Holmenkollen | wanderlove and ski jumping

Holmenkollen oslo
One of my favourite things about Oslo was Holmenkollen for sure. Writing this I feel a heavy case of wanderlust – maybe with a good pair of boots next time, so I can actually go hiking for real (however the snow was so high at parts, you couldn’t have used the paths anyway). Nevertheless I had a wonderful time up there.
Holmenkollen Oslo snow
Holmenkollen Oslo snow
You take the metro for a short time to get there and can leave at the station Holmenkollen or further up. Then you can walk towards the museum and the ski jump/hopptarnet (best word ever, right?). The museum is really interesting and features everything from skis to the history of skiing, the ski jump and climate change.
Holmenkollen Oslo ski
Holmenkollen Oslo elevator snow
Holmenkollen Oslo ski jump snow
To get up to the jump you take an elevator that is a bit like Willy Wonkas elevator, so no good for people with vertigo – then again if you got vertigo, a ski jump might not be on your bucket list. For me however it was amazing, the experience and the view are so impressive. It ceared me mind and was incredibly refreshing (not only, but also because it was freezing).
Holmenkollen Oslo snow
Holmenkollen Oslo snow selfie
Holmenkollen Oslo snow ski jump
I then proceeded to walk towards the chapel and would have hiked further up hadn’t the snow been about 20-30 cm high. I guess good foot wear would have helped as well, but to be honest I expect Oslo in Easter time to be 7-10 degrees, not -1. However I’m not that sensitive towards the cold, so it was okay. At least I really got some clear fresh air.
Holmenkollen Oslo snow chapel
Holmenkollen Oslo snow
Holmenkollen Oslo snow shoes
And then I could warm up again at the cute and beautiful Hoppkaféen. Of course, in the mountains you drink hot chocolate with wipped cream and hmmm, those waffles…. They have sweet and savoury toppings for the waffles and you’re free to take as much as you want. Obviously I went for the rasberry yam and cream and I can still taste it looking at this photo. Also doesn’t everything taste the best after wandering around in the cold? To me that was a the perfect end to my hiking trip even though I would have loved to stroll furth upwards.
Holmenkollen Oslo snow ice
Holmenkollen Oslo snow waffle hot chocolate


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