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As someone with colourful hair people on- and especially offline who does my hair, why I have it like that, what I use and of course what colours are upcoming. So I decided to show these things with you today.

hair colour red
split dye orange pink
Back in August I shared my hair story, but to give you a quick overview over the colourful hair dyes (aka not brown/blonde). I was red about three or four different times and I always liked it, nevertheless I always went back to blond/brown after red. By late 2015/early 2016 I started mixing things up myself – before my mum or the hair dresser had done it for me. I tried purple-ish, had the split-dye orange-pink and peach. Since this summer I change my hair colour about once a month, the current being blue with purple roots.

How I go
I visit the hair dresser about every two months to get my hair cut and roots bleached. I do not dare to bleach my hair on my own – I was really afraid before bleaching them for the first time, but apparently my hair is rather though. However some of it did break aftre bleaching them for the third time – I guess the main issue was that my hair was dyed (directions) before and there was a lot of jazz going on. It is growing back by now and you can barely see it. Obviously that is something you have to consider when bleaching your hair – even professionally and the more often you get your hair bleached the higher the risk. Also, while my hair is easy to maintain, some people do get frizzy hair from bleaching. So keep that in mind – it is only hair after all.
hair colouring
Usually I go like this: I have the blonde for a month and then put the colour on my hair. I do have the plan for the next hair colour about one or two months before I do the colouring, so I’m pretty sure I will not regret it. After washing and (blow)drying my hair I start with my fringe section (I wear gloves and do it by hand, I prefer that over a hair colour brush) and then part my hair in the middle and do one side and then the other one. Then I continue to the back of my head and eventually do my tips again, because they tend to get little to now colour. Next I just put the stuff I have left in my little mixing bowl on my head, trying to cover spots I missed and just put another layer on top. Last I put up my hair, it usually sticks together because it’s short and full of hair dye and wrap some tin foil around my head (to get lost in conspiracy theories obvs). Usually I let my hair colour sit in my hair for half an hour or one. I don’t usually touch up my hair within the month, because I’ve always like the way the colours wash out. However you can definetly apply another layer or another colour on top – preferrably something that has a similar colour scheme or is darker. Don’t jump from dark blue to yellow, but go from blue to purple or waist until it washes out completely.

Some upcoming plans and inspiration
hair colour purple
My decision on my next hair colour is based on a few things – Instagram usually gives me a lot of inspiration, not only people but also drawings. But, I’m not limited to online inspiration, it’s also when I see someone on the street or just think of a colour – the split-dye was purely made up by me (even though people did that combination before I did not know of that). The blue however was inspired by someone telling me “oh you should dye your hair blue next”, not only because someone asked me, but that was one of the reasons. Maybe if you want to change your hair every once in a while, just keep a list/screenshots to remind you of them. I really want to try yellow this year and a greyish-pink mix, but I would also love a darker pink – which is with the blue already on my hair probably the easiest to do. Also, I want to go back to blonde again, like the one I had in Prague, but we will see…

What I use
Directions Hair Dye Colour Carnation Pink Lagoon Blue
As I mentioned I do not bleach my hair at home, so I can only recommend hair dyes. I did use elumen by Goldwell the first time I had red hair, however I’m pretty sure they test on animals, so I would not buy their stuff again. Besides that it stayed in my hair forever – there was no way of getting that stuff out other than by dyeing my hair brown. i also tried Manic Panic ones, but I barely got any colour out of that (might have been do to the fact that I had not bleaches my hair, but it was a light colour, so…). Ever since then I only use directions, mainly the blue and pink tones and I was never disappointed. BlueBanana sent me Carnation Pink and Lagoon Blue – Lagoon Blue is my current colour. I actually ordered from BlueBanana before (via amazon), because they sell directions for a really good price, but they also sell cute fandom stuff. So in case you look for directions, I would really recommend their website. You can mix and match directions and it works pretty well, e.g. for the peach I made a mix of Mandarin, Flamingo Pink (and Revlon Nutri Color 004 my hair dresser gave me) and conditioner. You can basically use every kind of conditioner that is white and creamy. If your hair is light blonde the colour you mix wil be the one you end up with, might be a little lighter, because cream usually looks a bit darker than hair.
My favourite Directions are Lagoon Blue and Mandarin, but the pinks are high quality as well.

Taking care
Peach Hair
To be honest I am not a hair care person. Not at all, I use conditioner only to make my hairdye lighter and masks and stuff only about every two months. So, I have to say, I am lucky that I’m blessed with tough hair. However I do one thing: I only wash my hair about once a week, only every 5-7 days that keeps my colour intense and is good for my hair, I think. I do also use heat – to get my bob and when I do curls (I have a weird/good curling routine, I might share that). The colours do fade and I know some people include a bit of their dye into the conditioner they usually go for and I think that’s pretty smart. If you’re a person to use masks, why not do that once a week while reading or doing stuff, just keep it in longer than usual. Directions themselves are not in any way bad for the hair, they are said to be a bit like Conditioner and I think.

How to dare it
Blue Hair
Now to the most interesting part for you, I guess, how to take the plunge. For bleaching, go to a good hair dresser, usually they know what they are doing and your hair will not break. However, you should be okay with getting rid of a few cms/inches due to fraying. Personally, I don’t have a big problem with fraying (again, I am lucky!), but depending on your hair type it might fray. For colours, if you are really unsure about it, try a wig, there are good ones for 20 € – now that I own a few wigs, I could see me wearing the natural ones just for a day. With something to wear on your head – scarfes, flowers, hats you can make most of them look pretty natural. When your job restrictions keep you from changing your hair colour, a wig can be a good solution – whether you wear one at your job or in your private life. If you go for your first colour, maybe start with orange, red or pink tones, they seem to be more accepted by society by now, especially when toned down a bit. Purple, green and blue are much more noticeable, so it’s great if you start out with that, but it is also fun to start with a subdued pink. But, to be honest, it is up to yourself and only you can do this decision, just keep in mind that your hair will grow back/out and you can rather easily wash out Directions or dye over them if you do not like it. Just buy a natural tone with the bright colour you choose and you’re on the save side. Also, consider this – if you don’t like the way your skin looks in a certain colour, it might not be the best colour to dye your hair (that’s why I stray from green).
Blue Hair
People are nicer than you might think, actually, last weekend when I went shopping with my mum about five people came up to me telling me they liked my hair and sharing stories. Recently a man told me I had the hair colour of a witch – I do not know whether or not that was supposed to be an insult. Personally I think witches are great, back in the day witches were just women with a lot of medical knowlegde (regular people were afraid of), so who wouldn’t wanna be that? However, people can be unfriendly and insulting and even though I have near to no experiences like that, I wanted to tell you. It is of course an issue of confidence, but to be honest exciting hair colours/cuts do push your confidence a lot and it does help feeling better about yourself. So if you wanted to dye your hair in whatever colour for quite some time, just do it and rock it!

What is your current or dream haircolour?

BlueBanana did sent me directions in Lagoon Blue and Carnation Pink, their was no sponsorship whatsoever included, all of the opinions stated are mine. However the link to the website an Affiliate Link.


2 thoughts on “colourful hair guide

  1. Now I think why i didn’t trey fun colors when I was blonde) Now it’s too late:D May be in the future never know. I had almost black, brown with different tones, highlights, different tones of blonde and not long time ago I grew my own color. But I got bored and I tone it with semi-permanent hair dye. It supposed to be beige pearl (i checked color chart) but for some unknown reason my hair turned kinda copper-ish:D


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