don’t have anything to celebrate coming up I do not expect anything)

I did include some exceptions in this, (which might make this a low buy rather than a no buy) with conditions and reasoning. Some of them might not even happen within the upcoming months, but I did want to make it very clear for myself.
– a white shirt (from a thrift store or even better a friend): I want to do some embroidery on the shirt instead of buying a certain shirt I like
– a small shelf to substitute the callax I will get rid of. At this point the callax is too big for me and I want to settle for something smaller. I am looking for something friends want to get rid of, I find on ebay, I can build or maybe find on the street like my beautiful cabinet
– the fifth installment in a book series I love and that will come out in late March. It’s a book series I treasure and re-read a lot, lending it to my mum, reading it again… so I consider it a wise purchase. As soon as it moves in however another book or dvd has to go.
– Assassin’s Creed Odyssey once I finish Syndicate (used).
– one item at the Hayley Kiyoko concert in February – one only, no matter what, but again connected to getting rid of something similar.
Then I have three sewing projects I would like to work on during that time for which I do require fabric, so after carefully considering the exact plan for each of these pieces – what I have, what friends have etc. – I am allowed to buy the needed materials. However, only those and only very carefully selected. If possible used and/or produced in Europe, so I will have to do some research.
– linen pants
– hunting/riding pants
– a traditional dirndl (probably linen as well maybe with two aprons, a classic and an intricate one)
The tree pieces will all be in a 19th century style and beige-brown, so I will have to find/create nice patterns, look at photographs and invests quite some time in them.
The last exception I have is this one: Vintage pieces. Not just any, but due to travelling I wanted to add that. In case I find something amazing, that I would wear and that fits perfectly, I can buy one piece per month (I cannot move one over to the next month if I did not buy something). That is however connected to getting rid of one piece of clothing of similar size or two smaller ones. So if I buy a dress, I could either get rid of a dress or a pair of pants or two tights or two berets. This rule is especially applicant to February when I go to Malaga, March when I might go to Livorno and April when I might visit one of the Vintage stores here in Munich again. In June or July that would instead be a Pride Flag for CSD.
Travelling is a time where I spend a lot on unimportant things excusing them by being memories and then having trouble parting, so the decision of only being able to get one particular thing is quite important.

Shopping in a way is a vice. It’s a procrastination habit, a way to accomplished short-lived happiness. Things are cluttering my life and I want to reassess what exactly I own, what I like, what I maybe still want and need. One of the best videos on the topic is this one and the entire playlist.

realising i’m a lesbian

One of the things I was pretty sure about for the last years of my life was the fact that I was bi. Yet, there was always some confusion involved and the last half-year or so have been spent in a kind of identity crisis (though, admittedly I am prone to overdramatising and having identity crisis). Which sounds really extreme, but it was something about me that apparently I felt uncomfortable with (the label bi that is) for some reason. Now, it turns out that reason was simply the fact that I’m not bisexual, but gay.

With the changing of 2018 to 2019 I was for the first time truly considering a lot of things, questioned and considered things and talked to people about this. And suddenly a lot of things made sense.

Looking back a lot of the signs have been pointing towards it, but I feel like it was super hard actually figuring myself out.
Two of my biggest inhibitors surely were compulsory heterosexuality and internalized homophobia (or rather lesbophobia). The first one kind of sounds like a “fashion/tumblr word”, but the concept is pretty interesting and I think especially when you are not straight but did not realise it as a kid that is pretty interesting (here is a pretty good video explaining it). It is basically the concept of society seeing a man and a woman be the only option and even though sexualities besides heterosexuality being accepted it is so engrained that you cannot really start to consider other options. Especially women’s sexuality is somewhat of a mystery/non-existent in the media anyway (just think about these two tropes: he finally gets the girl, but her being a crazy stalker when trying to pursue him).
And so I confused finding men attractive with being attracted to them. I guess you can consider that aesthetic attraction (another “tumblr word”). I had those “crushes” on guys (in school/uni), but they usually fell into one of these three categories: being either what people expected (people thinking we’d make a nice couple), being kind to me (in which case I probably confused wanting to be friends with wanting romantic interactions – considering both guys and girls actually) or wanting attention from men/them to be attracted to me for self-validation.

