Blonde again.

Bob Cut 20s Blond Hair
I love being blonde. I love my bob cut. And I’m so glad it’s back. Within the last weeks my hair was more of a shoulder long pastel mess and while a lot of people (surprisingly) told me they like my hair and how I dyed it that way, I dreaded it in a way and way looking forward to my appointment at the hair dresser last Wednesday.

Bob Cut 20s Blonde Hair

Bob Cut 20s Blonde Hair

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed being able to do space buns and hair dos in general, but personally I do not really like long hair (and yes, not on me and not on most people – there are exceptions and you do you, but if you do not do fancy hair dos I don’t like long hair). I think short hair adds a lot of character to a person and makes faces more interesting, too. By now I’ve had a bob cut for about a year (with the longish hair interlude in the last weeks) and it feels perfect for me. I love not having hair bothering my neck, not weirdly hanging down, but being just long enough to try some curls.

Bob Cut 20s Blonde Hair Beret

I hope you don’t mind lots of outfits and photos with berets, because at the moment, they are my favourite thing to wear (and I’m sorry if I look like a pretentious faux French lady). Also, the whole 20s empowerment that bob cuts represent speaks a lot to me. Of course, my main inspiration was Miss Fisher (one of the best detective shows), a twenties femme fatale and even though I’m blonde I feel very empowered with my bob. It literally is the perfect hair cut for me to feel comfortable in (at least since last year, who knows, maybe I will be rocking waist long hair at 28).

Bob Cut 20s Blonde Hair Beret

Bob Cut 20s Blonde Hair Beret

You know I dye my hair quite often, usually I mention it on Instagram immediately and of course you see it in outfits and sometimes even in seperate posts. Still, I have to stay, blonde might be my favourite. If I had to choose one colour for the rest of my life it might indeed be blonde, even though I want some orange again next month. Someone once told me I’d look iconic with the short blond hair and the red lips and of course that was music to my ears. But it’s not just that, it feels so right, when I’m light blonde I never feel unhappy with my hair colour, I just want to try new colours (split-dye, blue, peach etc).

Bob Cut 20s Blonde Hair Beret

Bob Cut 20s Blonde Hair Beret

I sometimes miss the dark brown curls, but for now this is me, this is very much what I want to be and what I feel most comfortable with. I don’T want any change. Did you find your happy hair colour and cut yet?


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