what’s in my carry on bag

what's in my travel bag
I try to pack very lightly, so some of the things that I carry around when I’m at home stayed here. Nevertheless, I’m overly cautious, so I overpack no matter what. These are the thing I carry around with me when having a stroll through the Scandinavian cities – on the train/plane/bus I will have my 3Ds and a deo with me, for sure. Sunglasses depend on the day, but I am not your avarage sunglass person (meaning, I just wear sunglasses sporadically and it has almost nothing to do with the weather – same goes from umbrellas to be honest).

what's in my travel bag

what's in my travel bag

Calendar & Pen I always carry around a calendar, just to note down both appointments and if things come to mind in general. My bullet journal usually stays at home and just the things for the particular day are written down, because I usually just use the bullet journal for planning ahead.

Snack While I tend not to have a bottle of water on me and rather go to a café or only have the bottle on particular days, I almost always have a snack with me – be it those fantastic vegan gummi bears (I try to eat mainly vegan on this trip) or chocolate. Not only for when I’m a bit hungry, but also when I get dizzy.

Phone & Headphones That one is quite obvious, even though I am not always on my phone, I sometimes need some music when I get a bit anxious because there are so many people – also when I get lost I want my phone to tell me where to go (you don’t always meet people you can communicate with, people at all, or people you are comfortable with).

Power Bank This one ties in with the last one and especially goes with the finding the way home. Here in Munich I usually only charge my phone every two days, but I really don’t want to be stranded somewhere without the possiblity to communicate with people at home/find the way to the flat/hostel.

Hand Sanitizer I like to have my hands clean and while I do not always use hand sanitizer at home sometimes I do and if am strolling around all day, I guess I want to have clean hands even when I can’t wash them at the moment.

Tissues Sticky fingers, cleaning things, cold…

Comb On of my main pet peeves comes to show when my fringe is out of order. I really, really dislike the hair being messy, so when I feel like my fringe is weird, I have to comb and fix it.

Purse That one s pretty obvious of course, I have my money on hand, probably my debit card and id – sure, when I am on the way to the airport/station I will have my passport and credit card with me.

Guidebook When I am in a city I have never been to, I want to have a map on me and a guide to tell me where I could go next and what I want to visit in general. That goes for shopping especially, because finding museums/sights is pretty easy compared to finding that little shop.

Kindle When I am on the train or in a café I like to pick up a good book and preferably enjoy the sun, a cup of coffee and a the story. It took the kindle with me, because it’s a lot lighter than any book and I cannot afford to carry around hundreds of books neither in my bag nor luggage. However I’m pretty sure I will buy a book or two in the cties I visit.

Camera & Remote Release Probably the most important thing when visiting a new city is a camera and if I want to take a few outfit shots, I will have the remote on me.

Cosmetic Stuff I have my little Star Wars Bag with me in which I carry around the things below.

what's in my travel bag

Sewing Kit & Bobbypin I have this kit with me all the time and when I’m travelling with friends they always need something from the kit. Though when I travel on my own, I have the feeling that this might come in handy no matter what. Also, a bobbypin when my hair is really unruly is usually kept within the kit.

Powder Puff Even though I decided no to take my beautiful powder box with me, I took the puff with me, if stil removes access oil and does a good job.

Tampons Pretty obvious as well, no matter if I need tham, you want to be on the safe side – or help someone else out.

Lipstick As a person who always wears lipstick, that particular lipstick is always with me and even though most of lipsticks tend to stay on my lips during the whole day, I want to have it with me.

Handcream When my best friend gave me this small tube, I was really happy, because it is sooo handy. I do not want to carry around a big tube of hand cream just to use it once a day, so I have this one on me and refill it at home.

Perfume While I do not always wear perfume, sometimes I just want to smell nice and this one is my all time favourite.

Glitter This has been in my bag forever, because why not?

What do you carry around with you on city trips?


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