Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 | Fangirl Friday

You know, I personally prefer DC over Marvel. In general, but I really like Spiderman and I think the first Guardians movie was quite funny. So I wanted to see the second and when a friend asked me whether I wanted to watch it last Friday I said yes. We went Sunday, because it was a bit complicated before, but I realised we saw it before the US release (which never happens, because we have to wait for most movies to be released in Germany).

I guess the main sell-point of this (well, let’s call it a series, because they sure as hel will make quite some follow-ups) series is the fun side. And it really is a lot of fun to watch, the characters work great together. At times it is a bit cheesy and cringy, but in general it’s a fun movie. The story itself does not offer that much, it is well constructed, but the later it gets the more you discover the construction. Personally I think this movie could have been shorter, even though it did not drag, looking back there was a lot of unneccessary stuff going on.
Baby Groot was the cutest thing ever and the intro danceing scene alone was so much adorable-ness, I was already in love. Rocket was fun as well, I really like him and feel for him (emotional instability and withdrawness are the character trait I always fall for). And can we talk about Mantis and how cute she is? From her looks to her personality, such a cutie.
But, what I have to say, besides the characters, music and dialogue this movie does not offer all that much. To be honest, writing this about a day later I do not remember all that much (and since then I only re-watched the BBC miniseries of Pride & Prejudice). The story, meeting dad and what comes with that was basic, I mean, there was drama and side-issues, but it was a very straight forward plot with little to no distractions. I mean, there were great cameos (Sylvester Stallone etc.), but as a whole looking back it’s not a movie that will stick with me, I assume. I had fun, enjoyed the jokes and the soundtrack, but it could not keep up with the fantastic movies I saw in the last months (Hidden Figures and A Cure for Wellness are still crazily present in my mind). I’m really sorry for the crappy review, but this movie is pretty hard to talk about because I dod not feel like there is a lot of substance.
Also, as always, lets admit what I always do: I cried during this movie (pretty near the end, but apparently I do not go to the movie theatre without crying anymore).

Will you watch the movie or what did you think about it?


2 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 | Fangirl Friday

  1. I loved this movie, but only because I was able to accept it for what it is; filler. Nothing that happened advanced the storyline at all (MCU wise, no mention of Infinity Stones at all) but it was fun to watch. I’m just looking forward to seeing the GotG team in Infinity War :)


    • True, that helps for sure. Glad you enjoyed it! I hope they will make something new and different though, because to me personally a lot of Marvel movies lost the appeal because they have little depth and are very interchangeable. However I’m really looking forward to Spiderman (mainly because he was quite a big part of my childhood).


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