Mary Poppins Returns

In general, I am very open about remakes or reviving franchises. I do not mind one bit, because if it’s good if just adds another piece and if it isn’t I can just not watch/read/etc it again. End of story. However, I am always worried I will get stung and dislike the new part. With Mary Poppins this was not the case.

It was a sequel done absolutely right, because it did the original justice while still being its own thing. Right from the beginning I was in awe an overture? How lovely! Overtures are certainly one of my favourite things in movies and since the songs had themes of the old songs it was very nostalgic as well.
Of course, I grew up watching and reading Mary Poppins. My mum was (and is!) a big fan and I keep that book of hers. She liked the movie as well, by the way.
True to its roots the movie – while having an overlying theme – had all these little story-episodes woven in very neatly. Especially the one in the bowl was a favourite of mine because the animation was very 50s-esque and the clothing blended in so adorably.
Speaking of clothing, oh dear, did I love it. Such beautiful creations, I do so hope it will be rewarded at the Oscars. Mary’s hats alone are so becoming – I would wear them all. But then, adding to that the dresses of hers and Jane’s outfits with the pants made me swoon. (I mean Jane did in general, but that has other reasons. One being, that she was a wonderfully created character.)
Well, I totally thought Jane was a lesbian with a thing for Mary, but oh well. Nevertheless I loved her character and all the others as well. The actors portrayed their roles brilliantly and unlike with the Mary Shelley movie it magically drew one in.
Emily Blunt did the role justice in the most terrific way, the little quirks that make Mary Poppins Mary Poppins were all there. The kids besides being adorably dresses also were really sweet and likeable (and I often dislike kids in movies!)
The main story was maybe a bit “easy”, but it still had all those little details and Dick Van Dyke, so I have nothing to complain about. It made me very happy and emotional and that is what I want from a movie like that.
Since I saw it in German however, I cannot really say anything about the singing, but with this cast I am sure it was amazing.
Also, did I mention Jane?


2 thoughts on “Mary Poppins Returns

  1. I was equally apprehensive about a Mary Poppins revival, but I also loved this movie! <3 It brought tears to my eyes multiple times – starting with the overture, of course. I would also wear almost any of the costumes from the film :D Glad you liked it too!


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