Vintage and Retro shopping Guide for Scandinavia

Retro Shopping Guide Scandinavia
I love thrift and Vintage shopping, but it’s always a bit difficult to find a good shop in (an unknown) town, so I wanted to tell you about a few cool store I found on the way. However I found no shop at all in Copenhagen, so if you know good ones, please go ahead and let me know.
I have to mention that I discovered Vintage, even 20s-50s to be alot cheaper in Scandinavia than in Germany. And I’m not talking about saving 5-10 €, but Germany being about 5-10 times as expensive. In Stockholm I got a cupcake dream dress from the 50s for the converted price of 26 € for which I would have paid 200+ € here in Munich, I’m sure.

Amsterdam has a lot of Vintage shops, most of them are more focused on 80s/90s fashion however (and not on the cheap side either). So, for me personally, it’s more for accessoires. But: there are some reproduction shops, more expensive than second hand, but at least they sell some swing dresses. Nevertheless I want to share some shops I think have a great selection.

Juffrow Splinter Amsterdam

Juffrow Splinter

On Negen Straatjes you find quite a bit of old/kitchy/retro stuff, Juffrow Splinter has quite the selection when it comes to nic-nac and things you really don’t need.
The Fantasy Shop Chimera (Damstraat 7) has a lot of Asian stuff on the top floor and besides fairy and magical things a few repro dresses, e.g. Hell Bunny. It’s a very magical place and not only worth a visit due to the clothes, but due to the aura and decor.
Personally I considered the reproduction shop I ♥ Vintage (Prinsengracht 201) a bit too expensive for just getting something while travelling, but it is a beautiful shop with a small-ish, but very well-chosen selection.
Both Marbles Vintage (Staalstraat 30, Ferdinand Bolstraat 28, Haarlemmerdijk 64) and Bis Vintage (Sint Antoniesbreestraat 25-A) are your typical thrift shops. They have a lot to offer and even though most of it is random stuff from the 70s-2000s, you might find a 50s gem in between. Since all of them are rather central/close to sightseeing attractions, you can definetly check them out.
1953 Retro & Chic Amsterdam

1953 Retro & Chic

Now to a favourite of mine, even though I did not get anything: 1953 Retro & Chic (Staalstraat 2 – Instagram) is a beautiful store with things dating back to the Victorian time (and of course, the 50s, too). They sell quite a bit lingerie – of course, it’s not cheap, the quality seemed pretty high.
Laura Dols Amsterdam

Laura Dols

Finding a large shop in Amsterdam is always a surprise – they look small from the outside, but you can go up- and downstairs and towards the rear house at Laura Dols (Wolvenstraat 7 – Instagram). It’s a large Vintage shop with clothing from most eras and downstairs there’s a grand selection of “prom” dresses (fancy, evening, cocktail, bridesmaids, wedding dresses), but they also sell lots of accessoires (like my lovely beret).

Even though it’s smaller than Copenhagen, Malmö has more Vintage shops. Well, I did not find any in Copenhagen, so that was pretty easy. Still, Malmö has some very cute shops, most of them in the same era, so perfect for a Vintage trasure hunting afternoon.

Beyond Retro Malmö

Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro Malmö

Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro (8 Claesgatan – Instagram) has a big outlet in Malmö were prices are really okay. I got a dress for (converted) about 20€. The great thing is that the outlet offers a lot of stuff without being stuffed. There’s lots of space to get a good look at the clothes and besides vintage things they also offer amazing upcycled things.
Love Street Vintage Malmö

Love Street Vintage

Love Street Vintage (Kärleksgatan 5 – Instagram) is the opposite: it’s a very small shop, but so cute! It’s real Vintage, slightly dark and has that fancy aura good ols Vintage shops have.
Famous Ape Malmö

Famous Ape

If you want Reproduction and Vintage, Famous Ape (Davidshalsgatan 9 – Instagram) is the place for you. The lower floor is filled with Vintage dresses, novelty shorts, shoes and sports wear. The ground floor is very clean, hipstery repro, both floor have very selected pieces and both floors fit their content so well.
Liebling Malmö


Liebling ( Davidshallstorg 8 – Instagram) sells mainly Reproduction, but the entire shop seems to be in the wrong decade. It has a very midcentury feel to it. To me personally it felt like I should have a Latte Macchiato and a Crossiant while browsing – very cosy!

Oslo‘s Grünerlokka is the Hipster and therefore Vintage/Repro area, it’s very cute and has quite a bit to offer. There are other shops too in different areas, but I can really recommend Oslo for Vintage shoppers.

Manillusion Oslo


Markveien in Grünerlokka is the place for Vintage shopping. There are both retro cafés and shops, like Manillusion (Markveien 38 – Instagram) – it’s not cheap, but they offer a lot of big and small retro brands and have a great selection. The shop also looks like what retro dreams are made of.
Frøken Dianas Salonger Oslo

Frøken Dianas Salonger

Frøken Dianas Salonger Oslo

Frøken Dianas Salonger (also slightly sad I did not get the blouse)

Walking down towards the Alkerselva you pass the fabulous Frøken Dianes Salonger (Markveien 56 – Instagram), probably one of the most beautifully designed shops, it has this very real Vintage flair to it. They offer both Vintage (so many blouses!) and repro, everything with a femme fatale/diva vibe to it. The staff is very friendly and the shop is worth a visit for the interior design alone.
UFF Oslo


UFF Oslo


UFF (Karl Johans gate 5 – Instagram) has two shops in Oslo, but I liked the one on Karl Johans Gate better than the one even closer to Central Station (however they are only 5-10 minutes apart). The shops are both on the cheaper side and more like thrift stores. However, the things they sell date back far into the last century and the conditions of the pieces are pretty good as well.

Stockholm has a great selection of Vintage stores. Most of them are pretty small, but with a surprisingly good selection, even dating back to the 20s.

Old Touch Stockholm

Old Touch

Old Touch Stockholm

Old Touch

Old Touch (Upplandsgatan 43 – Instagram) is a fantastic Vintage store, that really deserves the name Vintage store, they main focus is on 20s-50s clothing in light colours. It’s a dream (or lots of dreams) in pink, white and yellow – including beautiful lingerie and prom dresses. The prices are really low and the staff is so friendly (but attention! Opposed to most shops in Scandinavia they only accept cash). There are at least three more Vintage shops in the street/very near by, so definetly have a look at the beauty that is Old Touch.
The brand Daisy Dapper (Katarina Bangata 33 – Instagram) might be known to those of you who enjoy reproduction dresses, but they also sell Hell Bunny, Collectif and other brands. Daisy Dapper also offers quite the range of brooches (erstwilder!), tights, accessoires and home decor.
Engströms Trikåaffär (Scheelegatan 5) is not really a Vintage/Repro shop, but the interior is amazing, the shop offers a lot of stuff (socks, lingerie etc). It’s more than 100 years old and they still sell their things via the counter, not on hanging rails.

I just love the way you can browse in Vintage/Retro shops and they do not have the fast fashion “just buy” feel H&M and Co have (want to write about that topic soon as well).
I hope I could help you a little or provide an insight in the shops I checked out. What is your favoutire shop in Sweden, Norwegen, Denmark or the Netherlands?


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