Recent Reads ♥ May, June, July

Recent Reads Summer
This month was rather disappoiting when I look at my sewing, but I read a lot in the last three months, so here is a little update on that side.

Recent Reads Summer May
Doyle – The Hound of the Baskervilles
After reading a lot while travelling in April I had to take a break (apparently), so my first finished book took more than two weeks, and it was – again – Sherlock Holmes. I am not through with all of them yet, but they are free on kindle, so every once in a while I pick one up. Even though I took so long, I liked this best so far of the series, because of Watson’s fantastic narrative and a rather interesting plot
goodreads review

Shelley – Matilda
As a lover of Frankenstein and especially the way Shelley writes, I had to read this one as well. The theme (incest) is one I personally don’t really enjoy reading about, but it was in no way uncomfortable/explicit – BECAUSE it’s not really the theme of the book. It’s a part, but actually this is a story about depression and loneliness. It tackles quite a few issues and does so rather well, especially the parts with the poets were really to my liking – but as a whole it’s such a beautiful and sad novella.
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Streatfeild – Theater Shoes
This was the last of the four shoes books I own and still had to read. However it was likely my least favourite. I know when it was written, but the sexism really annoyed me nevertheless – and it’s basically another (rather disappointing) version of Ballet Shoes. My issues were mainly due to being a 21st century intersectional feminist, but I can’t change that, so I did not enjoy the book a lot.
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Jean Paul zum Vergnügen
Surprisingly I had a few issues reading this, because I expected it to be really fun, but it was rather serious, philosophical and made me think.
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Recent Reads Summer June
The Virago Book of Ghost Stories
Being into Gothic horror at the moment, I wanted to read this collection of stories. It was great to read so many stories by women, however also a bit disappointing since some of the stories were rather boring. However some wehere really good (you can read about the once I liked on goodreads).
goodreads review

Le Fanu – Carmilla
This gothic novel was amazing though – if you do not know anything about this yet and are interested, please just read it and do not read any reviews. But even though I knew a lot about, it was still amazing and if you want to know about, read my goodreads review.
goodreads review

Riggs – Library of Souls
Sure, admittedly I did not read book one and two, so I do not have the knowledge andemotional connection most people have, but I really did not like this book. This one showed me why I almost don’t read YA anymore. This was one boring store, bordering on cringey (some of the sentences were so awkward! And that’s a published writer with a movie). It seemed as if Riggs really wanted to show off just how smart he is and apparently how dumb most reader are by pointing out every single detail. The characters were hollow and their actions inconsistent, it was just terrible.
goodreads review

Streatfeild – Ballet Shoes
I have read this book quite often in my childhood and early teens and I really love it. It’s an easy, pleasant read with three fantastic MCs, especially Petrova and her interest in technology is so amazing. This book is probably one of the best children’s books and I think everyone should read this.
goodreads review

Reichhold – Ludwig Forever
My love/interest in Bavarian and Austrian royality in the 19th century is really big and of course Ludwig II is so fascinating. To be honest, though I expected this book to be a bit gossipy, but fortunately it was well researched and really good – shedding light on gossip and talking about possibilities, but not overdoing it. Even though I already knew quite a bit, I did gain a lot from this book.
goodreads review

Garden Poems
Another interesting – and better – collection was this book. Not all of them were amazing, but there were some gems and I found some new favourites. Especially greek poetry seems to be right up my alley. They did some great translation work in general in this book, even though some poems were a disappointment, in general this was a lovely collection.
goodreads review

Shelley – Frankenstein
I talked about this before, well actually very very often, but I just fell in love with this book, so I read this again. Everything about this is beautiful and I can just tell you (again) to read it for it’s writing, the atmosphere and characters.
review on the blog
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Recent Reads Summer July
Wollstonecraft – A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
Finally another piece of feminist literature again, the work of Shelley’s mum to be exact. She has very strong opinions and it’s very interesting to read thoughts of an 18th century suffragette. Of course I do not agree with everything she states, but it is still interesting to see what such a forward thinking woman thought – especially her thoughts on education are amazing.
goodreads review

Heine zum Vergnügen
Until this book I only read a couple of poems by Heine, but his work is so fantastic and now I want to read even more. His writing is very pleasant and there is so much fun and sarcasm, it’s perfect. Especially the part about travelling was quite lovely.
goodreads review

Lee – The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue
THIS was a dream! I loved everything about this story – it’s weird because actually this is not really what I usually read. However I’m happy with getting and reading this 18th century adventure story, and picking it up not only, but also because the boy on the cover looks a bit like a mix of Mr Bingley and Friedrich Schiller. It deals with so many important issues from homophobia and sexism to suicidal thoughts and abusive parents. Besides that the story itself is a lot of fun and it was so pleasant reading this (the writing is amazing!), joining the trio on their way through Europe (Venice <3). Especially since they aresome of the most elaborate and loveable book characters I've encountered recently (and I think in general) with so much emotionality. It's the story of the sarcastic protagonist Monty working his way through an impressive developement while adoring his wonderfully sensitive and strong friend Percy and quarrelling/coming to terms with his feminist, intelligent sister – all while touring to Europe having adventures.
goodreads review

Austen – Persuasion
Currently I’m on the verge of finishing this on. And so far this is the worst Austen book I read so far. Annoying characters and rather boring. Now towards the end, hearing about all the juicy details of the past it gets interesting, but other than that it’s really a bore so far.

That’s all for now. What did you read recently? Did you read any of the books I mentioned and if so what did you think about them?


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