the main thing in life is to know your own mind | Snufkin Tattoo

Snufkin Tattoo Moomins Ankle Wanderlust

When I got the Snowglobe by the end of January, I also got my dear Snufkin, the perfect travel companion. He is of course also the perfect inspiration to just get out more, to dream about wandering and fell like me with his wanderlust. He is also my reminder to be less wasteful and to be more minimalistic. While I am still on the journey, Snufkin (the moomins in general) is a huge inspiration for me in that regard. To be more attentive, to appreciate natur, to collect in memories not things.

Snufkin Tattoo Moomins Ankle Wanderlust

Most certainly there is still a lot to learn, but so far I think I am on a good way. Also, the tattoo was done by Ella, as always, but I think we will have to fix his hands to match the colour of his face. Other than that I lovehis design, I think it’s adorable, even with this little backpack and the berries (as you know no tattoos on me without plants). The healing was a bit difficult, though I assume also because the skin in my loweer legs is rather dry do to the weather. For now, while I do have tattoo plans for summer/autumn I will wait as to donate blood again (four months waiting time…). Did you get any colour on your skin recently?


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