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The moment I heard about Hidden Figures I knew I needed to go see it, however as always it took some time to be released in Germany. So, last Sunday I finally went to see it and it was fantastic. Recently I am really lucky with the movies I watch and this was no exception, so here are my thoughts on Hidden Figures.

You know that the Sixties are a period I really enjoy watching movies about and especially the ones about civil rights and women’s rights – and that is a constant undertone of the movie. It reminded me of The Help in a way – one of my favourite movies (and books), might be due to Octavia Spencer though. And she was great – as were the other ladies (and gents), I think they had an amazing cast in general and the chemistry between the actors/characters was fantastic. Also how madly pretty is Janelle Monáe? However, I also considered it kind of funny that Jim Parsons was a engineer (as Sheldon really dislikes engineers for those who do not watch TBBT).
I think all of the characters were really interesting. Even though I obviously did not live in the 60s I think it was a good representation of the way people felt and acted – both white and poc. Especially with Vivian (Kirsten Dunst) you could also see how people can actually change over time. But I have to say I was just really delighted by Al Harrison (Kevin Kostner) who was only focusing on the quality of the work they did instead of any other superficiality. That shows how you just need one person in power that can change a lot for better (or worse, of course).
As someone who loves scifi things, seeing a movie about space travel and Nasa that prominently features women was really exciting. It actually was a topic I knew almost nothing about and it’s just so cool to know more about that. Of course it is also really amazing that things turned out so well for the girls. All three of them, Dorothy, Katherine and Mary are so impressive and had their own special way of a achieving their dreams, and even though the main focus was on Katherine, I think her way of doing her best and not letting any issue get in her way was not in any way portrayed as the only one. Mary and Dorothy learning everything on their own and fighting to study was a wonderful inspiration as well. Of course the fantastic outfits added a lot to the whole movie, too, I think everything from the dresses to the trousers were really beautiful – I was so in love with Katherine’s glasses I think about getting them myself. And it got me back into really wanting to dress up and do my hair again – I have been kind of out of the 50s/60s thing and that really got me back in. Especially with Katherine, her vibrant clothes realy made her stick out and gave her sort of a powerful presence. Though of course her quote about glasses was just amazing at showing the power she actually helt.

Yes, they let women do some things at NASA, Mr. Johnson, and it’s not because we wear skirts. It’s because we wear glasses.

I really enjoyed the music as well, I think you could really hear Pharrell Williams influence. Of course, with the movie being filled with a lot of emotional stuff, I’ve been crying a lot – but I’m used to that now, I just cry in the movie theatre and there was all the feminism, women’s rights an integration it was very near to my heart and of course is also so relevant for this day and age as well. Let’s never forget Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn and Mary Jackson – and try to shine a light on those history often times forgets.

The movie was just so good, there were fun elements, dramatic and empowering ones. I really recommend it to anyone, especially if you doubt your dreams, because it just shows how you can reach everything if you fight hard.


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