a few london memories

london photos haul musical

Last month I spent a couple of days in London, with a good friend of mine. Since we’d both been to the city before it was a very relaxed holiday. The only things that were actually to dos were visiting the Natural History Museum and the BBakery Afternoon Tea Bus Tour. The later is a bus tour through London (a really touristy thing I never did in any city, ever), but combined with some Afternoon Tea – the most delicious little treats, you can see them later on. I highly recommend it, if that sound like your thing.

london photo moomin store covent garden

london photo moomin store covent garden
Moomin Store in Covent Garden

london photo les miserables
Queen’s Theatre – Les Misérables (which we saw, it was fantastic)

london photo bbakery bus tour afternoon tea

london photo bbakery bus tour afternoon tea
BBakery Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

london photo henry fordes books
Henry Fordes Books (a beautiful old bookstore with lovely booksellers)

london photo natural history museum minerals
Natural History Museum – Minerals

london photo china town bubble wrap
Bubble Wrap in China Town (the original and it was delicious)

now on to the things I got in London
london photo haul book chocolates
A couple of gifts for my friends and family – a book, chocolates, a trinket tray and a candle.

london photo haul moomin snufkin tea book pin little my
Okay, the two Moomin stores were also on my list, I found a couple of lovely things. A cup (I really wanted one) and tea, also the wonderful map, a biro, a pin and a book. I think the things I found are adorable and I’m really excited for the tea.

london photo les miserables jekyll and hyde
Personally I always need a playbill for every musical I get to see and I also considered this pin super cute. The novel Jekyll and Hyde (which I found at Henry Fordes) was on my to read list for the longest time and I’m glad I found it used for only a couple of pounds.

london photo vintage trousers chequered beyond retro
At Beyond Retro I found this wonderful pair of pants. It has some strong Teddy Girl vibes going on – also I really wanted some fabric pans.

london photo vintage edwardian skirt chequered beyond retro
At the shop I also found this Edwardian Style skirt by Calvin Klein. It fits perfectly and just matches my current wardrobe so well.

What are your favourite things to do in London?


4 thoughts on “a few london memories

  1. I only spent 4 and 1/2 days in London. I had to spend most of my time in Bristol when I went to England in July 2015. The best part about the London leg of that trip was Les Mis and it exceeded my expectations. It was a dream come true and Les Mis is such a meaningful musical in so many ways.


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