a few things to do in Stockholm

stockholm guide
For all the other cities, I recommended the city passes, but I really would not for Stockholm – it’s a lot more expensive than anywhere else and also does not include public transport (you have to add and pay for that), and quiet a few museums/sihtseeing destinations are actually for free.


Stockholm Almgreen


One of my favourite museums was definetly Stiftelsen KA Almgreen Sidenväveri & Museum, an old traditional weaving mill where they even show you how it was done and you can look at all the different devices and fabrics. So in case you enjoy handmade goods, that might be interesting for you.
Kungliga Slottet Stockholm

Kungliga Slottet

The Kungliga Slottet (royal castle) has a few different parts you can explore, from the treasury, to the reception rooms and a museum. Personally I think the recpetion rooms are most interesting and they also had a special exhibit on wedding dresses – I assume there is always a special exhibition worth checking out.
Royal Library Stockholm Bird

Lil’ bird at the royal library.

Public Library Stockholm

Public Library

The royal library and the public library are both worth having a look at for the architecture (from the outside and from the inside), the latter has a fantastic main round room that really looks like a dream library.
The Historiska Museum is free for everyone and as the name suggests all about history – and perfectly currated. It’s very innovative and yet has the feel of travelling back in time to it.
Stockholm Naturhistoriska Riksmuseum

Naturhistoriska Riksmuseum

Stockholm Naturhistoriska Riksmuseum

Dino Babes

Stockholm Naturhistoriska Riksmuseum

Old Dinosaurs

Another free museum is the Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet with all the bones, insects and animals.
Abba Museum Stockholm

ABBA Museum

The ABBA Museum on the other hand is rather experience, but it’s also quite an experience. Besides the interective part it also features a lot of costumes and information.
The way to Engelbrektskyrkan is quite beautiful, as is the area, it’s not that far from busy city life, but very calm. The church itself is quite pretty, however keep the opening hours in mind, it closes rather early.
You can also visit, well look at, that is, the of flat where Astrid Lindgren wrote her stories (Dalagatan 46), apparently only authorised people can look at the rooms, but I really hope they will open it for the public one day.

If you’re looking for vegan snacks and lunch, Koloni is the place to go. They have a few cafés throughout the city and they both have a lovely atmosphere and great food.
Café Kladdkakan is very central and quite cosy. They also have a big selection of snacks, but I really enjoyed the kadammom bullar.

vaxholm café kaffehörnan stockholm sweden


In Vaxholm Kaffehörnan & Annat Gott Vaxholm is very beautiful, I had a lovely chat with the owner about photography, Sweden and Munich and there was the cutest dog as well!


Stockholm si fi nerd sf bokhandeln

SF Bokhandeln

Since I posted about retro shops in Scandinavia (and therefore Stockholm) already, I onlly actually have one shop left to mention, the amazing SF Bokhandeln, the Swedish Nerd/Geek Bookstore with all the merch you could want. I think they have more books and DVDs than the Malmö shop, but a little less merch. It’s a fantastic store with a great atmosphere.

Walks, Trips and Parks

Rosendals Stockholm


To get to Rosendals garden and castle (more like a villa tbh) you can, depending on your location, take the ferry or cross the bridge. The whole “island” is quite lovely to walk around and especially the gardens and the area around the castle are worth checking out.
vaxholm stockholm sweden


Like in Oslo you can take a bus to a suburb and Vaxholm is probably one of the most famous ones. It ahs all those small chlicheé swedish houses and it really is very cute. It has both a cost and the loveliness of a small town, I’d highly recommend going there for an afternoon.
Stockholm Castle Drottingholm


Stockholm Castle Drottingholm selfie

Selfie (because you got to use the amazing weather)

Stockholm Castle Drottingholm library


You can also spend half a day at Drottingholm, have a look at the beautiful castle and if it’s sunny (warm) enough just sit at the water and enjoy the sun and view. It’s so beautiful and calming. On of the guards there asked me where I got my bag, so I told her, when I came back she had found the website and was about to order one for herself.

That was everything I had about my journey in April. I really hope you enjoyed it and got something out of it.


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