that was the summer of 1963 when everybody called me baby, and it didn’t occur to me to mind | Big Girls Don’t Cry Tattoo

big girls don't cry dirty dancing flower floral bumble bee script leg tattoo
This tattoo was on my execel table and before that in my head for the longest time – and now I’ve also had it for quite a while. I got it on the 13th of December before heading to watch Star Wars with two friends. I mentioned that I have difficulties writing even the shortes texts at the moment, it is no surprise that this also took me a while. Also the photos seem very washed out for some reason.

big girls don't cry dirty dancing flower floral bumble bee script leg tattoo

Rating the pain this was on the higher side. Especially the parts between bone and flesh were uncomfortable and I felt somewhat ticklish as well. Let’s say, it was not my favourite thing – it also took a while to heal and I head bruises for a while – then again my legs are a bit keen to bruises (this is on my right shin). Anyway I think it turned out lovely, the design was created just before the tattooing started, but it is just perfect. It is not what I first imagined in my mind, but when the sketch was done I knew that was what I wanted. It was once more done by Ella.

Dirty Dancing has been a huge part and influence in my life, the dressing style, the songs and Baby’s growth. I think we often tend to forget how strong of a person Frances Houseman is. She does not let anyone own her, she stands up for herself and others and she is kind and helpful. This movie is not just about the love story and dancing, it is about personal developement and social issues too (apparently Patrick Swayze was very insistent on not removing the part with the abortion as that was discussed).

big girls don't cry dirty dancing flower floral bumble bee script leg tattoo

However it is of course also representive for the song itself which is one of my all time favourites for both the lyrics and just the general feel. I adore the music of the Four Seasons and listen to them a lot, back in New York my mum and I went to the Jersey Boys musical, so of course the tattoo reminds me of that as well. And since I cannot go without plants on my body, I asked for some of my favourites – and a cute little bumble bee.


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