Mail Day #8 | Star Wars and Novelties

Mail Day #8
It’s once again time for a mail day with the things that arrived in the last month or so. It’s very Star Wars heavy and features some cute bags. Also, I included books and DVDs – I buy almost all of them used and also sell some of my old books. The only ones I buy new are those that just have just been released. I do not mind books being a bit used up and I guess it’s also more enviromentally friendly. Besides that I also think I that might be the last Mail Day in quite some time, because even though most of the stuff I order is handmade/used, I also want to save up for my journey in April.

Star Wars heruniverse jacket finn poe
This was the second time ordering from HotTopic, luckily I could pay duties at home, however shipping+duties was really expensive. The thing is, I knew shipping would be expensive so I sctually ordered a FOB shirt as well (that did not make shipping more expensive), unfortunately that one was sold out (I will never get the HotTopic website, it’s never up to date). Well, anyway, the jacket by heruniverse arrived and the quality is really high, it’s tight fitting and soft, I look forward to wearing it in spring. It’s called Finn’s jacket though it’s actually the one Poe wears and Finn just takes it (so for me it’s Poe’s jacket).

star wars patch
With the jacket (and the shirt) I also ordered some patches for my denim jacket and I think they are pretty cute, also the glue is fantastic.

PS4 Controller
That’s probably the biggest thing here, I was thinking about this for quite some time, but I decided to get my self a PS4 – a used one though with some discounts etc, so it was okay pricewise and I’m glad I did get it. I also got a used copy of Life is Strange. (And The Assassin’s Creed Ezio Collection – that one is truly amazing!).

Erstwilder Lone Raptor Brooch
Erstwilder Lone Raptor Brooch Jurassic Park
As a Jurassic Park fangirl I really wanted the Trilogy (okay, the third one is terrible, but I’m kind of pedantic and need a whole set). I also ordered my first ever brooch from erstwilder – I have been adoring their brooches for quite some time. After all, they are the retro brooch company and for obvious reasons the dinosaurs are my favourites and the Lone Raptor is just so cute, though I also love the Cera.

Vendula Sewing Shop Bag
Vendula Sewing Shop Bag
My mum got a few things from Vendula London and she also got me the cute little sewing bag, I totally feel like I should put some yarn and scissors inside to carry that stuff around. It’s really beautiful as always with Vendula and faux leather and just matches my favourite hobby.

The Battle of the Labyrinth Riordan Pery Jackson
So far I got all my Percy books used and luckily most of them were this particular edition.

Leia Funko The Princess Diarist Carrie Fisher Comic
After Carrie Fisher’s death I decided it’s finally time to get these things. The Leia Funko is really adorable and one of the few Funkos I still want. I know, most people keep the boxes, but I don’t, because I really only get the ones I really like for the design+character, so I will not sell them anytime soon and if I ever should, I do not look for a collector’s price. The Leia Comic was not that good, however it’s Leia (and I did not know) so I had to have it. Carrie Fisher’s memoir The Princess Diarist was pretty interesting and the cover is so beautiful.

Popcorn Bag
You know my Movie Theater Cat Dress, I saw some popcorn bags in a store nearby (and I had seen @missinformation on Instagram having one), so I wanted one. The store was all sold out about two days later, but my mum – attentive as always – got me one online. It’s adorable and looks pretty cute, however it smells terribly like plastic. I’d be thankful for any tips.

Ambrosia Bowl Brooches
Ambrosia Bowl Brooches Alice in Wonderland Mulan
The Ambrosia Bowl has some very cute brooches, all handmade and mostly Disney inspired. Of course I have been eyeing the Alice brooch for about three months at least and now I finally got it – unfortunately just after the sale ended. The Mulan brooch is just as pretty and I really love Mulan, so I was all over this brooch. Also, I did not own the movie before even though it’s a fantastic movie. This order once again showed me why I love ordering from small etsy sellers – Erin included a card and tea. To me, these little gestures just show how much love these people put into each and every piece of their work and I hope to put a smile on people’s faces just the same one day. (Also I totally forgot to take a picture of the movie.)

What things did you buy recently and where do you get used books? Also, please excuse if there are some hiccups in the upcoming time, I really want to focus on quality of text and pictures.


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