Tulip Fever | Fangirl Friday

When Tulip Fever came out, I was in Italy, so when I came back, I looked for a cinema to watch it in OV. On Sunday I finally got to see it and I did actually quite like it.

The main reason for me watching this was the cast. First and foremost of course the lovely Dane DeHaan. I wil watch every movie he stars in in cinema and you cannot stop me. Of course, Christoph Waltz, Alicia Vikander and Dame Judi Dench were even more reason to watch it. And to be honest the casting probably saved this movie in a way. Because the story while being interesting focused mainly on the romance and the romance did not really develope. I totally get, why Sophia and Jan would fall for each other, but I would have loved to have seen this on screen as well. You know, like them talking a bit at first. And we did not get that. When the romance was in full bloom however and the movie followed the story again, it was fantastic. The scenery and costumes added a lot, of course. But it was a nice yet a bit flat film. If you are into historic movies, I bet you will like it. What I have to say however – this movie was almost two hours and not once did I feel bored. This might also have been due to the amazing looks of Dane, but actually some of story elements were quite innovative and captivating. Especially when it came to Maria or the convent, I think the movie was fantastic. I cannot put my finger on what this movie was lacking, though (maybe it really was the romance that put me off).
So for me, while I enjoyed the subplots a lot, I think the main plot could have been improved. I want real chemistry before characters kiss on screen, and that just was not the case. The actors and costumes made up for it a bit, but it did leave a bitter taste. Meanwhile the romance of Maria was very authentic and the entanglement maybe a bit intense, but well rounded. To me, she was also one of the best actors – I mean of course, there are Oscar winning actors in this movie, it is filled with good actors, but she protruded nevertheless.
AS mentioned above this movie is mainly for the looks and actors, not all of the plot is captivating/realistic, but it woudl deserve a lot more recognition than it is getting at the moment.


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