Usually these guys (actors as well!) did not have beards, but instead a rather soft, feminine face/features and as soon as I saw their bodies being put off. I remember googling Zac Efron (after watching Hairspray with friends), seeing pictures of him without a shirt and instantly being very irritated, because I did not like that at all. The male body and heterosexual intimacy made me utterly uncomfortable and did not appeal to me at all. When I had some sort of fantasy (barely ever) they used to be extremely chaste and somewhat blurry.

I could just terminate/start crushes on guys with no effort by pretty much deciding that would a good choice. However, they would end anyway if we got closer (even though that did not happen often) – I would turn down guys for no apparent reason other than not feeling it and distinctly disliked it when guys (who were not my friends/obviously not pursuing anything) complemented me. I did not want a relationship or intimacy, because (even while considering myself bisexual), I thought it would be with a man. Which is exactly what heteronormativity/compulsory heterosexuality is. Eventually I ended up thinking I was ace because I had no desire to be sexual with men at all. But, reconsidering things made me realise I just was not attracted to men in any shape or form.

I mean, if you dread the idea of one day being married to a man and being “trapped” in that, chances are you’re a lesbian.

There were tons of signs I should have seen besides obsessing over women in history, feminism being a real passion and watching Romy Schneider, Doris Day and Amanda Seyfried movies to no “because I loved the movies even though I don’t really like RomComs”. I used to cut out girls/women from magazines – not really for their clothing/hair/makeup, but because I liked the way they looked (never cut out men). The classic being incredibly jealous if certain female friends met other people. Wanting to be friends with that one girl so so badly (looking back, I was so damn in love with that girl for pretty much my entire teenage years). Being disappointed when the main character in a book/movie ended up with a man they barely had any connection with rather than the woman she had such good companionship with. Also craving f/f relationships that were just like hetero ones. Lesbians in the media are after all either for the male gaze, there to get male attention or existing because they did not get a man. I did not really see any actual lesbian relationship on TV/in books/movies in my teens.

Instead the repetition of stereotypes over and over again kind of made me feel like lesbian love was not real – after all as a kid/young-ish teen I kind of thought lesbians had just decided not to be with a man, but a woman instead. The concept of love in general was kind of foreign to me. Maybe because I – even if not directly but indirectly – was thought it was a man and a woman and did not feel that way. I grew up in a very liberal home and a very liberal area of the city (also dubbed the “gay quarter” because there were tons of gay bars, events etc.) and yet in a way lesbians were mostly being talked derogatorily about (one looking like a man, e.g.). Not to say that gay men have it easy/easier, but where I grew up gay men truly were a regular part of the culture and lesbians were not.
As a teen (before labeling myself as bi and actually even after that) a was so afraid of people thinking I was gay if I accidentally looked at a girl too long or looked at a girl in the locker room at all. One time when I as eleven or twelve I was called a lesbian by a kind-of-friend at the time as an insult and that stuck with me pretty much since then. So, what I felt as a teen was that being a lesbian was bad. It took me a while – distance – to realise these things, but in doing so I have kind of freed myself. I still have a certain inhibition to use the term lesbian (esp. in German and as spoken word), but I am working on it. Using the word bi was kind of the easy out – I was acknowlegding my attraction to women without having to think about it any further and the “proper way of marrying a man” was still in the realm of possibility. So being completely honest to myself that that was not what I wanted at all – not even as an option – took me a while.

I am grateful for resources like YouTube or Instagram (also Hayley Kiyoko and Janaelle Monáe) that normalise LGBT+ topic, talk about them and say that things are ok, because that is part of what helped me.

