Fabrics & Second-Hand | Shopping in Augsburg

Augsburg Shopping Fabrics Thrift Second-Hand
As I mentioned in the post about visiting Augsburg, they have amazing fabric stores and of course I wanted to visit my favourite one. So, that is what I’m showing you today, alongside some more things I found in this lovely town.

Augsburg Shopping Drugstore
Just after arriving I had to go to the drugstore, because I wanted a small deodorant for travelling. However as it turns out, this one is really dry and powdery, literally dust came of my armpit after appling this. The lasher were just because I really wanted to have some falsies again.

Augsburg Shopping Vintage Shirt Blouse
I also went to a thrift/vintage (Vinty’s) store where they sell second-hand stuff for a few euros and some of the profit goes to a good cause. This blouse is vintage, I’d say midcentury, but I’m not quite sure. However it goes very well with my skirts.

Augsburg Shopping Shirt Blouse
I also found this rather new shirt by a London fabricant and since I was looking for cute shirts, I tried it on and got it. It has a very summery feel to it due to the colour.

Augsburg Shopping Bee Pin
I also found this DLV (which I guess is Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverband/German Agricultural Union) Pin and since I love bees, I just had to get it.

Augsburg Shopping Fabric
As mentioned above I wanted to buy some fabrics, I got six different ones, all very beautiful, but I was a little too stinted and so I’m afraid it might be just a bit too little of each one. We will see, I guess there will be some new additions to my wardrobe shown in my handmade update this month. For the mint on with the triangles I had a project in mind the moment I saw it (it is one of my 2017 projects, but I was still looking for the fabric), the other ones just spoke to me and I could not resist.

Augsburg Shopping Fabric

Augsburg Shopping Mary Shelley Frankenstein
Last thing: I went to a few bookstores, but eventually got a Penguin edition of Frankenstein. I never read the book, but I heard good things about it and it’s said to be quite the feminist and scifi steppingstone, so it was on the list anyway. Also, gothic stores are right up my alley.

What do you think abou the fabrics? Where do you get yours?


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