Handmade Update December 2017

While being quite stressful, December was surprisingly successful sewing-wise. You know I am shifting a bit stylewise, so I also got rid of a couple of things via etsy and Instagram. However most stuff I made was upcycling things I already owned and I’m quite happy with the way they turned out.

Pink Birdie Skirt (changed the size for etsy) and Yellow Polka Dot Skirt (changed the size for etsy)
16th of December
For a buyer on etsy I changed the size of two skirts, and I am glad they went to a new, good home! I sold a couple more dresses and skirts, but I did not have to change anything on them.

midcentury vintage inspired handmade 50s 60s red velvet
Red Velvet Skirt
16th/17th of December
A girl on Instagram often wear a red velvet skirt and I was adoring that, so I made one for me. This velvet was also on sale and it’s so versatile! Of course, dark red is also one of the most beautiful colours to wear.

Archaeological Shirt/Blouse (fixed)
17th of December
Unfortunately a few of the seams did not take well to the old Italian washing machine, so I had to fix that. I put it of for quite a while, but I finally did it and now I can wear it again!

babydoll stars glitter handmade 60s midcentury
Stars Babydoll
24th of December
I made this dress some months ago, but I never really liked the fit. But since I loved the fabric and still wanted to wear it, I turned it into a babydoll (afterwards I shortened it a bit, too).

60s space cadet two piece handmade midcentury planets
60s Space Cadet Two Piece
29th/30th of December
This is another case of liked the fabric, but not really happy with what it was, here is the skirt it was, but I felt really uncomfortable in this. I did not think this cut was matching the fabric, so I turned it into a 60s Two Piece. I mean that was the Space Era, so it’s pretty appropriate.

What did you craft recently? WEhat are your sewing plans for the next year?


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