Funnily enough, the person most surprised by this realisation was me. The people I told so far usually were kind of like: “yeah, I kind of thought you were” and “I just could not see you with a man”. So, that was fun. But here I am, a lesbian.

(Also, this is about a quarter of the length of the last paper I had to write, so yeah.)

what i want to change in 2019

2018 was full of a new things and challenges – exams of the first and second semester and moving out among other things. I was struggling with a few things, but in general overcame them with the help of a therapist. While i really enjoyed a lot of 2018, it was the most mixed of years. However, the way things are now I am very hopeful for 2019.

With the things I learnt in 2018, I was thinking about habit I want to break or adopt this year – and even though this month is already coming to an end list them here. The big theme, if you want is m i n d f u l n e s s.

Something I am already working on is breaking that social media addiction. Genetically I am somewhat prone to become addicted, but with social media it is a very wide-spread phenomenon.
I don’t use twitter or Facebook (deleted the later after not using it). Earlier this month I also deleted my goodreads, because it makes reading less of a joyful hobby and more of a weird accomplishment for me. So, basically I now have Instagram, YouTube and WordPress (which is the only one I want to use more instead of less.)
The issue for me are not using these apps in general, but the mindlessness of being on my phone, looking at things that barely spark my interest (e.g. recommended videos).

For Instagram I have been handling it like that so far: I stopped going to the recommended feed at all and only go through my feed – even unfollowed people who do not inspire me/I am friends with. I also used that reminder for the app to notice me after 45 minutes – at first it didn’t work and I would still scroll mindlessly, but now I have reduced my time on the app to approx. 35 minutes – sometimes fifty, sometimes only ten minutes. And that is something I am okay with. Also, I decided to stop posting daily, because it kind of stresses me and I do not like that. And instead just doing whatever I like.

I try to stop using background noise while doing that – and by that I mean watching shows/movies just to hear something. Because when I watch a movie, I tend(ed) to be on my phone and that is a horrible habit which I have to break. Alongside that I want to stop using YouTube as a procrastination habit and instead be more selective again.

Exam phase (now) has two sides for me – I don’t really allow myself going out to do much stuff (museums, city trips), but I also procrastinate by doing stupid stuff at home.
Nevertheless from mid-February on I want to be a bit more spontaneous (so, here I actively plan being spontaneous…), try new things and actually go on “more adventures” – not only museums, but also more city trips as mentioned and other wanderings. That goes hand in hand with overcoming fears of big crowds and going for example to Pride/CSD.

One of the biggest things is eco-consciousness – less waste and less shopping. I am already mainly buying used clothing, but I still want to reduce even that and other shopping as well, because I know I often do it for that moment of happiness rather than the need of something. I dislike the concept of minimalism, because I feel like it is often celebrated as this clean-black-and-white-aesthetic rather than just minimising belongings. Which is what I do want to do. I did already sell some books and movies this month and I want to continue that, but I especially want to give away lot of clothing so that I reduce it to things I really, really want to wear and like to wear. That will probably happen in February/March (I only have one week in Feb, because of exams and later a trip to Spain for uni).
That of course goes hand in hand with producing less waste. I avoid plastic/alu wrapping whenever I can, but work on that further. Of course ordering less online and reusing things is always good. With my studies at university I do get the “scientific” basics and knowledge which also makes me want to write about it here.

In general, I would like to use the blog mainly for ecological topics and travelling pictures alongside a little fashion and literature. So, we will see how that goes. That here is a short overview, I do want to share tips and experiences in the near future.

Lastly, I’d like to learn how to play the piano, but that is only an extra if I find the time/money.

seven things i loved in 2018

I was considering writing some current favourites for a while (uhm, months) now and I decided to instead pick five things that I really enjoyed in 2018. That really is things, not experiences or the like. Though I will try to share some photos from my travels this summer in the near future.


