the very first… | Moth and Bumblebee Tattoo

Moth & Bumblebee Tattoo
Personally I always liked tattoos – on other people and I wanted some since I was about 13, I guess. However, I’m happy I wasn’t able to get the ones I wanted back then – would have been very unoriginal tumblr things. Which is fine, of course, but I want things that are truly mine, unique in a way, and have some sort of meaning to them. Not necessarily anything deep, maybe just the fact that I like a certain thing, but you know, not a dandelion with seeds turning into birds – there is nothing at all wrong with that and I still find them pretty, but just not for me. If you follow me on Instagram (or read the title), you already know what I got – a moth and a bumblebee. I have a list of things I really want and add to that every now and then, the list/ideas are maily about a year or two old and for no particular reason I decided to go for this one first. I wasn’t sure whether or not it could be finished in one sitting, but it was – on Groundhog Day, 2nd of February.
Tattoo Cover
Tattooing took about three hours with about 15-25 minutes of pause – to have a glass of water/going to the bathroom etc. For me the pain was really bareable, I expected it to be a lot worse, the only parts that actually were painful were about 2 cms underneath the collarbone and the tip of the moths wing which is really close to my sternal. However, my rubcage is a bit asymmetric and weird, so that might be part of the reason. Then again, I had an oral operation (well, I had tooth implants) and for a part of the operation the anaesthesia did not work – so that hurt a whole lot more. Healing was fast and easy as well, i just did as I was told and everything turned out fine. Gladly I did neither bleed a lot nor had circulation issues which is something I suffer from since a few years. But tattooing did not have a big influence on my circulation, even though it is rather big for a first tattoo (that’s what Ella said).
Tattoo Healing
I had been looking for an artist in Munich for a long time, but I didn’t really find anyone to my personal liking, until I found Ella (on the website & instagram). She is really talented and we talked about cats and tv shows so that was very nice.
Moth spurge hawkmoth Tattoo Collarbone
Bumblebee Tattoo Collarbone Neotraditional
The idea was mine, the deigns entirely hers, I just asked for a coloured neotradional version of the insects and that’s what I got. For me the moth is based on a caterpillar my best friend and grandpa found years ago and grandpa looked it up. He found out it was a spurge hawkmoth – since I wanted a moth anyway and really like the look of this particular one, I just went for one that has a bit of a connection to my childhood (very cheesy, I know). And the bumble bee is mainly because I love bumble bees, actually I was thinking about getting a bee for Pushing Daisies, but I really love bumble bees, so I went for that. Also I’m pretty sure I will get a few things to represent Pushing Daisies. With this one (or two) I am really happy and I love how my two little insects turned out.
Tattoo Moth Bumblebee Neotraditional Collarbone


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