Upcycling Gloves

Upcycling Gloves
I wanted fingerless white driver’s gloves of faux leather for about two years, but I never found any. So when I saw a pair of gloves with fingers, I decided to upcyle them – I also need them for a cosplay, so that’s a true win.

You need:
Upcycling Gloves
– gloves (Blue Banana send me this pair)
– fabric marker
– fabric scissors
– punch pliers
– maybe needle and thread

Upcycling Gloves
It’s also something you can do very easily. To decide how short you want to go, just put on the gloves and mark where your knuckles are (the ones closer to your hand) and cut the fabric. If it frays you have to hem it by hand with a few blind stiches, but if it’s (faux) leather there is near to no need. The exact length should be slightly below your knuckle so it’s comfortable to move your hands. In case your gloves have a lining and the inside of the (faux) leather is okay on the skin, you can now remove the lining.
Upcycling Gloves
Upcycling Gloves
Then to determine where to put holes get references from pictures from the 20s/30s and have a look at the driver’s gloves. Usually there is a big one on each knuckle or there are small ones where the fingers start, sometimes there are holes on the fingers, it’s completely up to you where you punch them. I had to use scissors to get them out, because my pliers are somewhat weak… They now look like little ghosts.
Upcycling Gloves
However it’s a cute way to create fingerless driver’s gloves or to upcyle gloves with worn down fingers.
Upcycling Gloves

While they send me this pair, I do not receive payment for the post. However the link to the website an Affiliate Link.


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