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80s movie favourites
I mentioned this a couple of times before that I’m really happy to live in this day and age, howevere if I had to go back in time the 80s seem like a lot of fun to me – and I guess this is mainly due to the fact that I love 80s pop culture. From books and tv shows to movies. Most of my movie favourites are from this era and today I wanted to share them with you in a chronological order. Before I start I want to give a honourable mention to Flashdance and Pretty in Pink, especially Iona.

The Empire Strikes Back How could I not include a Star Wars movie? To be honest, Episode V is my favourite in the installment. It has both Leia/Han moments and is very epic, I get a bit more into detail here (I think).

Shining This was one of the first horror movies I’ve ever seen and I still like it very much, the cinematography and the story. Personally I can’t get into Stephen King’s books, but I really enjoy the movie adaptations. And the shining probably is my favourite, it’s scary and fantastic and it’s one of those horror movies that you can enjoy in the afternoon too, because it doesn’t rely on the “watch your back/behind the couch/darkness scare” thing some movies do. Also, Jack Nicholson is so amazing in this movie. I’m pretty sure this movie (and Silence of the Lambs) sparked my fascination with the genre.

80s movies funko

The Breakfast Club I could mention almost every John Hughes movie here (besides 16 candles – still haven’t watched that one), but could I make this list without the obvious? His movies are always interesting and I think they are pretty realistic for ten movies, sure things are overdone. Well, I talk a bit about John Hughes here, but to get back to this movie. I think it shows how many different people meet or could meet and could become friends if given the chance.

Back to the Future This trilogy is a Christmas tradtion for me, I really enjoy watching it, following adorable Marty travelling through time and after all, time travelling is a fun topic. More opinions on this movie can be found here.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off This might be my all time favourite movie, at least when it comes to teen movies and actually 80s movies. I just think the idea is so amazing – a guy skipping school, but instead of wasting the day he actually does wonderful things, even going to a museum. There are a few quotes here and my opinion on the movie here. Also, I just love the cast, Matthew Broderick is so fun – my favourite scene is the one at the parade. And young Charlie Sheen is pretty handsome, too.

80s movies funko

The Secret of My Success Another Michael J. Fox movie, because I just love his comedies and I think this one especially is such a fun movie. The story is actually a bit weird, but it’s so overdone that it is fun again. And I really recommend it for a Sunday afternoon.

Dirty Dancing This might be the movie I have seen most times in my life, I basically know every line and always talk along the first few scenes – writing this, I really have to watch it again. The music, obviously adds a lot to the movie and I listen to the soundtrack a lot, because I think it’s fantastic. What I love about Dirty Dancing is the fact that it is romantic, dramatic and fun all the same and very balanced. It’s fantastic, ok? Also, Baby’s sister wears the best outfit ever when she does practice her dance.

I’m pretty certain I forgot one or two, but oh well… What are your favourite movies from the 80s?


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