Call Me By Your Name

Last Friday I went to see CMBYM and I am still thinking about this movie a lot. I just wrote this few words and I am getting emotional again, fighting back tears. This movie is one of the best I have seen in years, maybe ever. It is powerful, heavy, but in a lazy way (not lazyly made, note that), like a summer breeze in a way.

Let’s start with the negative, maybe, and that is not really a negative, I guess. I did not like Oliver personally, I think he was well portrayed and his character worked well in the movie, but I just did not like him. This did not have any influence oon how I perceived the story, however, so this is more of an observation.
Elio on the other hand I truly loved from very early on, I think he is such a wonderful, soft and intelligent character. This really feels like his movie, it is sad and tragic yet beautiful. The setting of course was perfect, summery Italy in the 80s had me in a melancholic mood from the beginning on. The way it is shot, too, has a vintage feel, but not forced in any way. It has very warm tones and slow camera motion which I always like. This shows of the wonderful set design and costumes lovely – the women’s outfits were all so flowy and soft, I wanted them all. There is a love of nature, old houses and bike rides and those are all things I love. It is difficult for me to put into words how much I loved this movie, it touched me on another level and I had to take a couple of minutes after the movie just calming down. There was a lot of crying involved for me and in the movie too – the emotionality this put me through was very intense, but I feel like watching it again soon.
One of my favourite things about this was the way looks, emotions, expressions – the acting in general – were used to convey to the story. There is very little dialogue, which I appreciate – the amazing acting works out perfectly, you truly do not need the spoken word. And since I prefer a good acting over dialogue, this was beautifu. Thimothée Chalamet especially did a superb job of conveying Elio’s internal thoughts just through his expression and movement. This would also have worked as a silent movie, because the music choosen was mainly piano (and without a singer). The story is simple, but the way it is exectued is just so worth watching.
Another great thing were the parents. The mother is a very loving, easy-going, understanding person, someone I aspire to be (also incredibly beautiful) and the father is so important and the little monologue he had towards the ending had me in tears (also through his character we get some archaeology which I always appreciate). I wish all parents were this understanding and kind.

The entire movie was very emotional for, very beautifully made and a pleasure to watch, so I hope everyone has the possibility to watch it.


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