seven things i loved in 2018

I was considering writing some current favourites for a while (uhm, months) now and I decided to instead pick five things that I really enjoyed in 2018. That really is things, not experiences or the like. Though I will try to share some photos from my travels this summer in the near future.


The lipstick Gold Waves Matte Lip Stylo in the colour 06, it was limited so I bought another tube when mine was almost empty and I do not regret it. It’s a beautiful, dark colour that is somewhat special. It also stays on my lips pretty much all day and that sure is a bonus. Other than that I just enjoyed dark lips in general this year – especially while wearing no eye makeup at all (which seems to have helped my lashes!).

Something that always makes me feel somewhat like a quaintrelle – applying perfume and especially Wally 1925 Perfumatore per Biancheria in Seta which I bought in Florence at Lady Jane B Vintage. It is the scent of the store and was also used on the dress I bought. So when I stopped by a second time, I asked for it. It is a sweet, yet natural smell and I think it is very me and personal – it is deemed smelling like “good things from the past” and I think that is a neat, lovely description.

Dostoyevsky. His entire work (what I have read so far) really draws me in. I read Crime and Punishment in March/April and just recently finished The Brothers Karamazov which I started in December. However, I also adore the shorter stories, in particular White Nights. I intend on writing about him sometime this year.


At this point I would describe my style as a soft take on Vintage fashion with lots of white and red and pink, chiffon and velvet. A bit magical even. And one of my favourite things to wear were these lovely zirconia earrings. My eyes are somewhat sensitive towards certain jewellery, but these are not only fine for me to wear, but also look very dainty and sweet.

This year I saw a lot of good movies, but I think my favourite was Call Me By Your Name (my review). It made me weep and I saw it in cinema either two or three times and bought the DVD as soon as it was available. I already watched it a couple of times at home and will continue doing so. I think most everything about it is agonisingly beautiful with the heavy, lazy atmosphere that makes me feel like I truly am there (also, I want a f/f movie like that).


The Girls Jumper from subdued was one of the last clothing items that aren’t explicitly fair (or used) that I bought – it is made in Turkey however which is at least somewhat better than Bangladesh or India (usually). Nevertheless I think it does qualify as a good purchase, since I wear it a whole lot and just love wearing it (I am wearing it as I type out these words).

While I am not really knowledgeable about music at all and barely listen songs that are popular at the moment for the simple reason that I neither have a radio nor Spotify or the likes. And, also already “having enough” music as it is. However, especially last year I listened to the new work of Janelle Monáe and Hayley Kiyoko which of course I liked not only for the music, but also a lot for the feeling the songs give me. Additionally, the two raise a lot of awareness towards discrimination and dealing with your sexuality if it is not straight. You can catch me crying while watching Girls Like Girls any day.

Well, that is all for now. What did you enjoy last year?


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