The lipstick Gold Waves Matte Lip Stylo in the colour 06, it was limited so I bought another tube when mine was almost empty and I do not regret it. It’s a beautiful, dark colour that is somewhat special. It also stays on my lips pretty much all day and that sure is a bonus. Other than that I just enjoyed dark lips in general this year – especially while wearing no eye makeup at all (which seems to have helped my lashes!).

Something that always makes me feel somewhat like a quaintrelle – applying perfume and especially Wally 1925 Perfumatore per Biancheria in Seta which I bought in Florence at Lady Jane B Vintage. It is the scent of the store and was also used on the dress I bought. So when I stopped by a second time, I asked for it. It is a sweet, yet natural smell and I think it is very me and personal – it is deemed smelling like “good things from the past” and I think that is a neat, lovely description.

Dostoyevsky. His entire work (what I have read so far) really draws me in. I read Crime and Punishment in March/April and just recently finished The Brothers Karamazov which I started in December. However, I also adore the shorter stories, in particular White Nights. I intend on writing about him sometime this year.


At this point I would describe my style as a soft take on Vintage fashion with lots of white and red and pink, chiffon and velvet. A bit magical even. And one of my favourite things to wear were these lovely zirconia earrings. My eyes are somewhat sensitive towards certain jewellery, but these are not only fine for me to wear, but also look very dainty and sweet.

This year I saw a lot of good movies, but I think my favourite was Call Me By Your Name (my review). It made me weep and I saw it in cinema either two or three times and bought the DVD as soon as it was available. I already watched it a couple of times at home and will continue doing so. I think most everything about it is agonisingly beautiful with the heavy, lazy atmosphere that makes me feel like I truly am there (also, I want a f/f movie like that).


The Girls Jumper from subdued was one of the last clothing items that aren’t explicitly fair (or used) that I bought – it is made in Turkey however which is at least somewhat better than Bangladesh or India (usually). Nevertheless I think it does qualify as a good purchase, since I wear it a whole lot and just love wearing it (I am wearing it as I type out these words).

While I am not really knowledgeable about music at all and barely listen songs that are popular at the moment for the simple reason that I neither have a radio nor Spotify or the likes. And, also already “having enough” music as it is. However, especially last year I listened to the new work of Janelle Monáe and Hayley Kiyoko which of course I liked not only for the music, but also a lot for the feeling the songs give me. Additionally, the two raise a lot of awareness towards discrimination and dealing with your sexuality if it is not straight. You can catch me crying while watching Girls Like Girls any day.

Well, that is all for now. What did you enjoy last year?

Mary Poppins Returns

In general, I am very open about remakes or reviving franchises. I do not mind one bit, because if it’s good if just adds another piece and if it isn’t I can just not watch/read/etc it again. End of story. However, I am always worried I will get stung and dislike the new part. With Mary Poppins this was not the case.

It was a sequel done absolutely right, because it did the original justice while still being its own thing. Right from the beginning I was in awe an overture? How lovely! Overtures are certainly one of my favourite things in movies and since the songs had themes of the old songs it was very nostalgic as well.
Of course, I grew up watching and reading Mary Poppins. My mum was (and is!) a big fan and I keep that book of hers. She liked the movie as well, by the way.
True to its roots the movie – while having an overlying theme – had all these little story-episodes woven in very neatly. Especially the one in the bowl was a favourite of mine because the animation was very 50s-esque and the clothing blended in so adorably.
Speaking of clothing, oh dear, did I love it. Such beautiful creations, I do so hope it will be rewarded at the Oscars. Mary’s hats alone are so becoming – I would wear them all. But then, adding to that the dresses of hers and Jane’s outfits with the pants made me swoon. (I mean Jane did in general, but that has other reasons. One being, that she was a wonderfully created character.)
Well, I totally thought Jane was a lesbian with a thing for Mary, but oh well. Nevertheless I loved her character and all the others as well. The actors portrayed their roles brilliantly and unlike with the Mary Shelley movie it magically drew one in.
Emily Blunt did the role justice in the most terrific way, the little quirks that make Mary Poppins Mary Poppins were all there. The kids besides being adorably dresses also were really sweet and likeable (and I often dislike kids in movies!)
The main story was maybe a bit “easy”, but it still had all those little details and Dick Van Dyke, so I have nothing to complain about. It made me very happy and emotional and that is what I want from a movie like that.
Since I saw it in German however, I cannot really say anything about the singing, but with this cast I am sure it was amazing.
Also, did I mention Jane?

