what i want to change in 2019

2018 was full of a new things and challenges – exams of the first and second semester and moving out among other things. I was struggling with a few things, but in general overcame them with the help of a therapist. While i really enjoyed a lot of 2018, it was the most mixed of years. However, the way things are now I am very hopeful for 2019.

With the things I learnt in 2018, I was thinking about habit I want to break or adopt this year – and even though this month is already coming to an end list them here. The big theme, if you want is m i n d f u l n e s s.

Something I am already working on is breaking that social media addiction. Genetically I am somewhat prone to become addicted, but with social media it is a very wide-spread phenomenon.
I don’t use twitter or Facebook (deleted the later after not using it). Earlier this month I also deleted my goodreads, because it makes reading less of a joyful hobby and more of a weird accomplishment for me. So, basically I now have Instagram, YouTube and WordPress (which is the only one I want to use more instead of less.)
The issue for me are not using these apps in general, but the mindlessness of being on my phone, looking at things that barely spark my interest (e.g. recommended videos).

For Instagram I have been handling it like that so far: I stopped going to the recommended feed at all and only go through my feed – even unfollowed people who do not inspire me/I am friends with. I also used that reminder for the app to notice me after 45 minutes – at first it didn’t work and I would still scroll mindlessly, but now I have reduced my time on the app to approx. 35 minutes – sometimes fifty, sometimes only ten minutes. And that is something I am okay with. Also, I decided to stop posting daily, because it kind of stresses me and I do not like that. And instead just doing whatever I like.

I try to stop using background noise while doing that – and by that I mean watching shows/movies just to hear something. Because when I watch a movie, I tend(ed) to be on my phone and that is a horrible habit which I have to break. Alongside that I want to stop using YouTube as a procrastination habit and instead be more selective again.

Exam phase (now) has two sides for me – I don’t really allow myself going out to do much stuff (museums, city trips), but I also procrastinate by doing stupid stuff at home.
Nevertheless from mid-February on I want to be a bit more spontaneous (so, here I actively plan being spontaneous…), try new things and actually go on “more adventures” – not only museums, but also more city trips as mentioned and other wanderings. That goes hand in hand with overcoming fears of big crowds and going for example to Pride/CSD.

One of the biggest things is eco-consciousness – less waste and less shopping. I am already mainly buying used clothing, but I still want to reduce even that and other shopping as well, because I know I often do it for that moment of happiness rather than the need of something. I dislike the concept of minimalism, because I feel like it is often celebrated as this clean-black-and-white-aesthetic rather than just minimising belongings. Which is what I do want to do. I did already sell some books and movies this month and I want to continue that, but I especially want to give away lot of clothing so that I reduce it to things I really, really want to wear and like to wear. That will probably happen in February/March (I only have one week in Feb, because of exams and later a trip to Spain for uni).
That of course goes hand in hand with producing less waste. I avoid plastic/alu wrapping whenever I can, but work on that further. Of course ordering less online and reusing things is always good. With my studies at university I do get the “scientific” basics and knowledge which also makes me want to write about it here.

In general, I would like to use the blog mainly for ecological topics and travelling pictures alongside a little fashion and literature. So, we will see how that goes. That here is a short overview, I do want to share tips and experiences in the near future.

Lastly, I’d like to learn how to play the piano, but that is only an extra if I find the time/money.


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