Postcards from London

postcards from london london eye
London. Let me be honest here: I never really liked London, I always had tons issues with this city, only the British Library and Notting Hill actually appealed to me. But nevertheless I have been there for a few days in April again this year; meaning I have been to a city I do not really enjoy three years in a row at about the same time of the year – never organised by me though. And I have no idea what it was, I haven’t even been to Notting Hill, but I really enjoyed London this time around. I saw a few new places and a couple of known ones and this time, I was actually beginning to feel a bit more love for the city in general. And it truly wasn’t due to the people or the weather – because I always had friends with me (though always different ones) and always had a bit of a changing weather situation. Maybe it just was right this time around. I don’t know, but I’m glad I did enjoy London.

london thai food

Rosa’s near Carnaby

london buckingham palace

Jubilee Walk

london tulips

those colours…

london squirrel

we’ve had quite a few squirrel traums

london park witch house witch's cottage

witch’s cottage


Assassin’s Creed Realness

london Sherlock Holmes Pub

Sherlock is basically everywher

big ben theme london

and a chlicheé Big Ben/Themse photo, of course

baker street london

Baker Street

Sherlock Holmes Museum london

Sherlock Holmes Museum

cupcakes london lola's


cupcakes train london space buns

happy me eating lola’s cupcakes on the train (also, I want more stars on cupcakes)

london what I got haul

what I got in London

Actually, I wasn’t looking for anything in London, but when I saw that they had Sole Protectors at the Irregular Choice store, I had to get them, so I didn’t have to order subsitutes online for my lovelies.
And the Sherlock Pin was too cute to pass (and I was reading Sherlock Holmes novels at that time, too).


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