living more ethical: a journey

, About two weeks ago I decided to start completely staying off Fast Fashion. I’ve been avoiding H&M, Zara and Co for the last couple of years and only own very little from these shops and what I own, I regularly wear. However I feel like even those few pieces are too much and now I want to stop buying there all together.

Just a few days ago I found a pair of trousers that was exactly what I was looking for at the Second Hand Shop, by chance! And for less than 5€. It’s an H&M piece, but I do not mind, it has been worn before and now I will wear it. Sure, I’d prefer a high quality vintage piece, but I can live with that. It feels like giving it a new home and putting at least a little stop to all this waste.

fifties vintage 50s cupcake prom dress pink girl tattoo

You know, that I love sewing and most of my wardrobe is already handmade and I have a few vintage pieces. But from now on I want to stop giving money to brands that pay their workers basically nothing, have low working conditions at dangerous work places and sometimes even exploit kids. Most pieces from those fast fashion companies are also really low quality – cheap materials, loose seams and they often (not always!) do not last a long time.

However, with the Star Wars shirt from H&M I was taking a first step, I got it in December and it was one of the last new shirts I bought recently. And I thought a lot about it, from first seeing it on someone on Instagram, to actually finding it in store and considering buying it. Eventually, of course, I did get it, and I don’t want to do that anymore. For once, I want to avoid high street, which is easy, but I also have to avoid most online shops, I guess. To be honest, I’m not yet sure where I can still shop, because I’m pretty sure most pinup/alternative shops produce their stuff pretty cheap as well. Additonally they waste so much water producing fashion that’s in for a season (well, I don’t really follow trends that way anyway, but you know).

When I do not wear something anymore, I usually give my clothes (of course in a good condition & cleaned) to charity or sometimes even sell them. So, I don’T want to change anything regarding how I deal with my old pieces.

dream in blue outfit 50s frankenstein favourite things midcentury handmade

So far, when it comes to shirts, trousers etc I think it’s very easy to find them second hand, be it from friends, online or in stores and of course make them myself. But I’m a bit concerned when it comes to cute bags and shoes, because while I’m sure I can say no to a shirt, it’s more difficult with bags. I will do my research however and then see where I can shop and slowly move from fast fashion produced things to fair fashion and second hand. In case you can recommend shops (especially for lingerie), please go ahead and tell me.

Personally I draw quite some inspiration from Annika Victoria, and Marzia and hope to one day completly move to second hand and eco- and human-friendly brands.


5 thoughts on “living more ethical: a journey

  1. I just want to say Way to Go! It’s really obvious in your post that you’re taking your goal seriously and really thinking through what will be difficult. I try to buy all of my clothes second hand but have also never found a suitable option for lingerie other than making it myself. A friend and I were in a thrift shop and picked up some great stretch cotton and made scrundies with a pattern she bought online. They’re cute but not sexy for sure – I’ve not found any great alternatives for sexy panties yet. And bras – sweet jesus I wouldn’t know where to start. Sometimes in a large thrift store you find some that are donated with the tags still on – never worn and brand new. Aside from that I do sometimes end up in a ‘new’ store to get what I need in that department. Google searching found this: although I don’t see a lot of evidence that the materials used are environmentally friendly. Someone should start a reclaimed materials lingerie line .. that is something I could get behind. Thanks for sharing and good luck!

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    • Thank you so much for the long answer, means a lot to me! Yeah, I was thinking of making underwear myself, but as you sad, bras are whole different level.
      Apparently we really need a brand like that! But I will do my research and if I come across something I will mention it here!
      Thank you so much and good luck to you as well. (:


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