a souvenir from Amsterdam | Tulip & Cat Tattoo

Cat Tulip Amsterdam Tattoo

I showed you what I bought in Amsterdam and Scandinavia already, however, I got a souvenir that is a little more durable, I’d say. Some colour on my skin. I knew I wanted/considered a tattoo from my journey, but I wasn’t sure about it. even though I had found a great shop in Amsterdam. Eventually, however, I wrote the artists and we agreed on a loose date. The shop is Queen of Arts Tattooing in Amsterdam (a fantastic, clean shop) and the Artist Sera.

The design was somewhat spontaneous. Sera posts flash designs on her Instagram and I liked quite a few of them. But, when I was there one the very day, she told me she could also design something there and then. So I told her I’d like a cat and a tulip (for the Netherlands, because I’m creative like that). The cat was inspired by my cat, but reminds me a lot of one of the Aristocats and Dinah (Alice’s cat) which is just perfect. I think it’s so adorable and will always remind me of the lovely time I had.

Cat Tulip Amsterdam Tattoo

The pain was okay, certain parts were a bit uncomfortable and some times I felt as if I had got pins and needles in my hand (which is not unusal, but probably even more intense due to my low blood pressure). It healed very well, considering I was travelling during the process and I think it’s adorable how the cat peaks out of my shirts.

Cat Tulip Amsterdam Tattoo


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