Comic Con Munich Memories

Comic Con Munich Memories Doctor Who

Ohh, conventions, one of the most amazing things there is. This one was the first one in Munich, so it was pretty exciting to have one just a couple of minutes from home – it was hot however so even the short time in the metro was horrible. Well, the Convention was not horrible – it was so much fun, people were super nice and the guests were too. The thing was at the same weekend MCM Con in London and Mega Con and I think two more took place and Munich Con was rather small, so the guest were not Hollywood stars, but there were some amazing people from great shows and movies (like Doctor Who). It went for two days only, but that was enough, I think. We had time to enjoy the artwork and merchandise and the panels as well. There were some fantastic cosplayers and I think the hosts were great too – in Dortmund things got awkward sometimes, but the ones in Munich were well informed, charming and put everyone at ease asking interesting questions when the audience did not come up with any.
However the best part was Sylvester McCoy for sure, he was so fun and interacted with the audience – before the con I hadn’t watched any of the old Doctor Who episodes, but immediately afterwards I decided to order the first Volume of his episodes.
I’m so happy this con was a success and am excited for the next one here in Munich.

Comic Con Leia Cosplay Star Wars Munich

Fighting the Empire (Troop Group)

Comic Con Munich

This kid was also fighting the Empire

Comic Con Leia Cosplay Star Wars Munich

Leia Posing

Comic Con Leia Cosplay Star Wars Munich

Meeting my Doppelganger (the only other Leia! and she was promoting something)

Comic Con Leia Cosplay Star Wars Munich

meeting the amazing Cita from Cosplayfactory

Comic Con Leia Cosplay Star Wars Munich

even R2 is with me

Comic Con Munich

Dalek watching the Doctor Who Panel

Comic Con Munich Breakfast

Convention Breakfast

Comic Con Munich Doctor Who

Sylvester McCoy was the best ever

Comic Con Munich Doctor Who

and the guys even made music on the panel

Comic Con Munich Doctor Who Star Wars BB-8 Tardis (also look at my Photoshop Skills))

BB-8 decided to travel space and time

Comic Con Munich BB-8

BB also met Kim Possible

Of course, I could not leave without a few cute pieces, however this time I only went for things from the fantastic people in the artists’ alley.

Comic Con Munich Arisette Illustration

Arisette Illustration – lovely cat lunch pin and Isabelle sticker

Comic Con Munich Dirty Dancing

another Dirty Dancing Edition, because I totally needed that one

Comic Con Munich Yunuyei

Yunuyei – went a bit over board there, but I can’t say no to Dean and Cas (and Hannibal was in a surprise bag – I was hoping for Will Graham, but that one is a cute illustration never the less)

Comic Con Munich Bride of Frankenstein

Bride of Frankenstein Illustration by R. Engel (Engel’s universe)

Comic Con Munich

Sylvester McCoy – a lovely friend from my old school (who I had not really seen in about a year) got me this after I asked her (because I was home and had regrets that I did not get it) and to be honest I will cherish this person forever


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