Winter Favourites | a few things I like at the moment

winter favourites
It’s been ages since I blogged about my favourites, at least I feel like it has. While I would love to try sharing a few things every season this year, I’m pretty sure I won’t – I am that realistic. Anyway today I want to talk about the things I currently like a lot.

Assassin's Creed Ezio Collection
You might know that I got myself a Playstation back in late December and out of the three games I own, by far my favourite is Assassin’s Creed, I’m all through AC II and am now playing Brotherhood and I enjoy it a lot. For one, it’s set in Italy and I have been to most of the places the game features and love the little bits of the game that are in Italian. I think the period it is set in is very beautifully designed – just in general I like the graphics. As someone who is very pacifist in real life, it is interesting to see that I do not mind hurting people in the game. However, I have to say that I find the combination of violence and story pretty well executed, also I really love Ezio. The game in general makes me kind of happy.
Irregular Choice Artoo Glitzy Heel
We all knew the Artoo Heels, I showed you here would be part of this post – I did not wear them outside yet, because it rains a lot at the moment and because I’m waiting for Sole Protectors to arrive. Nevertheless I love looking at these shoes so much – and dreaming of wearing them.
Rotary Fabric Cutter
I think I mentioned before that I like watching Annika Victoria on YouTube and that she inspires me to buy less sweat-shop things (I hope to post about that soon), but of course it’s not only that but every now and then I pick up a tip when I watch her sewing and one of them was the rotary cutter, she uses that one in every single video and mentioned it in her sewing essentials video just recently. However, my grandma got me one (and a mat) for Christmas and I use it ever since. My regular scissor skills are comparable to a four year old kid, so that one really made me sewing a whole lot more enjoyable – and it’s so damn fast, too.
Hema Moisturising Lipstick in 11
Hema is a Dutch brand, there are stores here, but mainly in Northern Germany, so I asked my dear friend Lisa who lives in the Netherlands to bring me some the next time she was here. And this one is becoming one of my favourite lipsticks – it’s a very different colour, not only to the red I usually wear, but in general it’s a metallic dark pink and it’s gorgeous. Personally, I also like to wear blue and black lipstick sometimes, but I also love when a lipstick is special and somewhat neutral at the same time – and 11 of the Moisurising Lipsticks is just that. As for the quality – you get a whole lot for a cheap price, the texture is soft and stays on my lips for the entire day without being dry. It really is moisturising.
Brooches Ambrosia Bowl Alice Mulan Sabrina Elahi Leia
You know one thing I love getting is small buisness brooches and these three were ordered recently and I love the designs and craftsmanship. Leia will forever be my favourite princess and even though she is quite popular I had difficulties finding a novelty brooch – until I foung this one and I am so glad I did because it is so far from being just a repro of Carrie Fisher’s Face.
Same goes for Alice and Mulan, I like the way The Ambrosia Bowl takes scenes from the movies that are not being used all the time and then the fact that they are handpainted – I just love it.
Ziaja Goat's Milk Handcream
I talk about this handcream approx. every winter, because it is a great handcream. Firstly, it smells amazing like milk and cream, but it does a good job as well. The texture is not as creamy as usual and therefore the cream is absorbed by my dry skin within seconds – and if there is one thing I really dislike about most handcreams is being unable to anything because everything will have smudges afterwards. The cream can be applied whenever and it smoothens my skin in the short and long run.

Sweet & Easy – Enie Backt is a German Baking show with a host dressing very retro and baking cute, sweet things that are easy to make and just a little bit different. It really inspires me and I – maybe for the first time – feel like baking and the way she dresses is just as inspiring – novelty prints all the way. Also, a lot of her things are inspired by Scandinavian sweets, so that’s another great thing.

Hidden Figures was one of my favourite movies recently , see the review here. As well as A Cure For Wellness for those who prefer horror.

What things do you love at the moment?


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