Mary Shelley

I’m surprised this is what makes me feel like writing again. But apparently I have a lot of feelings and thoughts. Mary Shelley is one of my favourite writers and people in general. This movie was not, it has not been good.

I want to start with the good. The actors – Elle Fanning? Great, amazing even! Douglas Booth – fitting for the role, yet I think he was written in a weird way. Everyone else too, was more or less good. Considering the actors are actually quite good, it sometimes feels like they just got their lines minutes before and only shot scenes once. Maisie Williams, for example, felt so stiff and uncomfortable.
The dialogue in my opinion was a disaster, some of it was so awkward and surreal. At times it felt like they wanted the movie to be quotable and like olden times, but did not succeed.

A lot of the plot revolves around romance between Percy and Mary, and the subplot with Claire – are they having an affair/aren’t they? – was quite present and that would have all been fine, if it had been less episodic and unfocused by bringing in thousand of aspects (Hoggs?).

The filming and especially the lightning was beautiful, but the way it was edited and cut felt just so clumsy and awkward. It made me feel uncomfortable at times, because it was so weird. It did not tie together well. They tried showing a lot, but all of it a bit half-assed. I fail to understand why the evil stepmother trope had to come in.
The nature shots – beautiful, but they did not work at all. They seemed like unneccessary time spent. And I get it, a big part of Mary’s work are the beautiful nature descriptions, but in the movie it seemed completely out of place. Unlike for example nature shots in Jane Austen movies where they also convey emotion through it, this felt like wanting to show of these super neat nature shorts.

Probably the best thing was the portrayal of Byron – he was unlikeable and eccentric, which I appreciated. The costume, casting and makeup was at it’s peak here! The last scene he has with Mary – he just looked like that famous portrait (also, I do love eyeliner and eccentric clothing on men). Percy however was written so poorly – the flirting with Mary and them getting aquainted was fine, but after that he is just a completely unlikeable person with no redeemable traits which makes the ending kind of hard to understand. And while I am sure he had his flaws, from what I gathered he was idealistic and deeply broken inside and not just a drunk jerk. At one point I was rooting for Polidori (tragically beautiful portrayed by Ben Hardy!) to woo Mary.
From about the time in Geneva it was fine, but up until that point this movie was just bad. It’ felt messy, lazyly edited and lengthy.

It was not a horrible movie, but it was not a good one by any means.
If it had been stripped of the Mary Shelley aspect and just been turned into a dramatic romance, I would have been fine. But doing her so dirty, by basically reducing her to being little other than in love with Percy, feels agrivating.

What I took away from it is, that I really want to read Polidori’s The Vampyre now.

it’s been a while …

For a couple of months I have not been posting nor curating this page at all. Which is not a big deal, considering I have always used this more as a diary/outlet for myself rather than anything else. Did I want to become super successful with this at a point? Yeah, probably, but I really did not in the last few months/years and to be honest I do not even care if anyone looks at this. I just felt a bit like reviving this and typing out my thoughts.

It is not that I don’t like writing on the blog, I really do enjoy it, but I had no motivation whatsover in the last – I think – five months and even before that I didn’t really. Maybe this one won’t be followed by anthing. Who knows? Because it was not that I did not have time – sure I was stressed with uni and I moved out of my parents’ flat into a shared flat and for a while my mental health wasn’t very good either – but I did have time for myself to use however I felt like and blogging was not on that list.

