Handmade Update | October & November 2017

So, finally another update on handmade things. It isn’t much due to uni (how annoying is reading that already?), but I have a few projects planned that are easily made – though I still need the fabric! Also in case you are interested: I put up a few things on my etsy that I don’t feeel like wearing anymore. Aaaanyway, here we go.

Autumn Dress
7th of October
I found the fabric while I was in Lucca and I fell in love. Border prints are rather rare where I live and finding this beautiful one in Lucca was a dream. I turned it into a Dirndl-ish dress and I quite like the way it turned out and the way the print shows. Especially these little ducks and squirrels are so wonderful.

Pumpkin Dress Orange 50s handmade midcentury
Pumpkin Dress
6th, 7th of October
This was another project for a very autumnal dress. The dark orange tone is wonderful and I do like the way it turned out. I changed things during the process of making it and that was quite interesting, too. I am no 100% content, but I don’t know what it is. I think it’s the confusion that comes with a style shift. Here is the dress in an outfitpost.

Skirts for Aida
20th of November
Along with sorting out stuff for etsy, I also asked a friend if she wanted some of them. She did and so I changed the sizes. Unfortunatley, Idid not take pictures, but it was one simple grey skirt and one with hot air balloons.

dino Dinosaur Dress Handmade 80s 50s
Dino Dress
22nd, 23rd of November
Now this fabric is a dream! I ordered it online, because dinosaur fabrics are usually targeted at kids, so i was incredibly happy about finding this. The dress cut is inspired by The Other Sparrow, because they do kind cut dresses the way I really like it at the moment. Since I don’t really feel like knee-lenght anymore (most of the time). And I think that does a good job for the print as well. The zipper is my first real hidden zipper and I do quite like that as well, mainly because that way it’s not a zipper on the side and the backside is still cute.

So, this was my update for the last two months and I hope December will be filled with a few more sewing projects. What are and were you up to in the last months?


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