save the bees




As mentioned before I am working on getting into this again. I am not entirely sure where I want to go, so fluctuation might appear. Especially in the way I edit my photos (I do not like editing the outside ones as much) and in the way I write. Or rather what I write. I’m not sure whether I want to write personal texts among my outfit pictures or rather focus on the outfit or little stories around that. These photos were taken in Padova, the greener ones at the Orto Botanica, which is one of the oldest botanical gardens. It’s well worth a visit.





Bees are some my favourite animals and of course some of the most important ecological figures. I try to be careful to save them for example from drinks and pounds. There are some easy way to help bees – sugar water, planting certain (usually wild) flowers. It you don’t have a garden, planting some at random green corners in the city is always a good idea. Though of course flowers under the window are lovely. Buying regional honey is another big thing – personally I don’t eat honey, but I love buying some for family/friends when I am travelling and come across shops with regional honey. That might also be a nice idea for a trip – maybe you can look up a beekeeper with a shop near you and go ther on the weekend. Along with that it is always good to choose regional and especially seasonal products – again, when you can go for a trip to the farmer’s market or an organic farmer – even better.




Most countries have organisations where you can either donate money directly, act as a godfather/mother or help with projects e.g. for wild bees. Obviously reducing the use of cars, pesticide-infected product etc is good not only for the bees, but the whole world. There are a lot of tiny and big steps one can follow to make this world better.





Shirt – AlpenglowApparel (they donate part of the money to bee organisations) | Pants – secondhand/vintage | Backpack – LeaflingBags | Socks – calzedonia | Shoes – amazon, but old


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