A few Spring Self Care Activities

Self Care Spring Outfit 60s
I do not know about you, but I really enjoy posts in which people talk about who they take a day of, have a spa day or just about self car/love in general. So today I wanted to share a few things I love to do to celebrate daily life and enjoy spring with a smile on your face.

Pastel Lipsticks, Dresses and Nail Polish As a big advocate for all things pastel I had to mention this, it is a theme around easter especially.Maybe you can either snatch a new lipstick from the spring collection or just go back to an old favourite. The light colours will brighten your mood instantly even on a grey day.

Spring Cleaning It’s for a reason that we get rid of things in spring and start anew and saying goodbye to a few things not only creates space at home but also in mind.

Put Pin Curls/Rollers in your Hair Having curls is something that is so connected to spring for me. If you do not have natural curls I think the process of setting your hair is very relaxing, too – maybe while watching an episode of Pushing Daisies or listening to your favourite artist. And in the morning (or maybe a few hours later depending on how/when you set your hair) you have beautiful curls. If you like to the the rollers in a bit longer, just put a scarf in your hair and it will look adorable.

Have a Picnic in the Park When it finally gets warm again it’s a beautiful way to welcome the sun with a picnic on the green meadow – perhaps even with some flowers around. Bring sandwiches, cookies, lemonade and whatever pleases you and have your lunch outside. Even if you only have very little time to spare I’m sure there is a park nearby for you to have a picnic outside.

Eliza Doolittle & Eros Ramazotti Those two are the artists I enjoy very much at the moment and especially Eliza has a very uplifting repertoire of songs that have a sunshine vibe to them – I listen to them on repeat. Eros is very differnent for me because his music has a lot of spring+summer memories connected to it – and I’m sure you have artists just like that and can enjoy them again. There is nothing like rediscovering an old favourite!

Self Care Spring Outfit 60s

Treat Yourself Most websites I shop at seem to have a spring sale as well – for example I just (as I write this) got myself a sparkly pair of Lindy Bop shoes for about twenty bucks and they have a lot of affordable and beautiful things online. But a fantastic cupcake can be just as much of a treat.

Put on a Spring Dress and go for a Walk/Hike/Cycle without your Phone I can’t really put my finger on what exactly the reason is, but if you put on a lovely outfit a stroll feels even better. And to add something, leave your phone at home and just enjoy the sun. No matter if you decide to walk around the woods, bike through town or go on a city trip. Just recently I went on a spontaneus trip to Augsburg and it was very relaxing and refreshing (well, and at the time this post goes online I’m on my Scandinavia Trip). Personally I prefer doing those things on my own, to unwind and get rid of any sorrow I might have, but if you like you can of course do this with a friend by your side. Just watch the flowers bloom, discover new things in your area and appreciate the small things in nature.

Watch a Sunrise/Sunset Depending on your personality you might rather catch a Sunset than a Sunrise, but just look up when the sun sets and raises in your area and set half an hour or maybe just 15 minutes of your day aside to savour the first or last sunbeams of the day – no matter if from home or in a outside.

Prepare Cinnamon Rolls Making cinnamon rolls is actually fairly easy and you find a lot of recipies online, I can think of a lot of ideas on how to easily enhance them. However, while the process takes some time, the result of a warm, delicious roll is always worth it.

Get Some Fresh Flowers With spring all the flowers come back and whether you just get a bunch of flowers from the supermarket or pick them at a field – when you put them in a vase at home the bunch will instantly prettify the room. And who doesn’t enjoy having breakfast at a table with some flowers (in case of allergy, there are some fantastic artifical flowers, personally I really like the selection at Ikea)?

Self Care Spring Outfit 60s

What do you do to celebrate the day and what are your spring plans?


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