a few things to do in Oslo

Oslo Guide
I arrived in Oslo in the early morning via ferry (which was a dream of mine for a long time and since I know that it isn’t the best thing for the eviroment it will most likely be my only cruise) and it was so cold. Apparently about 7-10 degrees colder than it usually is around that time, so it was snowy which seems also pretty appropriate/clicheé for Norway. Nevertheless I enjoyed the city with all the possibilities to walk around and the museums.

I’d say the Oslo Card is pretty useful, since there are tons of great museums in and around the city, for example the Munch Museum – what Van Gogh is for the Netherlands, Munch is for Norway and while I personally enjoy arists like Dahl a lot more, the museum has a fantastic concept and is really worth it if you’re interested in Munch (funny thing: in front of the museum three Chinese people asked me to take a picture with me, I have no idea if they thought I was an artist, but it was weird and funny).

National Gallery Oslo

National Gallery

If you want a general overview over (Norwegian) art, the National Gallery (Nasjonalmuseet) is amazing, the art is sorted by era and you basically walk from the beginnings towards modern art. Obviously I loved the room dedicated to Dahl, but they have quite a few gems there. At the museum people were really friendly and a woman as well as a guard told me they liked how colourful my dress was.
Zoologisk Museum Oslo

Zoologisk Museum

Zoologisk Museum Oslo T-Rex

T-Rex (Zoologisk Museum)

Of course, Oslo has a museum for Naturalhistory as well. And while the geological part was closed, the zoological part was pretty interesting on it’s own. It’s rather small, but they have some pretty cool pieces there (like … umm … the T-Rex that welcomes you in Room Two). The era is surrounded by a big botanical garden that seemed pretty, but probably is even more beautiful in summer.
Fram Museum Oslo


r Gjøa Fram Museum Oslo


Fram Museum is considered the best museum in Norway and even though I’m not that much into ships and have only vague background knowlegde on the topic of exploring the poles, I found it really innovative and enjoyable. I guess for someone who is really into this topic, it must be a breathtaking experience.
Vikingskipshuset museum vikingship oslo


Nearby you can look at more ships, at the Vikingskiphuset, a very small museum with a small collection, but a interesting one – being this close to Viking Ships and the treasures is fantastic – as is the multimedia show they play about every 15 minutes.
Karl Johans Gate Oslo

Karl Johans Gate

Karl-Johansgate is both a place to shop and boulevard with beautiful houses that leads towards the castle (which was closed when I was there) starting at the beautiful central station. Pretty close to central station you can have a look at the cathedral, too, before strolling further down the street passing the Nationaltheatre.

I have to mention team (inside central station) here, I am not sure whether or nor they are a chain, but their kanelbullar are probably made in heaven.
The cute Retrolykke is exactly what the name suggests, a retro café with various chairs and tables that do not match and so many colours (also the service guy who was there while I was there reminded me of Dane DeHaan. A lot.). I think Ruth 66 has a similar concept, but they were closed when I wanted to visit.


grünerløkka oslo


Grünerløkka and especially Markveien is perfect for some alternative shopping, there are lots of second-hand and vintage stores selling everything from clothing to furniture. It’s ver hipster-y, but that of course also means that it’s not stuffed with fast fashion.

Walks, Trips and Parks

Telthusbakken Oslo


Telthusbakken is a small street with even smaller houses that look exactly the way you imagine Norwegian houses, they are just adorable and colourful. Obviously, I want to like in the pink one.
Gamla Aker View Graveyard Oslo

Gamla Aker View

Very nearby you find the Gamla Aker church and graveyard, a truly beautiful graveyard with a very interesting structure and probably one of the most amazing views over Oslo.
Vår Frelsers Gravlund olo graveyard

Vår Frelsers Gravlund

Only about three minutes away you find the next graveyar, Vår Frelsers Gravlund where lots of famous people are buried (e.g. Munch).
Akershus Oslo


Akershus Oslo


I went to Akershus very early in the morning and it ws fantastic. It was freezing, but so impressive and really enjoyable to walk around the fortress and also have a great view over harbour and city.
Drøbak Oslo


To get to Drøbak you have to take the bus for about an hour, but on the journey you can already enjoy the landscape. The small town itself is popular among natives for summer houses, but also the place where Julebuk/Santa lives – they have a little shop and house (Tregardens Julehus) which I assume is fantastic, but was closed while I was there. However all the small houses are very cute to look at and the view from the cost is so enjoyable.


I always want to go on a cruise, so I went to Oslo by ferry, however you can also do a cruise to just discover the fjord of Oslo and I assume it’s pretty similar to what I experienced when arriving in Oslo in the early morning. You can see Drøbak from the ferry and a few houses sprinkled throughout the landscape and it’s so so beautiful.
Holmenkollen Ski Jump Oslo

Holmenkollen Ski Jump

One of my favourite things about Oslo was the Holmenkollen, about which I want to write a post in the near future. It’s a perfect place for hiking, enjoy a great view and learing about ski jumping history.

Have you been to Oslo yet? If so, what did you like best?


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