Mail Day #10 | Brooches, Socks and Bohemian Vibes

Mail Day #10 Brooches Wednesday Addams Zombie Grease Happy Socks
Long time no see. With uni, studying and procrastinating I don’t find the time or motivation to blog. I would love to and it feels good to type something out again – I also have a couple of things left I still want to write about. Among them beautiful pictures from Florence in early autumn. Anyway this time I would like to share a couple of things that I ordered, mainly from etsy. This is not really a Mail Day though, but more of a Mail Halfyear or so. There are some beautiful pieces and great etsy stores connected to it, so maybe you’ll find something new as well.

Sappho's Club Violet
Sappho’s Club – Violet Pin
As a member of the bi/pansexual girl club with a preference for girls I just wanted a Violet, also I love Sappho’s poetry, so I am very happy about this piece.

Bride of Frankenstein Pin Brooch kate gabrielle
kategabrielle – Bride Pin
This one is actually a regular pin, but I turned it into a brooch. The Bride of Frankenstein is aesthetically spoken on of my favourite movie characters. She is beautiful and the pin glows in the dark.

Wednesday Sticker SleepyKoi
SleepyKoi – Wednesday Sticker
When I saw the Wednesday Sticker, I fell in love with SleepyKoi Designs, so I ordered – but the package arrived empty. However, Renae was so sorry and she sent me not only the Wednesday Sticker, but also a package of small versions of some of her other stickers and they are adorable.

Edwardian Bunny Irregular Choice Scott McClintock Vintage 80s Witch Woodland Zombie erstwilder beret
GypsyGothVintage – 80s Scott McClintock Edwardian inspired Dress
Before I got this dress I had been eyeing it for quite some time and Kinsey is such a kind person, too. However since then I developed an obsession with Scott McClintock dresses, though this one is especially beautiful, you see more of it here. The details on the lace are incredible and the cut is a dream.

baccurelli Wednesday Brooch
19 Black – baccurelli – Wednesday
As you maybe saw above or in old posts you know that I love Wednesday Addams and this brooch captures her so perfectly, so I was hunting it down. It is a rather old baccurelli design and I felt so lucky to find probably one of the last ones.

Happy Socks
Happy Socks
I also got a wonderful package from happy socks, they asked me to pick out a few things and I chose these beauties. The socks are super soft and I really like how the panties are cut. This is the striped pair of socks and these are the heart panties.

Frenchie Grease erstwilder brooch
erstwilder – Frenchie Brooch
Frenchie is my favourite Grease character, so I got up really early to order her on the release day and erstwilder packed a beautiful package and to be honest erstwilder is kind of becoming my favourite brooch company.

Bride of Frankenstein Patch Jenni's Prints
jenni’s prints – Bride Patch
Yes, it is another Bride of Frankenstein piece, I am still considering where to put it – if on my denim jacket or my backpack. Tough decision.

80s does 50s egyptian skirt midcentury novelty print
Advantage in Vintage – 80s does 50s Egyptian Skirt
While I am developing a love for the 80s, I still very much appreciate a well done 80s does 50s – and this one does it so so well. This is a great novelty print and I am already so excited to wear it to a exhibtion about pharaos or Egyptian art.

Moth Display Hyles Euphorbiae Real Hyles Dahlii Female
Butterfly Palace – Moth
Even though it said Real Hyles Dahlii Female, I actually think it’s a Hyles Euphorbiae(spurge hawk-moth), like the one I have tattooed on me. It is a beautiful piece and arrived save and sound.

Zombie Brooch Halloween erstwilder
erstwilder – Zombie Brooch
This is the second brooch from erstwilder I ordered online, and again they included gifts and just decorated it so adorably. The brooch itself is so wonderfully crafted and it has the same colour as the circles on my chestpiece. Which probably concludes that I am in fact a zombie.

Mele Pele Backpack 50s Vintage Kid
melepele – 50s kids backpack
For university I wanted a backpack, but a second hand since I am trying to buy mainly handmade and used pieces. Also a 50s backpack – how cute is that? It is in fact a bit small, but everything fits inside(it’s for kindergarden kids, so that might explain it).

Gypsy Scarf Rose MenagicalVintage
Menagical Vintage – Gypsy Scarf
I was also on the lookout for a cute scarf like this, but actually looking for something specific in Vintage and Second Hand stores where I live basically never leads to anything, because they are small and do not have a lot of things. So after not finding one I got this beauty from the UK.

Sayonara Baby Dinosaur Jurassic Park Rosemary's Baby Witch Feminist
sayonara baby – Rosemary’s Baby Couldron and feminist dino brooch
While I was on the lookout for witch-y brooches, I found the cute couldron based on Rosemary’s Baby (really have to watch it again and read it!) and the Jurassic Park Brooch – they are smaller than I expected, but so adorable and the clours are really crisp!

baccurelli Star Wars Brooch C-3PO Leia Organa Skywalker Solo
baccurelli – C-3PO Brooch, Leia Brooch
I waited a long loooong time for this. I knew I would have to, but it took even longer, also because I was afraid it would arrive while I was on holiday, go to customs and be send back, and then the transfer from the US to Germany and then in Germany took forever. However now they are here and how beautiful are they?

Happy Socks Panties
Happy Socks
I also got another surprise package from happy socks with more panties and they are so cute! So obsessed with the pink panties. Here are the pink ones, the colourful ones and the socks.

That is it for now, let’s see when I get around to blogging again…. As I said I have a couple of things left to show you and I want a couple of new outfit shots, write a few toughts down, but this was the easiest for now. :)


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