My Funko Pop Collection

Funko Pop Collection
This post has been planned for a few months, but for whatever mysterious reason it took some time. Nevertheless I finally managed to prepare this post for you. I have a moderate of Funko Pop Figurines, I’d say, it’s more than the I like the Darth Vader on so I got it but it’s far from the I get every single Special Edition, their is nothing wrng with either, it’s just the way I collect them. I’ll write a bit about my “story” and so on while presenting them. To guide me through all I want to mention I included a few bullet points from various tags, especially this one.

Funko Pop Queen of Hearts
Alice in Wonderland 179 Queen of Hearts | Alice in Wonderlang Through the Looking Glass 185 Iracebeth (Blue/Gold Version)

Funko Pop Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland 176 Alice | Disney 49 Alice

The First One
I guess the Original Disney Alice, this little cutie was what started the collection, and I think Marty McFly was Number Two, however could have been vice-versa. From than on I do not really know which one came next, I mean, I know some are newer than others, but apart from that it blended together, but I got a lot of them very close to each other, so that might be the reason. I think I came in contact with the figurines 2015 (maybe 2014?) due to … bookstagram/booktube? I have no clue whatsoever, but I know that I liked watching collection videos quite a bit during the time I bought a lot (of course those things influence each other).

Funko Pop Villains
Pocket Pop Tin Set Disney Villains

The Newest One
Leia, I know, I know, she should have been one of my first, but I only got her with a few related things after Carrie Fisher’s passing. She was on the list FOREVER and I think she is just so cute.

Funko Pop Jack Harkness Marty McFly
Doctor Who 297 Jack Harkness | Back to the Future 49 Marty McFly

Funko Pop Mia Wallace Ferris Bueller
Pulp Fiction 63 Mia Wallace | Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 318 Dancing Ferris

The Most Beautiful/Favourite One
Let me start this of with a confession, fasten your seatbelt, collectors, because I don’t keep the boxes. I know cardinal sin in Funko Collecting Circles, but I do not have unlimited space and I really only get them for decoration reasons and of characters I adore, I don’t plan on selling them anytime soon and if I would I don’t mind getting just a few bucks, since I on’t spend that much on them (aside from Poe without the Helmet, he was expensive).
Well, I only get ones I find cute, so I basically love all of them, nevertheless I think my Chrome C-3PO with the red arm is fantastically beautiful. The Queen is pretty as well, however that is mainly the merit of Tim Burton and his team. Both Ferris and Mia Wallace just capture the personalities. Castiel, Crimson Peak’s Edith and the young Cat Woman are really detailed and cute. Clark Griswold who is with the Christmas stuff, so I do not have a picture) is a fantastic funko as well with his little eggnog mug. Both Moriarty’s are fabulous as are Leia and Poe – but you know all those sentimentalities for the characters aside I would say Edith, King Moriarty and C-3PO. Though I can say which one is of the lowest quality – Merida, her hair has two pieces added to the front and it’s so weird (similar with Charlie, why isn’t she matte?).

Funko Pop Selina Catwoman Merida Edith Crimson Peak
Gotham 79 Selina Kyle | Disney 57 Merida | Crimson Peak 216 Edith Cushing

Funko Pop Harley Quinn
Suicide Squad 97 Harley Quinn | Batman Arkham Asylum 54 Harley Quinn

As mentioned above the last one I got was in late December, so even though I want a few Funkos I don’t really want them SOOOO badly that I have to get them asap. Nevertheless I do have some I’ve wanted for more than a year. Irene Adler from Sherlock is one of my favourite characters of the show, so she’s a must, then my favourite Doctor, Eleven, and Han Solo. Of course I also finally need a Cheshire Cat, probably the baby one, equally cute is the Ewok Wicket. From the Disney ones I only want Mulan and Mushu & Cricket, even though I think the Belle ones of the castle inhabitants are beautiful. Also beautiful is Jane from Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, she looks so fierce. And last but not least Ezio from Assassin’s Creed.
I add and remove Mary Poppins from the list all the time, I have no idea why, because I actually really like her. Then, I’m also thinking about the Golden Girls and Clueless. If the Hannibal ones of Will Graham would be more accurate, I’d like those too.

Funko Pop Moriarty
Sherlock 293 Moriarty with Crown | Sherlock 286 Jim Moriarty

Funko Pop Supernatural Castiel Dean Charlie
Supernatural 95 Castiel (Leviathan Version) | Supernatural 94 Dean (Blood Splattered) | Supernatural 176 Charlie

Yet To Be Created
Jurassic Park. No doubt. Pushing Daisies, too, and classic movies like Dirty Dancing. Nygma from Gothan would be pretty cool as would Pretty in Pink’s Iona. Penny Dreadful and Miss Fisher would make for fancy ones, too. But Ellie Sattler and the Pushing Daisies characters are most important (thouggh the latter is soooo unlikely).

Funko Pop Star Wars Stormtrooper Leia
Star Wars 05 Stormtrooper | Star Wars 04 Leia

Best Series
I really love the Star Wars ones, even though they have the bobble head, almost all of them look fantastic and beautifully crafted. There are so many of them and I just all the ideas (also, my dad owns Darth and the Yoda Spirit, I just forgot to take pics). However the Wonderland ones are pretty cute, too.

Funko Pop Droids Star Wars BB8 R2D2 C3PO
Star Wars 61 BB-8 | Star Wars 31 R2-D2 | Star Wars 64 C-3PO (Metallic/Chrome Version)

The Numbers
Unless I’m unable to count: 25 + the 3 little villian ladies.

Funko Pop Star Wars Rey Doe Dameron
Star Wars 72 Poe Dameron (No Helmet Version) | Star Wars 58 Rey

Do you own funkos? What do you think of them and if you plan on getting new ones which ones?


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