a few gothic favourites

Gothic Favourites
Currently I’m loving the Victorian idea of Gothic, I love gothic horror anyway, but I also really enjoy the aesthetic with the beautiful lace details and darkness. I did not show any below, but I also really enjoy Chokers at the moment (who is late on that train?), because I think they can add this Victorian vibe (of course that heavily depends on material etc.).

Gothic Favourites Bride of Frankenstein Funko Pop
My love for Frankenstein is very big and you know that, because I talk about it all the time. So, eventually I decided to get the 30s movies after falling in love with this beautiful Bride print at Comic Con. As it is the case every once in a while I also got the Funko Pop figurine. And to me this one is especially beautiful with the details on the dress – and of course, her big hair is too cute.

Gothic Favourites Bride of Frankenstein Pin Brooch Violets Sappho'S Club sapphic
I also love this Bride pin by Kate Gabrielle – which I turned into a brooch, because it’s something I rather wear. She also glows in the dark, which is a fantastic addition to this character in particular. The violets brooch is a sapphic symbol and I think it’s very dainty and beautiful.

Gothic Favourites Moth
This moth was a gift by my mother – I talked about this before on Instagram; I wanted to get it in the beginning of July after looking at it for weeks, but it wasn’t at the Antique shop anymore and I was quite sad. However mum had gotten it for me, because she is the loveliest. Moths are one of my favourite animals, and this one in particular also reminds me of Animal Crossing. It’s a beautiful piece and I’m still thinking about where to place it to really show off it’s beauty.

Gothic Favourites 80s Edwardan Dress White GypsyGothVintage
One of my favourite Instagram accounts is Gypsy Goth Vintage and she also has an etsy shop where she sells beautiful pieces from the 20th century. I have been eyeing a pair of trousers for months, maybe years – it’s a 80s piece in turquoise. Well, still thinking about getting it. BUT I did get this lovely 80s piece, it’s an Edwardian inspired piece and exactly the kind of dress I love at the moment. With all the different organza and lace it’s a gorgeous pice and I got it at a fantastic price. It gives me quite a nice “antique” silhouette and I think it would look great wearing it in a forest (hauning surrounding villages, probably).

Gothic Favourites Lipstick Kiko essence metal green sangria
Recently I discovered green lipsticks – surprisingly they lok quite natural on me, the essence one (Metal Shock in 07 Venom) looks a bit like I imagine Medusa and the Kiko one (Metal Lipstick in 12 Forest Green) which is a bit darker like a mermaid. As someone that does not look that good in green clothing it is really interesting to see that green lipstick looks good on me (additionally they have fancy names). But, I also really enjoy the dark red/fuchsia tone (Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick in 111 Sangria) – I know dark tones are more popular in winter, but I do love them at the moment (then again they fit in quite well with the gothic/edwardian/victorian vibes I love right now). The design of tha last one is really innovative, but also kind of chunky and I do not know if I like that. As for durance, all of them stay on all day with minor touch ups.

What do you enjoy at the moment? what are your favourite thinkgs right now?


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