♥ what I got for my birthday 2017 ♥

Birthday Gifts
My birthday is very close to Christmas, by the time this post goes online it has been almost a month since I turned 18. However, I only post this now, as my “birthday party” (which was mine and a good friend’s party, otherwise I would not have celebrated – even though I like birthdays, mine too, I do not like the celebration part, well, the celebration that includes other people. The party was fun nevertheless.) was only about a week ago and because I was waiting for a gift to arrive. My mum actually got me lovely Alice shoes and clutch from etsy, but they took forever to arrive and when they finally did they turned out to be very low quality and kind of shabby, so we decided to look for a cute alternative and you’ll see that later. ;) However, these are the gifts my friends and family gave to me and I am utterly grateful for everything and would like to cherish the things they put so much thought into here.

As you probably know by now, I’m going to Scandinavia in April and my grandparents picked up a book and a magazine about Sweden. After reading them I added a few points to my list – though as I am only going to see Malmö and Stockholm, I could only get use of a few pages. However, it made me long to visit the entire country one day. My excitement knows no limits.

My Nikon D50 was a gift by my grandpa years ago, he did use it for years before buying a new one for himself and giving me the D50 and I really love that camera. However for my trip I wanted a smaller one that I could actually carry around, but that is not one of those tiny ones that come in a million colours. And since he is very much into photography he does support me a lot and gave me the money to get a camera for Christmas/Birthday with it came a book about photography and one he created himself about my childhood (you know turning 18 and stuff).

This one is probably the most precious gift I got. My mum gave me the ring that her mum gave her and so on. It is a bit large for me, so we have to take it in, but it’s really lovely and I even though I don’t know when to wear such a special ring I look forward to wearing it one day.

My would-be (fairy) godmother and lovely friend Tanja is one of the best gift-givers there is and the following things are by her and her husband as well. The unicorn cookie cutter will probably be more of a decorative item than actually be used for baking – however it’s adorable and I love it. The little book is to celebrate the fact of turning 18.

Secret Garden
Apparently this is the colouring book Kate Middleton loves and I really enjoy colouring as well, I do own two Alice books as well, but I am a bit afraid of messing them up, but in the Secret Garden I did some colouring already.

Sewing Shop Vendula Bag
I do already own the small Vendula Sewing Shop bag (see here) and I love it, it’s tiny, but sooo adorable and this one actualy has enough space to carry around stuff. I guess I will use it for my makeup when I travel to Scandinavia (I’m already jarring on my own nerves with all the mentioning of Scandinavia) or electronic stuff.

Black Bag
Inside the cute Sewing Shop was this handmade black clutch, it’s made from fabric from the fifties and so incredible beautiful – it matches about half of my wardrobe and I really want to go to some sort of evening event to wear it.

My aunt got me a very generous donation for my trip and this adorable little dragon. I love it so much, I can’t decide whether to take it with me or if it’s safer to let it guard my home since it is made from clay I think. Well, it’s cute and I love everything with dinosaurs and dragons, so …

Pink Lady
My best friend and I got really close over watching musicals, we had so many sleepovers, movie afternoons and actually visits to (musical) theaters and obviously Grease is one of the main musicals and we have seen it only about a million times, I think. We are both looking for cute Pink Ladies Blousons, but most of the ones you find online look so cheap, we never got matching jackets. However she got me this cute necklace and had the words engraved into and it’s soooo cute.

Ted Baker
Back in November (December?) my mum an I went shopping and we went over to the Ted Baker section and for fun I tried on this dress. It was on sale (I think about 50% off, that was crazy! Otherwise I just adore Ted Baker from afar) and it fit like a glove. So, my muma and I made this deal and she got me the dress to give it to me two months later. I think it’s one of the most beautiful dresses and it has such a Kimono vibe to it, that I think is really pretty.

Kill Bill
Then, the party happened and I got my friends’ presents. I’d say I’m a person you can easily find gifts for, I’m a nerd and I talk about my interests as if they shape my personality. So it’snot that difficult to find something I’m interested atm – and if you can’t think of anything, go for Alice, Star Wars or 80s stuff. You know, I really love giving gifts when I know what to get/make a person, but some people are so hard to find gifts for because they either don’t talk about their interests or do not seem to have any at all. However, this particular friend asked me what I was wishing for and I told him Kill Bill (it’s one of my favs, but I did not own it before)and he actually got me both, which I find very cute and now we do have to watch them together.

Star Wars
My bestie (the one with the Pink Lady nacklace above) also got me the all the Star Wars sweets and oh my are they tasty! Also, very much my aesthetic, they are beautiful and Star Wars and yes, I love them. Also isn’t that tiny (basically nothing fits inside) little Star Wars bag cute? I do of course carry it around now.

My childhood best friend of course knows how much I love Alice in Wonderland (and when we went to a museum and café some time ago I actually told her how amazing that tea looked and smelled) andso she got me the delicious Tea Party tea. With it came a dream catcher and a few cute beauty things.

When I went to Comic Con with my friend I was swooning over all the little Gizmos and she and three of my other close friends actually gave me an amazing little Gremlin AND HE SINGS. They also included something to eat. But that cannot beat the fabulous Gremlin.

R2D2 Teapot
The sister of one of my closest friends and I spend one evening talking about hair colours and Star Wars and she did remember and gave me this cuuute R2D2 teapot and I’m so looking forward to drinking tea from this tea pot. Also the shape of lil’ Artoo is basically made for tea pots.

R2D2 Shoes
So, talking of Artoo, here is a perfect pair of heels. This is my third pair of Irregular Choice shoes and the replacement for the Alice heels my mum wanted to give to me. I think these shoes look so beautiful and they are rather comfy for the size of the heel, I’d say. I want to make an unboxing post to show you just how beautiful they are. However, even though I’m sad about not getting the handmade Alice shoes, but it’s also about the gesture and of course these are amazing – I was actually eyeing the Star Wars IC shoes before, so it is okay. ;)


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