But, if I am being honest with myself a lot of hobbies were not, I did waste time. And by that I don’t mean relaxing and just calming down after stressful times which is good and necessary. But rather being on my phone way too much – not just to check on the accounts I follow and maybe post something, but on the explore page of IG or watching YouTube videos I basically did not care about at all. That is a pretty common thing nowadays, but I don’t want that anymore. And maybe, maybe writing down this can help me hold myself accountable. There are millions of things I actually prefer over being on my phone, but it is a lot easier, more comfortable to just scroll.

I try to get back on board with drawing and whenever I do it I feel really happy – I don’t feel like sharing it either, because I want to do it for me, unlike so many other things that I feel almost obligated to share for no real reason whatsoever.

Recently I read Mauve: How One Man Invented a Color That Changed the World (really good book by the way) which also kind of inspired that feeling of wanting to live more and be less passive, be less focused on what other people – that I have no interest in or connection to – do. Here is the thing, I do love posting outfits on Instagram, because I love fashion, collecting and creating clothing. It is a big passion of mine to create outfits that may present a story, a character or just a shade of me and I enjoy looking at my feed because there are so many memories connected to the photos. I feel less internal pressure now to post daily/at all, because I am doing this 100% for me now and not for anything else. And I also always enjoyed going through my travelling photos and posting about places I have been to, because seeing the world is wonderful and taking photos is too. I am not a prefessional photographer, I have just some basic knowledge and no interest to turn this professional in any way, but I want to pick this up again and write about where I have been since April (Venice, Berlin, Bratislava and Vienna), because I like going back to those places via the photos, maybe write about places I would recommend checking out, maybe post some of the outfit photos I took.

From my side, I do not want to end this blog, this “diary”, but what I do want to end is the “pressure” I put on myself to share everything, because why? Things do have value even though nobody other than me sees them. I do not need the praise/acceptance/whatever from other people to make them valid. I always used the internet – various platforms from deviantArt to goodreads to Instagram – to keep track of things. When did I do what? When did I sew that? When did I read this? When? When? Because I am somewhat obsessive with recording the chronology of things. I cannot read a book without tracking when, how often, how long and I don’t know why this is the case – maybe I should ask my therapist. It feels a bit unhealthy. In a way I did that here with my sewing updates and I try to get away from that.

And as mentioned above towards living more and wasting less. Be that by overthinking, procrastinating or tracking things. This post went in another direction than I expected, but I don’t mind. I truly hope this helps me hold myself accountable when I pick up my phone to look at things that don’t interest me rather than spend times on hobbies. It goes hand in hand with an attitude I have to get rid of – when I have like an hour (or less usually) left til I need to get somewhere I often tend to procrastinate (e.g. be on my phone), because I feel like well, what am I supposed to do in x minutes anyway? when in reality I could surely read a few pages, clean my room (while I am downright pedantic in the kitchen, I am not in my bedroom), edit a few photos, study or revise etc. And that is something I have to alter in my behaviour.

There are more things I want to change, but I think this is a good starting point for myself and a good glance into what moves me at the moment. I might write about this again in outfit posts or maybe I won’t. But here we go.

the main thing in life is to know your own mind | Snufkin Tattoo

Snufkin Tattoo Moomins Ankle Wanderlust

When I got the Snowglobe by the end of January, I also got my dear Snufkin, the perfect travel companion. He is of course also the perfect inspiration to just get out more, to dream about wandering and fell like me with his wanderlust. He is also my reminder to be less wasteful and to be more minimalistic. While I am still on the journey, Snufkin (the moomins in general) is a huge inspiration for me in that regard. To be more attentive, to appreciate natur, to collect in memories not things.

Snufkin Tattoo Moomins Ankle Wanderlust

Most certainly there is still a lot to learn, but so far I think I am on a good way. Also, the tattoo was done by Ella, as always, but I think we will have to fix his hands to match the colour of his face. Other than that I lovehis design, I think it’s adorable, even with this little backpack and the berries (as you know no tattoos on me without plants). The healing was a bit difficult, though I assume also because the skin in my loweer legs is rather dry do to the weather. For now, while I do have tattoo plans for summer/autumn I will wait as to donate blood again (four months waiting time…). Did you get any colour on your skin recently?

