Handmade Update March 2017

Leia Star Wars Acrylic
Leia Acrylic
22nd of February, 3rd of March
I did show you the wip in February and now it’s done. Though Leia does not really have a nose. Well, I guess, I have to fix that.

Light Green Dress
Light Green Dress
4th of March
That one should have been a dress with dinosaurs on the hem, because it seemed so perfect. I saw this fabric and knew it was great for the dinosaurs. However as I was done with the dress I considered my idea again and left it as it was. And I love this fabric and cut a lot.

Yellow Babydoll
Babydoll yellow
5th, 6th of March
Based on this reference I wanted to use the great flower fabric I found in Augsburg for a babydoll (well, technically two). So after deciding on a cut I went to look for some matching chiffon in pink and yellow (mum’s recommendation) and added that.

Pink Babydoll
Babydoll pink
5th, 6th of March
For the lining I used some leftover fabric from my Leia dress and it’s so soft in the skin. And it looks very cute, I think. But oh with this flower fabric what could go wrong.

50s Kimono Dress Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom Dress
5th, 6th of March
I did use the left-over Leia fabric for the lining here as well. The cherry blossom fabric took my fancy, because I like @nekomatahime‘s aesthetic a lot at the moment and just in general have a bit of an Asian obsession currently. So, I turned it into Fifties/Kimono inspired dress (which actually was a thing) and after applying the piping twice with my sewing machine which ended in a terrible mess I hand-sewed them on and hand-sewing really grows on me, to be honest.

Alice in Wonderland Anne Dress Apron
Alice Dress (Anne)
20th, 25th, 28th of February, 3rd of March
This one was also shared before, last month to be exact, and not it’s finished, another Alie dress and I really hope it fits.
Alice Apron (Anne)
6th, 21st, 23rd of March
I have been working on this whole thing for quite some time and now the resulting pictures are blurry. Great. Also, def. have to iron the straps of the bow.

Currently I’m working on:
Gingham Blouse
4th of March

What are you working on at the momen? And what did you create recently?


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