Handmade Update – February 2017

February is over and I’d say I have been semi-productive, I made two more things of my 2017 sewing plans list. But other than that I did not make a lot of stuff, I have some plans for March, but I think it will be similar, because I have a lot of things to do and prepare for April.

Leia Dress
Leia Dress
15th of February
For Comic Con in Munich this year I want to be Leia Organa and so I needed to make a dress, the cut is pretty easy and you have almost nothing to sew, so that was fun. I knew which fabric was used for the original, however that fabric is not really available anymore so I went for this beautiful soft fabric. It’s slightly shiny, but not in a cheap way. However, you cannot imagine how many references I had for this dress to see where seams were.

Shift Insect Dress Mami
Insects Dress (Mum)
15th, 16th of February
For my mum I made this insect dress that is inspired by 60s shift dresses and I think the print is incredibly pretty.

Alice Theatrical Dress
Alice Theatrical Dress
Alice Theatrical Dress
8-11th, 13th, 14th, 17th, 18th of February
Instead of the Cheshire Cosplay I made another Alice Cosplay, one that is more theatrical. I really like the different fabrics and I think the little heart is a cute detail. I also decided to add a few charms to represent Wonderland.

Red Crop Top
Red Polka Dot Crop Top
22nd of February
That one was just a test, to be honest, it’s based on this tutorial and I am not sure whether or not I will wear it in summer, because I cut to close to the middle on the top side…

Leia Watercolour
Leia Watercolour
22nd of February
I really, really want to get back into drawing and painting so I tried to paint a watercolour postcard of Leia. It’s not like the best I’ve ever done, but I am okay with it, I just do not like the eyes. But I hope to improve again next month.

Those things I’m currently working on:

Leia Acrylic
Leia Acrylic
22nd of February
Then I tried using acrylic paint again – it is basically the same painting like the one above, but I really love acrylics and I had to take a picture of the painting with just the galaxy (without stars though), because I like the slightly raw look a lot.

Alice Dress (Anne)
20th, 25th, 28th of February
For Anne in London I made another Alice dress, this one however heavily inspired by the Disneyland one. Since it isn’t finished yet, I do not have a photo yet.

What did you create this week and do you have any tips on getting back into painting?

2017 Sewing Projects – 4/12


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