oops, I did it again | Bride of Frankenstein Hair

Bride of Frankenstein Hair
Okay, yes I admit it, I said blonde would stay for a longer time and at least it did not change for something “crazy” like yellow, orange or the colour of a sunrise. But I could not keep my fingers off hair dye – I was even considering black, to be honest. But I was a bit too scared. However it is likely I’ll dye the mop black in a few weeks or months. At this moment I feel like keeping this exact do – the 20s bob anyway, because it’s my favourite cut ever.

Bride of Frankenstein Hair
Bride of Frankenstein Hair

Well, anyway back to the topic of colour. I wanted some Bride of Frankenstein Vibes (not only because Frankenstein is my favourite book), so I went for a dark brown with a strand of hair that I kept blonde (I have to get the roots touched up on the blond hair…). I know technicaly she has one strand on each side of her head, but I didn’t want that (also her hairdo is quite different). Therefore this is what I wanted and how it turned out. As you see it turned out a bit too light for me at first – I really liked the colour but it wasn’t what I wanted – so I had one week with a green-ish teddy brown and then went full on dark.

Bride of Frankenstein Hair
Bride of Frankenstein Hair

I am afraid I might hate myself in a couple of months for going dark again, but at the moment and for the last couple of months I did not feel at all like colourful hair. I have to mention, though, that I have been looking at pictures of my dark brown hair (which I had about two years ago) for months and I adored it – and I do now, so I am excited to see how I style it. I did actually wear a few easy hairdos in the last few days and think the white strand adds a lot. I also feel like wearing more gothic stuff (not neccessarily goth, but some 19th century gothic vibes), black really grew to me.

What is you hair colour at the moment? And what colour do you want next?


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