a few things to do in Malmö

Malmö Guide
Malmö is the perfect city to discover by walking, for me personally it’s also the perfect size for a city (similar to Augsburg in a way). People are incredibly nice and in the first half hour alone two people randomly started talking to me (one about my Star Wars jacket which was quite fun and a girl from Sightsavers who called me a queen for travelling alone). My time was interrupted by rain, but Malmö is one of these cities beautiful no matter the weather.

Malmö Haven


Station AreaMalmö

Station Area


Malmöhus Malmö


Snake Malmö Malmöhus


Malmöhus is the castle of Malmö (hence the name), but you can not only have a look at some royal reliquia, but it’s also a fantastic museum the top floors are reserved for art and historic objects, there also is a exhibit on the history of Malmö that is decorated with lots of historic items. It really is a great museum when it comes to making history interesting for everyone. They also have a selection of natural history pieces and living animals (which is somewhat weird, because they are stored in the basement, however they mainly have animals that enjoy the darkness).
St. Petri Church Malmö

St. Petri

St. Petri Church is really beautiful, very light and not to cluttered.
Another beautiful place is St. Gertrud where you can walk around in the yard, enjoy the lovely houses and disvover something new behind every corner.


Café Bagaget Malmö

Café Bagaget

Café Bagaget is across the street from the hostel I stayed at (an amazing hostel!). The Café is colourful and cosy, everything they sell is made and served with love and the kanelbullar are delicious.
While I’m pretty sure Coffee Factory is a chain, the café in Malmö is so cute. The interior is filled with books and random chairs that do not really match.

If you’re looking for vegetarian and vegan food I can highly recommend Astrid och Aprona. Not only does the store look adorable from the outside, it also offers a vast selection of vegan/vegetarian food and fruit.

SF Bokhandeln Tardis Malmö

SF Bokhandeln Tardis

SF Bokhandeln is nerd heaven. They have a few shops in Sweden and while I think Gothenburg (Göteburg) is the biggest, the one in Malmö is pretty big too and I think has a bigger selection than the one in Stockholm. And they have a tardis! Besides that they also have everything from books to funkos and merchandise.

Walks, Trips and Parks

Half-Timber House Malmö

Half-Timber House

It’s lovely to discover the city centre by walking around – you can look at all the 19th century houses, the half-timber houses, Lilla Torg and the townhall.
Gamla Graveyard Malmö

Gamla Graveyard

I’ve talked about graveyards before and Gamla Graveyard is a another beautiful one. It’s the old graveyard (gamla = old) and they do not bury people there anymore as far as I know, but instead there are a lot of flowers and even a small river.
plidannsparken Malmö flower

Plidannsparken Flower

plidannsparken Malmö flower

Plidannsparken Tower

plidannsparken Malmö flower pavillion magaret

Plidannsparken Pavillion

plidannsparken Malmö flower


Plidannsparken is close to the opera and very large. I enjoyed walking around a lot and there are tons of people jogging and walking their dogs. It seems to be pretty popular among natives, too. The park is centered around a small lake and there is a round tower you can see from every place in the park. You should definitely check out Margaretenpavillion as well, it’s beautiful and there are lovely flower beds all around.

Have you been to Malmö yet? If so, what did you like most?


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