Adèle Blanc-Sec Tattoo

adèle blanc sec dinosaurs tattoo
Getting my (first) thigh tattoo was pretty exciting – I love tattooed legs on women and wanted (want) to have mine tattooed. As you know I have some work on my shins, but now (well, late November actually) I got this addition, by Ella Winchester again (as almost always).

Well, I was told the thigh would hurt and it certainly did at parts. Especially the parts further up and the ferns with all the little leaves. In general I feel like the front of the legs are hurting more than anything else so far.
On the other hand, Adèle healed pretty fast and nicely. She looks just beautiful now.

adèle blanc sec dinosaurs tattoo

adèle blanc sec dinosaurs tattoo

This is my fourth very obvious pop culture relating tattoo, but so far only like two people recognised her. But ok, the placement is not as obvious in winter and the movie not as famous – though very good!
Adèle Blanc-Sec was/is (though fictional) maybe one of my biggest inspirations/motivations to choose this path that makes me so happy – even though at the moment it is a lot of work that has little to do with where I want to go. But she keeps me motivated (I mean, I do truly love my programme, but there are a few obligatory courses I’d like to drop). Also, Louise Bourgoin is so stunning in the movie, I do crush on her.
Anyway, a pterosaur is part of the movie, so he had to be part of this – and I mean, look at his little feet and cheek. He is darling. As is the fantastic archaeopteryx with his (maybe not super accurate, but super cute!) tongue. Flying animals are one of my biggest interest and those two are definitely something I’d like to focus my studies (or work!) on.

The outfits alone give me inspiration for days. And so I am very glad Adèle is wearing this fantastic hat. I love the reduction of colour to pink and black/grey which we agreed on, I think it is perfect. Sure, the newest tattoo always gets a sort of favouritism, but this is just really dear to me.
adèle blanc sec dinosaurs tattoo


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