The Adventurous Life of Miss Aurelia

dinosaur pinafore london outfit handmade sushi beret natural history museum wes anderson kneehighs mendl's vintage midcentury 60s 70s

dinosaur pinafore london outfit handmade sushi beret natural history museum wes anderson kneehighs mendl's vintage midcentury 60s 70s

dinosaur pinafore london outfit handmade sushi beret natural history museum wes anderson kneehighs mendl's vintage midcentury 60s 70s

If I was a character in a Wes Anderson movie, I would have a house full of fossils and minerals which would be very neat and in a certain order. I would have some beautiful old cabinets and every little tooth or mineral would have a little handwritten note attached to it. In the afternoon I would lie down and have a nap from exactly 2 pm to 4 pm. After the nap I would just sit exactly in the middle of that forest green couch and read Frankenstein with my two cats sitting on each side of me. In this vision I would live through a lot of adventures, always bringing something home from my digs. Tall plants would cover the stairs and entryways to the rooms, because nobody would ever cut them or restrict them.

dinosaur pinafore london outfit handmade sushi beret natural history museum wes anderson kneehighs mendl's vintage midcentury 60s 70s

dinosaur pinafore london outfit handmade sushi beret natural history museum wes anderson kneehighs mendl's vintage midcentury 60s 70s

dinosaur pinafore london outfit handmade sushi beret natural history museum wes anderson kneehighs mendl's vintage midcentury 60s 70s

dinosaur pinafore london outfit handmade sushi beret natural history museum wes anderson kneehighs mendl's vintage midcentury 60s 70s

I would always wear themed berets, wondering Is it just ironic or already inappropriate to look at fish fossils while wearing a sushi beret? I don’t eat fish, but I feel weird about that. Then again I might be overthinking things, considering old fish bones probably feel rather indifferent about embroidery depicting food made from their descendents. Then I would go on admiring fossils and geological exhibition pieces, reading about earth history, feeling like this is the path for me. Of course, my palaeontology inspiration would be portrayed by Bill Murray and by the end of the movie I would finally get to meet him.

dinosaur pinafore london outfit handmade sushi beret natural history museum wes anderson kneehighs mendl's vintage midcentury 60s 70s

dinosaur pinafore london outfit handmade sushi beret natural history museum wes anderson kneehighs mendl's vintage midcentury 60s 70s

dinosaur pinafore london outfit handmade sushi beret natural history museum wes anderson kneehighs mendl's vintage midcentury 60s 70s

dinosaur pinafore london outfit handmade sushi beret natural history museum wes anderson kneehighs mendl's vintage midcentury 60s 70s

Mendl’s would also be part of my Wes Anderson universe, so I would have a little box of treats each Sunday morning, in stressful situations you would always find me eating a tiny cake on said forest green couch while breathing unsteady. Obviously my cats would greet the guests by first walking around my symmetrically and then walking around the guests. Of course, guests would be rare, because I would prefer not to be disturbed in my regulated daily routine. Much rather I would pick up flowers at the same shop as always, before drinking a cup of tea.

dinosaur pinafore london outfit handmade sushi beret natural history museum wes anderson kneehighs mendl's vintage midcentury 60s 70s

dinosaur pinafore london outfit handmade sushi beret natural history museum wes anderson kneehighs mendl's vintage midcentury 60s 70s

dinosaur pinafore london outfit handmade sushi beret natural history museum wes anderson kneehighs mendl's vintage midcentury 60s 70s

Shirt – Boden | Pinafore – handmade | Tights – ??? | Kneehighs – Hunkemöller | Shoes – Deichmann | Beret – ellenithelabel | Mendl’s Brooch – hungry designs | Earrings – Vintage | Bracelets – Gifts and/or old