a very late guide to Bratislava

Well, it has been a while. Which seems to be my standard greeting. Anywhere, really. I have been to Bratislava last summer, late August 2018, which is about a year ago. I enjoyed it quite a bit, so here are a few things I really liked about this beautiful, sweet town. It is also pretty good to reach from Vienna (I went there afterwards) and I think two or three days are actually enough – since it is rather small. I was somewhat under the weather one of the days, so I stayed at home for one afternoon.


Primaciálny palác





Top one is probably the castle, Bratislavský Hrad, a wonderful castle inside and out and very well taken care of. The Baroque Garden are probably some of the prettiest castle gardens I’ve ever seen.


Galeria Nedbalka



Of course, the Katedrála svätého Martina is a must see, the surrounding area is lovely to walk around. There are painted houses, cafes and even a Liszt bust. The primaciálny palác (a pink palace in the centre) is on top of my dream buildings lists. It’s a light pink palace, what more can I say? I also found the president’s palace and square very appealing.


Bratislavský Hrad


Bratislavský Hrad



Bratislavský Hrad

Another favourite for me was the modern Galeria Nedbalka, that felt a little like the Guggenheim museum in New York. The art ranges from 19th century to contemporary and it is a stunningly curated place. The SNG (national gallery) is free of an entry fee and has changing exhibits that are very well done. Honestly, visit museums in Bratislava! (The one for natural history too, of course.) And, if you are looking for old books, Antiquariat Steiner is the place for you!



Café at the SNP square



Café Maximilian


Devin castle

Something I would highly recommend is going to Devín (it’s a short bus ride) for a day and look at the stunning castle with a lot of history and large area to walk as well as a beautiful view. Also, go and look at the Sandberg. For me, that was an enormous highlight – it’s a geologically interesting place and also looks lovely.


Devin castle


Devin castle


Devin castle


Devin Sandberg

Since Bratislava is nowhere near as internationally famous (or huge) as Paris or Rome, the town is not as crowded, and it is very enjoyable just walking around the lovely streets or getting a lemonade and people-watch. Wonderful cafés are the Zeppelin Café, Café Maximilian and the café at the SNP square, where they serve the best lemonade.


Zeppelin Café


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