six Instagram accounts I like at the moment.

Today I have a couple of lovely Instagram ladies for you. They all have fantastic feeds and I’d highly recommend having a look. Of course, I’d also enjoy reading about your favourites! I started following all of them in the last couple weeks, so this list doesn’t include my all time favourites.

Anyone else out there who constantly has to remind themselves it's okay to be feminine — when the world constantly tries to make you believe otherwise? Internalized misogyny, ahhh, please leave me be. I want to embrace my femininity, not hide it, nor be ashamed or silenced. I want to wear silly, frilly dresses and feel with a thousand hearts and still be allowed to have my words, never to be dismissed. 🌷 #feminism #empowerment #femininity #floraldress #spring #springfashion #curlyhair #redhead P.S. Perspective distortion or foreshortening is a funny thing. My other arm, the one closer to the camera looks like it's 5 meters long where as the other one is shorter than life itself. Keep that in mind kiddos ~art lesson of the day provided by Jerina~

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@jerianie is a Finnish Illustrator with a fantastic taste. I think it’s so cute and very distinct with spring and autumn colours. So if you’re into yellow, wine red and light pink, I bet you will enjoy her photos. She also writes fantastic, inspirational captions concerning feminism and body positivity.

@taylor_on_tour is a very Disneyland themed account with Taylor’s adorable Disneybounds and Cosplays. Additionally she (almost) always smiles in her photos and it’s very contagious.

@daily.disney.dreaming is another Disney-ish account (hence the name). Her Disneybounds are very creative and both retro and super cute. She has this fantastic Miss Fisher hair cut and just a wonderful charisma in her photos.

spring in Astana 🌸

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@lilyvanhecke is more into fashion and less into Disney again, her feed seeems like you’re going through the world with rose-tinted glasses. There are lots of flowers and adorable outfits, I just really enjoy the vibe.

@anndrawsthings has to be one of the most amazing artists on Instagram. Her work is just so much fun to look at. There is lots of bodypositivity and cats and I’m obsessed with her work. She also has fabulous eyebrows.

Back to work in Egypt at rock inscription sites in the hinterland of Elkab. On the right, I am checking the scaffolding we will use in order to record inscriptions at a previously unknown site that John discovered yesterday, and on the left, he is copying an inscription at a site further south (using a tablet computer and our new epigraphic method). I am wearing a vintage panama hat and 1970s vintage Neiman Marcus safari ensemble from @sultryvintage (who aptly described it as "Annie Hall meets Indiana Jones"). John has on a "70s does 30s" deco jacket from Fashionista, New Haven and WWII leggings. . . . #egyptologist #egyptology #scaffolding #rockinscriptions #archaeology #archaeologist #petroglyphs #egypt #ancientegypt #vintagestyle #truevintage #truevintageootd #pithhelmet #militaria #rockart #WWIImilitaria #desertexploration #1970svintage #vintagecouple

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This period of work in Egypt has produced some exciting results—more information, and a few short videos to come. As a modest preliminary celebration we visited Aswan on the weekend, and I took the opportunity to wear some vintage items around the famous and fabulous Cataract Hotel in Aswan (@sofitellegendoldcataract). The hotel was constructed 1899, and has been host both to Agatha Christie (for whom one of the suites is now named), as well as to the 1978 filming of her "Death on the Nile," with the garden façade serving for one hotel, and the imposing Nile front representing itself. In these shots (on the north side of the front, on the front terrace, and on the balcony of one of the rooms), I am wearing a late 1920s sheer peach chiffon dress with matching crop jacket and floral detailing (from @astralboutique). In the third photograph, in the background, is the southern tip of the island of Elephantine, site of a major First Dynasty fortification (ca. 3000 BCE), and continuous stratigraphy of human activity through the Graeco-Roman Period … more to come. #egyptologist #vintagehotel #truevintage #1920s #1920sdress #flapperdress #sofitellegendoldcataract #agathachristie #bobbedhair #egypt #Nile #aswan #elephantine #vintagetravel #oldcataract #1920sfashion #truevintageootd

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@vintage_egyptologist has all the amazing 20s vibes. To be honest, she is kind of what I aspire to be – chic at digs. It’s so amazing to see someone rocking a vintage style and doing scientific work.


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