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AS you know I travelled almost all of April, I was home for only about three/four days, so now a lot of the upcoming content will be from those travels through Scandinavia (+ the Netherlands). However it might take some time to go through the pictures and edit them. The easiest is showing you my shopping finds. I did not get a lot of things for me and some of them were needed (adapter, gloves…) or wanted for some time, so here goes…

Amsterdam Finds
Amsterdam I wanted to get into E.A. Poe by reading the Penguin Little Black Classic Tell Tale Heart, which I found at Waterstones, and I hope to follow up with something more than just short stories, because for me it had a certain appeal, but I wasn’t that much into it. However I am very much into my Laura Dols Beret, it is so very lovely and now I want to wear berets every day and in every colour imaginable. I was planning to visit the Nintje shop and there I got the Miffy Plush and Pin, because I think both things are just so cute. Of course, the Plush wears a Netherland themed dress and the brushes remind me of the popularity of painters in Amsterdam. Especially since there are adorable Miffy postcards, were the little bunny looks at beautiful paintings. Tony’s Chocolonely was sort of an impulse buy, I got some for my grandpa and later on found out they fight against slavery in Chocolate production. Also, my landlord in Amsterdam let me try some of the Salted Caramel Seasalt chocolate which was delicious. The packaging reminds me a lot of Willy Wonka’s chocolate, too.

Haarlem Finds
Haarlem On the day in Haarlem I got myself a few postcards (see below, as well as he postcards I got in Amsterdam), a book about the Teylers Museum and a small collection of fossils. However, I will write about the museum and it’s perks very soon.

Amsterdam Postcards

Copenhagen Finds
Copenhagen If there is a Disney store, I have to visit it at least once and even though most European Disney stores are very focused on kids. I saw the cutest little Pumba Tsum Tsum, I am actully looking for an Ewok Tsum, but I only found this cutie. Since it was pretty cold, I got myself a scarf on sale. It’s very soft and warm, really a good purchase. Another thing that was inevitable was a charger I got at Photografica. I took the wrong charger for my camera with me, so I had to get something to charge it and that was the thing I got, luckily it can also charge phones and basically everything you could charge. At the Glypotothek I got a new uni pin fine line pen because mine was out of ink and a postcard with a painting by Dahl. At the museum of Natural History I found a cute Ammonit. As a last little thing at the Disney store I got a fantastic Alice cup. The girl at the store was wonderfully friendly and we talked about dresses and cosplay and everything.

Malmö Dress
Malmö One of the first things I did in Malmö was visit Beyond Retro’s Outlet which had a fantastic selection and I got this gingham dress with a sailor collar. I guess it’s a 70s/80s does 40s with the collar and the fabric, especially since it does not have any stains etc and the seams are finished with an overlocker.

Oslo Finds
Oslo Going to Natural History Museums is one of my favourite things to do and there I found a dinosaur coin which is one of the cutest things ever. Then, once more I got something I had to buy, because of the cold: gloves, adorable gloves. At Holmenkollen I saw the Norway patch and thought to myself did you not want to decorate your suitcase with patches? Well, I only got one in Norway, but it’s really cute.

Oslo Dress
At UFF, a second hand store I found this Sandy nightgown (that’s what I call it, because it reminds me a lot of Grease and Doris Day). I assume it’s late 60s/early 70s, the fabric is very high quality and the cut is rather chaste. Well, it is adorable and I want to have all the sleepovers now.

Oslo Postcards

Stokholm Finds
Stockholm If you have been to Stockholm and are somewhat of a nerd, you know about SF Bokhandeln where I found Shakespeare’s Star Wars, a book I heard about just a couple of weeks before and was very interested to read. And it was fantastic, so I want to read all six books now. At Drottingholm I found a crown pin of which some of the earnings go to kids in need. The Erstwilder beehive brooch was on my mind for quite some time, it’s part of the Junebugs & Erstwilder collab and since I love both the Junebugs and bees I really wanted to get the brooch anyway. I was very happy to find it at Daisy Dapper, because the collection was rather hard to get online (and I was too lazy to order online). I also got socks at Engström, a small but full shop in the city and I considered those socks very very cute. Lastly I got a pin of this Swedish horse to put on my denim jacket. It’s just so lovely in colour and design, I had to get it.

Stockholm Dress
One of my best pieces was this Old Touch 50s dress, which did not even cost 30 € (converted from Swedish krona). It looks like a pink prom cupcake dream and when I first tried it on it was a too small, however I went back to the shop and bought it anyway the next day, discovering later on it had seams that were added by a later owner (as were the straps, I think) and without a bra it fits well enough. There is a little rip in the back (they told me in store), but it’s easy to fix and I really look forward to wearing it.

Lastly I wanted to give you an overview over the things I got for friends and family, I found beautiful little goodies in every city, not only tourist-y stuff, but also in Vintage/Second Hand Shops.

I was really surprised to find Vintage Dress for very little money, as midcentury pieces are barely affordable in Germany. So, I am incredibly happy about finding Vintage goodies at a good price.


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