Mail Day #9 | Star Wars (again) and ModCloth

mail day #9 star wars modcloth
Today I have another mail day for you, the things I got in February/March and most of them will be with me on the way to Amsterdam.

Sabrina Elahi Leia Star Wars
Actually I only ordered the adoraaaable Leia brooch, but since I was Sabrinas first international customer she included all these beutiful goodies and I really want to recommend her very cute etsy-shop. The products are high quality with a cute nerdy touch and the quote on the back is the best idea ever.

Irregular Choice Dark Empire Star Wars
Since I showed you those beautiful shoes here I have worn then on several occassions and they are amazing. Easy to walk in and comfortable, although it always is a little weird for me to be a regular height. I got them on a lot cheaper than they were on release.

Madame Crystal Sole Protectors
Now owning three IC pairs with gorgeous soles (I have four pairs, but one has “just” flowers on the sole), I just needed some Sole Protectors and since the official ones are always sold out I got myself the one from Madame Crystal and they do a good job so far – even though I think the online shop layout is a catastrophe.

Now on to the things I got from ModCloth. I have bit of love-hate relationship with ModCloth, the things they sell are amazingly beautiful and always look amazing however international shipping usually is very expensive and I always (well I ordered twice and had to do that twice) have to pick it up at customs. However this time I ordered the things with a friend, so we did not have to pay for shipping.

modcloth bait glitter blue
modcloth bait glitter blue
Most of things I got were on sale and that was part of the reason for me to get them. Not in a meh, but it’s on sale, but in a I really like this, but I would not have gotten this for the original price. These shoes, they are glittery and a fantastic cut, they will look so cute with fancy socks (no toe-showing for me, please). I wear heels on a every-second-day basis, and I do not have that many light colour or mono coloured heels. These light blue ones however will go well with so many things in my wardrobe, I’m pretty sure they will be a spring/summer fave, since they are so comfortable to walk in (and I love kitten heels with a big heel).

ModCloth Star Wars Postcards
ModCloth Star Wars Postcards
Now, honestly, how could I pass on a set of Star Wars postcards (which seemed to be quite a lot) for 5$ when they were 25$ before? So, all the Star Wars postcards for me, you find them here. Turns out there are 100 amazing postcards of Episode I-VI including key moments, they are fantastic, so much Leia-Love (and for five bucks!) – happy as happy can be and probably one of my best purchase, since the box is pretty amazing as well.

ModCloth Tights Dinosaur dino mandarin
By now almost everyone know that dinosaurs are part of my plan for the future – wait, that sounded like I want to open up a Jurassic Park – part of the job I want have later in life and cute dinosaur stuff is all that I want to wear (besides Star Wars), so cute tights? Yes, please.
Tights are a key element of my wardrobe and while I know that seamed tights add to the classical 50s look, i just love colourful ones and think they add a lot more to outfits, there are a lot of colours still missing, but a least Persimmon is now represented in my wardrobe. However, they are actually more intense in person, but still very cute.

What did you get recently? And what do you think of ModCloth, especially if you are an international customer?


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